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  1. make sure
  2. thats enough stars for a while
  3. #hootiehoo
  4. why did people
  5. Hello friends
  6. Hootie Hoo
  7. Dont you love joining stars
  8. Save me or dont i honestly dont care
  9. Ok thats enough of that
  10. Top Chef Contestant #8
  11. Skipping Prom to hunger!
  12. Top Chef Contestant #9
  13. Top Chef Contestant #10
  14. Top 10 Top Chef Contestants
  15. Save me in stars!
  16. Which should be my poll box
  17. Im a popularity threat
  18. That isnt
  19. I dont care
  20. I mean you can go ahead
  21. Didnt force you to open the links
  22. Ok thats enough of that
  23. good thing nobody saw the last blog i posted
  24. Why do people
  25. Um well
  26. This is Top Chef not Top Scallops
  27. nudes
  28. I got 1/2 of my set up
  29. Laila Mcqueen
  30. Hello
  31. Gigi Gorgeous's dog was RAPED
  32. No
  33. Hello friends
  34. Hush is such a great movie
  35. vote for the noms
  36. wow save me when i go home
  37. Tengaged Player
  38. Vlog for me sister
  39. Tengaged Player
  40. How you play stars

melina is the killer

Jul 23, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
giles said he overlooked the killer
melina what has she done got 0 scared cards and hasnt had top story
she just follows what everyone tells her


i know..... righttt
Sent by DownOnMe99,Jul 23, 2013

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