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  1. never forget
  2. if i did a long term skype game
  3. we need bb queens
  4. who wants to play league
  5. lets blog 2000000 times
  6. add me to a chat
  7. add me to a chat huns
  8. my name is aunt grandma
  9. add me to a chat
  10. I hope the happening happens
  11. someone add me to a chat xx
  12. add me to a chat
  13. add me to a chat (kate)
  14. Who wants to be the next toxic or pga alliance
  15. someone add me to a chat
  16. pyn to be added to a new chat
  17. anyone want to make a new chat
  18. who wants to make a new chat
  19. Never forget
  20. The fact I acctually have friends
  21. good times
  22. i remember my time
  23. add me to a skype chat
  24. story of my life
  25. be my 10th gifter
  26. someone be my 10th gifter
  27. someone gift me
  28. gift me my 10th gift ;)
  29. end hunger
  30. hey want your .es account back
  31. if you leave
  32. pyn just to pyn
  33. hello friends
  34. why havent the challenge shirts
  35. if i did a long term bb would anyone join
  36. fuck off
  37. spammers need to stop
  38. i am the true queen B
  39. I'm your biggest fan
  40. if tina would of won final immunity

melina is the killer

Jul 23, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
giles said he overlooked the killer
melina what has she done got 0 scared cards and hasnt had top story
she just follows what everyone tells her


i know..... righttt
Sent by DownOnMe99,Jul 23, 2013

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