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  1. im back from the dead after many weeks
  2. I come back to 30 messages
  3. so is are we going to treat this like last season
  4. TD All Stars
  5. This season's cast wasn't too bad
  6. being bi sucks lmfao
  7. Really hoping gm makes f2
  8. has anyone taken AP World History
  9. This final 5 really sucks tbh
  10. Spencer is the biggest
  11. Wow Nintendo you are just made of bad ideas
  12. Amanda is probs
  13. This school year is going to be amazing
  14. omg lol
  15. If you die in castings
  16. My current ranking
  17. ur more irrel
  18. Can I just find a not-flamboyant boyfriend please
  19. Oof I was watching BB10
  20. Wow i might be silver pretty soon
  21. I hate gay stereotypes
  22. I'm playing Backyard Baseball 1997
  23. Why the fuck do I only have the ambition to do..
  24. gotaa luv dat mcchikennn
  25. what the fuck @ big brother
  27. i can't with the idiotic sheep on this site..
  28. Can someone pls
  29. I just wanna go into the BB house
  30. From Glinda could you please gift me Aug 5, 2013..
  31. BB15 noms?
  32. it is now officially my birthday
  33. Hello Tengaged!
  34. y'all are just butchering names this season
  35. I'm starting to like Aaryn a lot more
  36. there's no man candy in the house
  37. I think the fact that america
  38. McCrae, Spencer, Judd, and Andy are the only guys..
  39. this cast has some awful, horrible people
  40. does anyone else see

Top 10 Best Household Items to Masturbate With (Male Edition)

Sep 8, 2012 by Toast805
image#6- Bike Helmet

A unique yet wonderful way to pleasure yourself. Sliding through the cushioned vents on top is sure to make you cum instantly! Sadly, most helmets like this have vents too small to fit a penis through... you might have to squeeze a little!


Sent by Jacob_96,Sep 8, 2012
oh my god
Sent by Zircon,Sep 8, 2012
Safe sex
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Sep 8, 2012
oh dear haha +10 points for that!
Sent by Zolina19,Sep 8, 2012
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 8, 2012

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