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  1. gift me something from 15 minutes of fame
  2. gift me something from 15 minutes of fame
  3. This gif is everything
  4. why are people
  5. Radio Rebel is the best
  6. I love michelle getting no edit
  7. Why are yall even fighting
  8. Just remember
  9. I dont know why people thought
  10. Why is Margo
  11. Gift me from halloween's shop
  12. Ugh I cant wait
  13. Michelle is so good I love it
  14. people comparing meg and natalie
  15. People who hate Michelle
  16. People with long profile pages
  17. Did you think you were funny?
  18. Vlog about Blowjobs
  19. No title
  20. Just the tip
  21. Michelle was in such a good spot
  22. What a scum bag
  23. Michelle Natalie and James
  24. Hello
  25. I'm so glad
  26. I was dumb
  27. I love when i cant even
  28. 100 coats of lipstick
  29. also why is there a top blog
  30. Michelle is going to win bb18
  31. Dangan Ronpa 3
  32. No title
  33. I Don't wanna be like American Kids
  34. I just dont get American Kids
  35. fuck
  36. Hello
  37. If
  38. Michelle is going to win bb18
  39. Xd smoke weed everyday
  40. Frenchy can suck my dick all day


Aug 7, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
and gina marie is someone to talk about annoying voices

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