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  1. Do people still find
  2. Are you guys really fighting
  3. Back to the Elf Factory Halloween
  4. I love the people
  5. No title
  6. Brandan <3
  7. Gift me the dress
  8. I love my double brows
  9. How many times
  10. gift me purple eyes please <3
  11. gift me purple eyes please <3
  12. Gift me the red dress
  13. Will anyone
  14. Thanks so much <3
  15. Post female skin with brows
  16. me running to plus megan's blog
  17. Bye
  18. this hair is so ugly
  19. I look fish in the midnight hours
  20. Who else is joining hunger?
  21. I love it
  22. Well that was fun
  23. Oh wow
  24. I would be a fair mod :/
  25. Oh my god the duel hurry!
  26. The best gif
  27. Whatever shop owner
  28. *sigh*
  29. I'm bored
  30. Is it just me or
  32. *sips my tea*
  33. I'm getting a hero edit
  34. oof
  35. its both the sender and the leakers fault
  36. Anyways hi im bored
  37. I dont get why you would
  38. idg why people
  39. No title
  40. I think for HvV2

melina is the killer

Jul 23, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
giles said he overlooked the killer
melina what has she done got 0 scared cards and hasnt had top story
she just follows what everyone tells her


i know..... righttt
Sent by DownOnMe99,Jul 23, 2013

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