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  1. This song is stuck in my head
  2. Do you think Jay Z is a feminist
  3. Beyonce has some really good unreleased
  4. Ika says she thinks of this song when
  5. YESSS self made gyazo gifs work
  6. One of my favorite parts about watching BB
  7. Dem & Ika are going FULL BB12
  8. Jackie is such a strange houseguest
  9. I just found out Adam and Blake
  10. MTV Challenge fans will enjoy this
  12. You you you you and me make it rain down
  13. Keep yo money I got my own
  14. Fifth Harmony may be better as a trio
  15. Remember when it looked like
  16. I've been avoiding McDonalds for a while
  17. Contrary to popular belief
  18. Sierra Dawn Thomas fans & haters alike
  20. I wanted to play SURVIVOR until that NOOB joined
  21. My prediction for the rest of tragic BBCAN5
  22. New Hoh is
  23. Ika is "bullying everyone" now according
  24. I'll just leave this here
  25. As a BLACK fan of Beyonce this is how I feel
  26. Abi relating herself to Michaela
  27. Sierra Dawn Thomas is EXTREMELY ANNOYING
  28. Randomize will you fix the minigames practice..
  29. I just find premades infuriating
  31. IKA to win HOH
  32. 165 people are enrolled in SURVIVOR
  33. TG Survivor is so complex now
  34. How do you get you health back up
  35. Now how about when you filter someone
  36. Zwooper is over
  37. Dear Obscurity,
  38. Do you think SURVIVOR AUTO ROBLOX
  39. First vote Michaela
  40. Troyzan's dumb ass doesn't know booboo the fool

6th in Auto Big Brother

Jan 3, 2017 by Timster
imagePretty much game flopped for most part and a Boys vs Girls alliance formed at around final 8. Me, Janey, & Bronte (Girls) vs all the males.

Bronte won HOH & got a boy out @ f7

A boy won HOH. The twist was care package and stupid ass viewers gave a BOY a care package which was super safety guaranteeing a girl auto goes home since all the boys couldn't be nommed @ that point. I was an original nom, Janey was put up as replacement when they randomly took down Bronte from "coin toss" and now i'm here voted out 2-1 smh.


Sent by alwaysvictorious,Jan 3, 2017
bye that was MY HOH timster not Bronte
Sent by AliciaM,Jan 3, 2017
aliciam bitch wtf u told me u don't use TG anymore. U left as soon as u evicted and cried cause I thought i'd never see you again unless i show up randomly on roblox when ur on :(
Sent by Timster,Jan 3, 2017

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