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  1. add me to a call
  2. add me to a call
  3. add me to a call
  4. shocked
  5. today is plus bigdizzleyomama day
  6. my new mic works
  7. someone call me on skype
  8. who can i sheep for a gift
  9. i should get a gift xx
  10. hi
  11. explains my life perfectly
  12. well everyone
  13. Long term survivor game
  14. slay hunty slay
  15. league of legends
  17. get her
  18. slay
  19. roblox survivor
  20. wow im so lucky
  21. wow I made final 5
  22. ROBLOX!
  23. should i do
  24. Plot twist
  25. heres the solution to all this sexuality stuff
  26. better league champion
  27. those laser shots tho
  28. *remembers when my peeg vest was ripped*
  29. such a man
  30. No title
  31. when pga attack
  32. i love my 90s nick
  33. ebola isnt funny because
  34. auntie tea
  35. poll survivor
  36. wow 18 spots
  37. gift me
  38. win stars
  40. gift me hair

melina is the killer

Jul 23, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
giles said he overlooked the killer
melina what has she done got 0 scared cards and hasnt had top story
she just follows what everyone tells her


i know..... righttt
Sent by DownOnMe99,Jul 23, 2013

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