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  1. i hope all the tengaged people
  2. in davonne's skype game
  3. wow i got into davonne's
  4. where has my favorite mod been
  5. look at me im Sandra dee
  6. lmfao
  7. who wants to pay to play
  8. i wish
  9. he invented ebola
  10. poor Halloween
  11. i hate your pink headband
  12. katie Hanson was robbed in Philippines
  13. rick why mention
  14. what season of antm
  15. i want to get back on skype
  16. should i watch antm
  17. plot twist
  18. we need to save drama
  19. don't play with doo doo
  20. pyn to be considered for
  21. is it time for black widows
  22. we are gonna be orphans
  23. who is my new mommy
  24. wow are you my step mom?
  25. the best bgc moment
  26. cranberry juice shower
  28. if i was a girl from bgc
  29. what's your favorite scary movie
  30. welcome to omega beta zeta
  31. delta work
  32. i ship James and meg
  33. how long is jeri banned for
  34. ill be back Monday hopefully
  35. remember Amanda from bb9
  36. suzette is the most iconic
  37. suzette you are the new hoh
  38. yara vs carmen
  39. no i can't +12
  40. James has taken out

melina is the killer

Jul 23, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
giles said he overlooked the killer
melina what has she done got 0 scared cards and hasnt had top story
she just follows what everyone tells her


i know..... righttt
Sent by DownOnMe99,Jul 23, 2013

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