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  1. Black Velvet in that slow southern style
  2. Every boot list I am seeing is the same,
  3. Alannah Myles is my mother.
  4. your music sucks
  5. me when banned from Skype Games are a thing
  6. of course the one time I planned on joining
  7. Is it just me or is Jeff Varner
  8. I genuinely think the best Survivor Blindside ever
  9. i wanna send dick pics
  10. i was just robbed in Battle Royale
  11. skype crashed
  12. Why you gotta go and make things so
  13. theres nothing but the rain,
  14. i love you
  15. honestly, i'm gonna hate seeing Andrea
  16. F L O P R O B I N S O N
  17. me when I only posted that blog
  18. Cliff wasn't even a favorite LMFAO ..
  19. honestly
  20. i just had sex, & it felt so good
  21. oop
  22. JT is the stupidest Survivor player ever.
  23. Survivor Rankings:
  24. When does OITNB & Prison Break
  25. <3
  26. I screamed when JT cried
  27. #TaiDidThat
  28. Didn't JT tell the other tribe
  29. Sierra didn't even do anything.
  30. Tai did that lmao Sierra didn't do shit.
  31. Sandra is going home :/
  33. just got home.
  34. The Walking Dead is so racist.
  35. Rosita Espinosa (+/-) The Walking Dead S4
  36. Abraham Ford (+/-) The Walking Dead S4
  37. why are two random ass people
  38. I was told to name this kid.
  39. PYN for AN Opinion!
  40. Tara never got to hear Denise say

Duane Jones (+/-) The Walking Dead S1

11thMar 20, 2017 by TayBear17
imageDuane Jones is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is the son of Morgan and Jenny Jones. He made his first appearance in "Days Gone Bye".

—A painting in Morgan's base, revealing what happened to Duane, his son[src]
Duane Jones is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is the son of Morgan and Jenny Jones. He made his first appearance in "Days Gone Bye"

"As a delirious Rick Grimes mopes about in his neighborhood, waving out to a "man" (actually a walker), Duane whacks Rick on the face with a shovel, shouting out to his father that he "got one". When the pair realize Rick is human, they take him into the house they're staying at and care for him. Later that evening, when Duane's mother is spotted outside, Duane runs to bed, crying. Morgan explains that she turned into one of them."

"The next day, Duane, Rick, and Morgan take hot showers at the King County Sheriff's Department and stock up on guns and ammunition, Duane asks if he can have a gun before parting ways."

"The father and son return to their barricaded home and Duane sits downstairs while he hears a gunshot from upstairs. He, in a panic, calls out to his dad, who reassures him everything is okay."

"While Rick is reading the chalkboard, a message catches his eye that reads "Duane Turned". Later, Morgan tells Rick that he left Duane alone while he searched a basement. When he returned, he saw that Duane had his gun pointed at Jenny, but he couldn't do it, so Jenny attacked Duane. Morgan then tells Rick that he shot Jenny himself, but it was too late and Duane was bitten. It is unknown whether Morgan put down Duane or left him to roam as a zombie."

"Duane briefly appears in a flashback as Morgan breaks down over Benjamin's death."


- The character's name is a reference to the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, which starred Duane Jones, an African-American actor who portrayed the lead character in the film, Ben.

- Duane is the second member of his family to die and turn into a walker.

- Duane appears to be a couple of years older in the TV series than his comic series counterpart.



I forgot about that shit
Sent by temponeptune,Mar 20, 2017
liked the fun fact!
Sent by TaraG,Mar 20, 2017
I like how last week Morgan mentioned Duane
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Mar 20, 2017
Sent by Notsae,Mar 20, 2017
Lol, TayBear17. I was really confused for a moment. I was thinking "Is this blog about the actor from Night of the Living Dead?" All I had to do was scroll down.
Sent by Thirteen,Mar 20, 2017
right thirteen
Sent by TayBear17,Mar 20, 2017

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