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  1. I swear to god
  2. I want to see the whole bb10 cast play again
  3. >>when ur instagram bb gets cancelled :(
  4. Taylor swift is a petty white bitch
  5. So is day actually staying now
  6. Is there any hope for da'vonne
  7. is bb in 20 mins or is it the next hour
  8. + for jackie
  9. the only comp im good at is endurance
  10. guys remember when janelle won the final hoh in..
  11. "Hey, I should watch the feeds"
  12. how do they even determine the have nots
  13. Wtf did the house actually flip on jackie
  14. omfg i love da'vonne but
  15. Da'Vonne: I'm gonna try to potty
  16. can jeff like be quiet lol
  17. this talk about vanessa
  18. did john actually just eat james' toenail
  19. lol i've never ranked the bb17 hgs
  20. BB17 Spoiler-ish question
  22. Which season of bb should i rewatch
  24. theduel #81469 waiting 0 of 12 888 days 14 hours..
  25. i h8 crookies
  26. Ok call me a dumb bitch
  27. I haven't been on in a while
  28. Does anyone else have AP exams in 2 weeks
  29. Did anyone else take the ACT yesterday
  30. y dont boys want 2 fuck me
  31. im going on a kpop splurge rn
  32. this site needs an update so baaad
  33. Which houseguest would me most likely to beat..
  34. is bb on?
  35. Jennifer was the only
  36. Wtf i thought jeff & jordan were already..
  37. I really want to listen to music
  38. What is the best season of BB?
  39. omg did no one buy an ad
  40. All of the grandes are cunts

Top 10 Best Household Items to Masturbate With (Male Edition)

Sep 8, 2012 by Toast805
image#6- Bike Helmet

A unique yet wonderful way to pleasure yourself. Sliding through the cushioned vents on top is sure to make you cum instantly! Sadly, most helmets like this have vents too small to fit a penis through... you might have to squeeze a little!


Sent by Jacob_96,Sep 8, 2012
oh my god
Sent by Zircon,Sep 8, 2012
Safe sex
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Sep 8, 2012
oh dear haha +10 points for that!
Sent by Zolina19,Sep 8, 2012
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 8, 2012

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