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  1. Maybe Jeff said this season sucked because
  2. Go apply for this game!
  3. Why were
  4. I'm horny
  5. I'm bored
  6. I wish survivor
  7. Should I make a quiz
  8. When Debbie
  9. Is this the same place?
  10. Oh yeah stars enrolls today
  12. I broke 10000 karma today
  13. He is wonderful
  14. Can anyone who has seen
  15. I'm writing a research paper
  16. If this site was 100% gay
  17. I wish today
  18. Every semester
  19. Now that I'm alone again
  20. Why am I trending lmao
  21. Why is the merge buff this season so ugly?
  22. In case anyone was wondering
  23. April Fools
  24. I'm glad
  26. Someone please skype me
  27. This question mark
  28. I'm in a bad mood
  29. I'm offended
  30. Do people still think
  31. HELLO
  32. Can we have
  33. MARY?
  34. I'm official dating
  35. Cheating on me?
  36. LMFAO!
  37. I wish I wasn't sick
  38. Wow ok or ignore me
  39. Hey now lets all get along
  40. Who has the top 30 rankings?

So I grabbed the bear by the throat,

Feb 25, 2011 by amf7410
looked him right in the eyes, and I said, "Bear, you have til the count of zero to put some pants on and apologize to the president." And, um, thats the story of how I was elected to the Parliament of Uzbekistan.


why are you so mean to bears :/
Sent by heatherbear,Feb 25, 2011
Shut up dude!
Sent by etaco75,Feb 25, 2011
i didnt even know etaco :S sorry
Sent by amf7410,Feb 26, 2011

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