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Amanda Kimmel

7thApr 20, 2017 by __A__
Why isn't Amanda on Game Changers? Did she even get an offer?
On paper she's iconic.
- 1st woman to find an idol (w/ Todd in China and then in FvF)
- 1st woman to play an idol (successfully at that)
- 1st person to make FTC in back-to-back seasons
- 1st person to win the Final 2 immunity challenges in 2 different seasons
- Tie for being the first ever 3 time player
- 1st person to reach 100 days played
- Tie for being the first person to reach the merge 3 times

As much as she's done, I'll still don't like her lol but credit where credit is due, she's a game changer



nope no offer. I dont think she's interesting enough to get the 4th time personally. I think we've seen all she has to offer.
Sent by DumbGinger,Apr 20, 2017
I agree, but it's a shame. On paper she's an incredible contestant and yet I hate watching her play.
Sent by __A__,Apr 20, 2017
my #2 love her but she does lack a bit of personality
Sent by BluJay112,Apr 20, 2017
I really like her but I think she's very much done with the Survivor franchise.... I feel like she never talks about Survivor or goes on interview things or was apart of the Price is Right when they had survivor contestants on, and she does have a family now too
Sent by personofinterest,Apr 20, 2017
I think Amanda was a good 'player', but I don't think she was a very entertaining 'character'. And from the casting decisions of Debbie, Tai, Varner, Michaela, etc I think production were looking for characters this season.
Sent by Unit8890,Apr 20, 2017
Sent by Steven999,Apr 21, 2017
She's done with the show, so that's probably why.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 21, 2017
She played 3 too many times already
Sent by nicknack,Apr 21, 2017
Amanda's track record is good and even her gameplay for the most part (aside from HvV, she shouldve fought harder there) but her FTC speeches are so bad lol
Like a lot of these people said, her arc is finished i think. HvV was a season where i think she stopped loving the game, and it showed (granted Russell would make me bitter too)
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Apr 21, 2017
I would rather see Parvati back than her imo. Parvati's double idol play is one of the biggest game changing moves in any season of survivor ever lol
Although im sure CBS has been trying their best to get her back
Sent by _ivyyy_445,Apr 21, 2017
Sent by AmandaBynes,Apr 21, 2017
_ivyyy_445 No parv cannot play again since she now works for CBS

Sent by andalarew_2231,Apr 21, 2017
FUCKING agreed!!!! She's so iconic and is hall of fame worthy! Challenge and strategic beast! She's settled with her family now though so I doubt she will return but I hope she returns for the next returnee season!
Sent by Cornelia,Apr 21, 2017

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