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  1. Imagine if the World didn't hate us
  2. Is there any group of people more PASSIONATE
  3. Choose 1 actress to make a comeback
  4. It would be exhausting to be a celebrity
  5. Does anyone else think Ashleigh
  6. isn't working for me anymore
  8. PeakPrecision Survivor Auto is open
  9. Omfg THROWBACK to Habbo Hotel
  10. I had my first freeze pop since elementary
  11. I officially will stop hating on Camila Cabello
  12. No tea or shade but I roll my eyes whenever
  13. Why did Drake not go to the Grammys
  14. What did we do to deserve Karen
  15. I've been eating fast food a lot lately
  16. Ika's friend pool is SO much better
  17. What if 3 of the 5 missing Survivor 35
  18. Series finale of Samurai Jack
  19. Does Chic Fila A not have medium?
  20. Today was the first time in my life
  22. Has anyone ever shopped at Kroger?
  23. Current CBS reality star alumni
  24. IT HAS BEGUN....
  26. Paramore DID that. Great album!
  27. Would you disown your pet if
  28. Thinking about it Rachel Reily
  29. If one more fucker tells me to use the
  30. So many songs were dropped today
  31. BBCAN5 jury is the most bitter since BB3
  32. Poor Ika is gonna be in some mess
  33. Did anyone watch Michaela's ponderosa?
  34. HA Jon from bbcan2 has been CAUGHT
  35. Do YOU tip at Sonic Drive In?
  36. According to someone who attended
  37. My final TIERS
  38. And NOW WE WAIT...
  39. LMAO Neda is so MAD
  40. Who is more pressed over Ika applause

This is why BBUK should be cancelled

Jan 9, 2017 by Timster
top liked comment on the first post I see on the #CBBUK Facebook page

Vote to save James C ppl !

He genuinely deserves to stay , anyone can tell there's lots more to come from this guy AND he's in a different league to all the others anyway #legend!


Why the fuck do these stupid fucking british cat ladies insist on saving "nice" boring ass people with no screen time at all? My goodness.. the most expendable nominee out of all 6 is probably gonna get the most saves. ugh


Him and brandon are the boring old guy duo for me
Sent by vivivoom87,Jan 9, 2017
But James C isn't nominated? Timster althought James C is the most annoying housemate of all time, but how can they save him when he isn't even nominated lol
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 9, 2017
OMG lol my bad I got the old james c mixed up with the younger james (who i hate) Timster LOL
Sent by Matthew09,Jan 9, 2017
iyup Stacy likely to go
Sent by LoveMeLoveMe,Jan 10, 2017

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