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  1. want to play league
  2. who wants to play league
  3. gifft me lips so i can have my avi full again
  4. lips :)
  5. i wish i had those lips :(
  6. gift me lips plz :(
  7. I want those lips :(
  8. i want those lips
  9. gift me some lips
  10. those lips would look fabu
  11. lips :)
  12. gift me something
  13. gift me something
  14. gift me something
  15. gift me something
  16. wow im part of the top 10
  17. The only league skin i have is
  18. lets go to t prom ;)
  19. Proof hunger games
  20. Why are the 10 year olds
  21. well i have no ts now
  22. i hate people
  23. I love how people laughed at and negged
  24. i want a top blog
  25. lol
  26. hello friends
  27. What if someone went on wipeout
  28. who wants to go on a call
  29. Top 5 big brother seasons
  30. you are
  31. i want a gift for my bday :)
  32. wow lmfao the shade
  33. i wish
  34. the person in the chandelier
  35. im swinging from the chandelier
  36. if i had an ass like nikki minaj
  37. Boom clap the sound of my shart
  38. do i get gifts bc its my birthday
  39. Happy birthday to me
  40. My anaconda dont want none


Aug 7, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
and gina marie is someone to talk about annoying voices

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