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Lesser known black history: Empress Candace Queen of Ethiopia

Feb 17, 2012 by Waterprince
Our next black history lesson takes us to Ethiopia. Not the country you see today. Ethiopia, Cush, or Nubia was considered much of East Africa. Ethiopia predated Egypt, and Egypt was a state of Ethiopia. Due to White and Asian invasions, the blacks lost lower Egypt, and after centuries of occupying upper Egypt the blacks finally lost control of that too and all the possessions there of such as our capital of Thebes: The eternal city of the blacks. The new borderline for the black world was at the first cataract that fell right on the border of Egypt and modern day Ethiopia.

Much is not known of the black Kings and Queens of Ethiopia due to lack of knowledge of Merotic text. What we do know is that the Kings were held to such a high esteem, you were not even allowed to touch them, they did not even have to rule the country, you couldn't even refer to them. This left the Queen in the position of power. As these black women were considered wives of the Gods or the living God because the Kings who were sons of these women, were thought of as sons of the God Amun. So the mother of the ruler was the one in power. This made the Queen the one in charge which is why you hear so much about the women in this period. These Queens were smart military tacticians as the blacks then believed in women warriors. All the Queens were strong, big in stature, and always dressed in the finest attire. These women were strongly respected and reverenced in their land and throughout the ancient world.

The name Queen candace actually never existed. Candace was a European name the Romans came up with. What these women were really called were Kandake meaning: Queen or Mother of the crown prince, or the Queen mother (not Beyonce). So every Queen of Ethiopia for that period was called Empress Candace, or Empress Kandake.

But I am specifically speaking of a certain Queen today. I'm referring to the Queen of 332 B.C. Her real name was Amanirenas. After a battle with the roman army who invaded the city of Meroe she lost her one eye becoming blind in it. This did not stop her by any means. Alexander the great was trampling through the ancient world on his conquering rampage and set his eyes on Ethiopia where gold flowed like the sand, and the wealth surpassed any nation. Alexander the great had set his armies to invade Ethiopia and from there the stories differ.

The wildly accepted view one given by Chancellor Williams who wrote " The Destruction of Black Civilzation" is that upon hearing Alexander the great coming Empress Candace, or Amanirenas, gathered her black troops, lined them up across the first cataract along with herself and stood on top of two African Elephants on a throne and waited for Alexander to show up. Alexander the "great", didn't want to chance a loss and give up his undefeated winning streak. He definitely didn't want to lose it to a woman so once seeing the black Queen on her Elephants and her black armies along with her, Alexander the "great" halted his armies at the first cataract, and turned back up into Egypt. Once he saw the deadly military tactician in all her glory and her black army with the latest iron weapons, he decided against an invasion and turned around.
The other view offered by William Leo Hansberry says that Alexander met semi-privately with Candace. Legend has it that Candace advised Alexander to leave the region immediately and if he refused, after defeating his army, she would cut off his head and roll it down a hill. You use your imagination and pick which one happened!

What was wrong with Alexander the "great" ? Scared of a poor little black woman and her army? You cant be the great without defeating the best and no other nation compared to Ethiopia at the time, and their rulers definitely did not fight in battle like these black women warriors that history supports them having done so. It's like being a bully......but picking on the kids you know you can pick on. Come on Alexander! If you were so great why didn't you fight my ancient mother Amanirenas? Scared in head to head she would of whopped that ass? I don't blame you. If I was a bitch like you I would of turned around too. Alexander the "great" is celebrated as one of or the greatest military generals of all time. History or hisEUROCENTRICstory, seemed to have left out his confrontation with Queen Candace. Hell they left out the Candaces all together. Funny how they see every other culture except African as relevant and add it to the history books, but tells of how much of Africa was unknown until slavery times in the 1500's. Until then Africa was the dark continent! Funny how it was the dark continent but the bible even speaks of the Candaces: Acts 8:27 "So he started out, and on his way he met an Ethiopian eunuch, an important official in charge of all the treasury of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians. This man had gone to Jerusalem to worship".....hmmmm....

It's ok Queen Candace Amanirenas. We, your people, your descendents will remember and honor you. We all know who would of won that fight. ALL HAIL THE EMPRESSES OF ETHIOPIA!

Picture of Empress Candace:

"I don't believe Bob Marley died of Cancer. 46 years ago I would of been a panther. They killed Huey because they knew he had the answer. The views that you see in the news in propaganda."


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