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  1. In other news Erik from vivor FvF 1 & 2
  4. Did anyone even follow Rising Star?
  5. One Direction
  6. Instead of fighting about Beyonce songs
  7. BBUK gets on my nerves
  8. Frenchie is TV GOLD
  9. I'll never forget the day I showed
  10. Hardcore BBUK fans
  11. Leslie wins Head of Household
  12. I just watched a video of a transgender woman
  13. VMA Audience Cam is so underrated
  14. I really wish Beyonce & Kim Kardashian
  15. I love how in CBBUK
  16. lmao The Amazing Race won yet another
  17. I don't know who I dislike more
  18. Phases of Justin Bieber
  19. Why do people set multiple alarms
  20. Blue Ivy stole the show
  21. Watching the VMA audience stream
  22. Mariah Carey can't sing
  23. Beyonce haters were out today
  24. Miley knew she was winning
  26. LMAO this is why MTV is the best
  27. Beyonce probably isn't winning but 2 awards
  28. Ariana & Big Sean got exposed
  29. Jay Z was holding Blue Ivy
  31. I just realized today is Sunday
  32. Me when someone is talkin shit about me
  33. What do you study?
  34. I'm cackling at this vine
  35. Yo momma so poor I walked into her house
  36. It makes me sick people donate hundreds
  37. LOLOL @ the comments
  38. Are you team Mayweather or 50 Cent??
  39. I'm still extremly angry about
  40. Little person calling the dwarf small!

Big Daddy V/Viscera from WWE

Feb 19, 2014 by Timster
passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack. It made me sad seeing so many wrestlers and divas tweet about how he was one of the most genunie people in the business. It's crazy knowing things behind the scenes you'd never expect. He was a teddy bear and he was so nice and caring to everyone. :( I'm sad now


timster I didn't know you were a wrestling fan. When I was 13 I saw him go vs. John Cena on my home town. I liked the viscera gimmick so much.
Sent by aiwfwyattroh,Feb 19, 2014

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