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  1. So how about that finale
  2. Am I the only person that feels
  3. Like this if you genuinely believe
  5. Depressed
  6. Opinions about BB 16's finale...
  7. On The Run Tour
  8. Trying to figure out if I'm depressed
  9. Couldn't agree most with this quote
  10. "I get high
  11. What happens to the site
  12. I wish my haters would comment on this blog...
  13. Keep negging me
  14. If anyone makes beats
  15. Why is BbDamian
  16. I'm a Grown Woman
  17. To the level blood negging me
  18. I F***** MY WAY UP TO THE TOP
  19. At least he's serving in the army..
  20. All I remember about freshmen year of college
  21. If the cops are all coming
  22. I dont understand why TV stars were targetted
  23. All the haters who don't like Iggy
  24. Today, I celebrate "Born To Die" &..
  25. Why RoseMaria banned?
  26. Writing a song called
  27. I have a crush on Tengaged
  28. People be like this is my 1000th game
  29. "I gots a taste for men who are older
  30. Lana Del Rey "Ultraviolence" Album..
  31. Hi-Talk
  32. #NoTnoShade Segment 1.0
  33. I feel so old on this site..
  34. Prism might've sold more..
  35. I just won 1st place in a week long castings
  36. BE FREE
  37. Guess what people who constantly join games with
  38. People on here
  39. Do you yah remember
  40. If members of tengaged

I feel like God

Feb 25, 2012 by TripleXXX
every time i say bless your soul and protect your heart

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