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  1. Im watching Hannah Montana concert movie
  2. Rank from best to worst BB2, 3, 4
  3. Jason dragged the fuck out if shelby
  4. Morgan > Nicole
  5. Morgan was least cared for
  6. Jokes on the Beyonce haters
  7. Assuming everyone voted 40x
  8. Wow thats what being a pretty blonde
  9. If Jason loses by 9 votes
  10. Queen whitney
  11. Neeley looks hot
  13. Ok I change my mind
  14. Real World episode was amazing
  15. Jay's sister is the QUEEN
  16. Can Jeff Probst stop asking
  17. I tweeted the guy who created
  18. Beyoncè just made All Night a single
  19. Am I a fake Beyonce fan
  20. The Voice is so boring
  21. A x5 Grammy Award winner that I
  22. Tonight's Real World gonna be lit
  23. Lmfao tengayged is so stupid
  24. I've been watching The Loud House
  25. Which wannabe Hunger Games/Harry Potter/Twilight
  26. Omfg Normani Koredi is tied
  27. I recently moved
  28. Mine by Beyonce feat Drake
  29. Can someone explain the difference
  30. My cousin who watches survivor now
  31. I cant believe last night was
  32. Today im seeing my cousin in person
  33. Rolls eyes at people
  34. David and Hannah are so much
  36. Why is Thanksgiving bad?
  38. BB3 Runnerup Danielle Reyes STAY
  39. Formation Hat vs Joanne Hat vs Fallin' Hat
  40. Any old school Tengagers

The Challenge: Rivals II Schedule

Jul 23, 2013 by Timster
Monday: Challenge day
Tuesday: Rest day & then Jungle at night
Wednesday: Day off & Interviews - Interviews last about 1-2 hours per person
Thursday: Challenge day
Friday: Jungle
Saturday: Interviews
Sunday: Day off

When they go clubbing it's usually after the jungle, they go home, change, then go clubbing.

#Rivals2 #Interesante #FunFacts


Timster did you watch this whole interview too? i loved it so much idk why
Sent by BlakeIsBack,Jul 24, 2013
BLakeisback I got 5 minutes in and paused it, and my mom came in my room and turned off a switch which turned off the computer -_- i'll get back to it later. I don't like Frank, but I like the girls questions SO far..
Sent by Timster,Jul 24, 2013

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