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  1. For Waianae ❤
  3. Is it going to be for 13 days
  4. How about we all STOP...
  5. COME ON!
  6. Who is feeling charitable!
  7. I had more eggs to give,
  8. Happy Easter
  9. Happy Easter
  10. Happy Easter
  11. Happy Easter
  12. Happy Easter
  13. Happy Easter
  14. Happy Easter
  15. Happy Easter
  16. Happy Easter
  17. Happy Easter
  18. Happy Easter
  19. SO, for the 2nd time in a row,
  20. Happy Birthday!
  21. Proove it, Let's show him how nice TGers are
  22. Since he keeps deleting my post...
  23. Aww, you spoiling me!
  24. Thanks maturo
  25. Proper link now! LOL
  26. Thank You!!
  27. Lazeric!
  28. Just so no one thinks I died...
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  39. This is NOT my Charity
  40. Stars Support!!

I think the casting I am in is broke!!!!!!!!!

Nov 6, 2016 by TaraG
Do DC freezes usually last this long?
Is it just us?


rest in peace
Sent by semajdude,Nov 6, 2016
yea daylight savings time screws up certain day changes D: happens every year, unfortunately
Sent by woeisme,Nov 6, 2016
ok, so we aren't stuck there forever woeisme?
Sent by TaraG,Nov 6, 2016
LOL no! It'll change eventually, maybe an hour or so at most, if that tarag
Sent by woeisme,Nov 6, 2016
TaraG it did the same with me in another casting
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Nov 6, 2016
OK, thank you woeisme < 3 and CalebDaBoss  : )
Sent by TaraG,Nov 6, 2016

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