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  1. i've wanted to watch utopia feeds
  2. Some girl who worships Selena Gomez
  3. "Maybe he'll help Tim's music career!"
  4. I know rooting for the female 90%
  5. I find it interesting that since
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  7. I honestly don't know why you lint lickers
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  11. 'member when
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  17. Fought so hard to make the merge
  18. Honestly
  19. "I'm fuckin ruinin it? ARE YOU OUT OF
  20. I've noticed Julie Chen hasn't
  21. If George wins CBBUK
  22. Tbh I do think Derrick is racist
  23. Aww Beyonce got her license at 28
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  26. I go to University and study Maths
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  33. Anyways I love these 2
  34. Okay i'm watching all TAR cast videos
  35. Thank God Amazing Race casted
  36. I can't see the haters
  37. Watched a vid of a man cutting homeless people's..
  38. I re-watched the scene of Jeff using the
  39. Is it bad I haven't seen the last 2
  40. I had a dream I was on The Challenge

The Challenge: Rivals II Schedule

Jul 23, 2013 by Timster
Monday: Challenge day
Tuesday: Rest day & then Jungle at night
Wednesday: Day off & Interviews - Interviews last about 1-2 hours per person
Thursday: Challenge day
Friday: Jungle
Saturday: Interviews
Sunday: Day off

When they go clubbing it's usually after the jungle, they go home, change, then go clubbing.

#Rivals2 #Interesante #FunFacts


Timster did you watch this whole interview too? i loved it so much idk why
Sent by BlakeIsBack,Jul 24, 2013
BLakeisback I got 5 minutes in and paused it, and my mom came in my room and turned off a switch which turned off the computer -_- i'll get back to it later. I don't like Frank, but I like the girls questions SO far..
Sent by Timster,Jul 24, 2013

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