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4thApr 20, 2017 by Willie_
for a 100% Honest opinion about you
I'll try to make them lengthy. If I don't know too much about you I will read abut of your profile/blogs and see if I can make an opinion out of that.

Koolness234 - Let's begin this PYN, I think your sense of humor is perhaps one of the best on this site, You're caring, genuine and 100% real. I have always liked you as a person and without question one of the better people on this site. We see eye to eye on a lot of things and I hope we can get some frozen yogurt some day pal. Love ya!

DanielleDonato - I remember those days when Ahmed was one of my best friends and I fucking despised you because of what you did to him and how annoying you would be about it. Fast forward a year later and I got to know you better and without question have changed my opinion about you. You're a pretty funny guy and definitely like you a lot. I would get so mad when you deleted me a as a friend just so you added me a few days later ago. Anyways love you Keith stay 100.

Kittykatz553 - Similar to Keith I really despised you when I was an noobie on this account, You wouldn't stop messaging me and it got so irritating that you hacked my .es account. Moving on from that I think me and you are good now, We haven't spoken in a while but i hope you're doing well and doing the correct thing buddy

Galaxies - We've had a very rocky relationship. From hating each other, to liking each other to then again hating each other (the cycle continued) I don't think you're a bad person, Like rn I feel like you have matured x100 then what it was that i remember if you last year. I'm happy to see you more mature than what you are and hopefully we could be friends again. Hopefully you are doing good buddy

-Going for a food break, Gonna finish this for sure-

BOBROCKS333 - Hi there Jacob! So I really don't know much about you, I have seen you around the website a couple times. Also you seem to be supporting Andrea and I love Andrea. GL In stars :PP

Music - I don't think we have ever had an actual conversation but you know a lot of people that I like/love so I think we would get along just fine. I know you're not super active on here anymore but hopefully you're well :)

Jasonxtreme - JASON the boy! Bro it's been forever man, miss you tons and hopefully life is treating you good. I remember our good times that we had on this site, always helping each other and always being there for each other. I know you're not active on this site anymore but i definitely miss ya buddy and hopefully you're doing fantastic. also TEAMBARCA


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ok my profile is v informative so gl
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i dont know you i need outsider opinions
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please me
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brad :3
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Gabbie < 3
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miss you bro!!
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that's a long food break
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