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The Challenge: Rivals II Schedule

Jul 23, 2013 by Timster
Monday: Challenge day
Tuesday: Rest day & then Jungle at night
Wednesday: Day off & Interviews - Interviews last about 1-2 hours per person
Thursday: Challenge day
Friday: Jungle
Saturday: Interviews
Sunday: Day off

When they go clubbing it's usually after the jungle, they go home, change, then go clubbing.

#Rivals2 #Interesante #FunFacts


Timster did you watch this whole interview too? i loved it so much idk why
Sent by BlakeIsBack,Jul 24, 2013
BLakeisback I got 5 minutes in and paused it, and my mom came in my room and turned off a switch which turned off the computer -_- i'll get back to it later. I don't like Frank, but I like the girls questions SO far..
Sent by Timster,Jul 24, 2013

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