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Comment Please, I Want Honest Opinions

5thNov 30, 2016 by TaraG
Brandt69 I wish I would of heard this in time to have put it in your, "Post your fave song", blog. Listen and rate it anyway please!!
This is GIMLI singing.



not to bad
Sent by sportsgeek12,Nov 30, 2016
It has powerful & emotional message to it , I can feel the emotion !
I like it just wish the high notes were longer....
Sent by Jameslu,Nov 30, 2016
thanks Jameslu It's me the person who sing it :)
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
nice song :) not completely my style but the voice was really powerful :)
Sent by hobo232,Nov 30, 2016
I like it :)
Sent by Ethan000,Nov 30, 2016
nice :)
Sent by ASupreme,Nov 30, 2016
its good :D
Sent by cswaggerr,Nov 30, 2016
It's not the type of music I listen too. It was slow at first but the song did got really good as it picked up. Honestly I thought it wasn't that bad. Good Job GIMLI did a excellent job! :)
Sent by MoneyShot,Nov 30, 2016
woah...thankx MoneyShot
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
The video is a 10/10
The song is a 3/10 :/
Sent by Koji,Nov 30, 2016
Oh, and singer 8.5/10, the song just didn't fit his voice XD
Sent by Koji,Nov 30, 2016
holy shit gimli this is so good!!
Sent by NeutralMilkHotel,Nov 30, 2016
ahha. Thanks Koji and NeutralMilkHotel :)
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
great song and nice vocals!!!!
gimli  do you have a youtube channel?
Sent by WpwSers196,Nov 30, 2016
Yes, it's the channen in where I upload the song :) WpwSers196
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
channel *
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
wow! 9/10!  tarag
keep up the good work gimli :)
Sent by Brandt69,Nov 30, 2016
thanx so much Brandt69
Sent by GIMLI,Nov 30, 2016
I like it Tara :)
Sent by king_lance,Nov 30, 2016
< 3333
Sent by raonic,Nov 30, 2016
not bad i like it
Sent by Masonx,Nov 30, 2016
its good :)
Sent by IceQueen2,Nov 30, 2016
I like it :D
Sent by s73100,Nov 30, 2016
he has a good voice! reminds me of a bit of a male adele in terms of singing style
Sent by woeisme,Nov 30, 2016
thax so much woeisme
Sent by GIMLI,Dec 1, 2016

I like it!

video 10/10
Song 7/10
Sent by GraNaiNo,Dec 1, 2016
Sent by BigDude,Dec 1, 2016

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