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  1. scream was so boring
  2. this is me when lady gaga is
  3. lmfao...
  4. i love how
  5. scream finale was boring
  6. bgc14 rankings with reasons
  7. my name is jenna and im blind
  9. but in all honesty
  10. janelle has more followers
  11. >3rd 3rd 12th
  12. i feel as tho
  13. Pretty Little Liars big brother Results
  14. Pretty Little Liars big brother
  15. League of Legends big brother
  16. League of Legends big brother
  17. master yi is so obnoxious
  18. + if you hate this
  19. + if you hate this
  20. + if you hate this
  21. + if you hate this
  22. its annoying that
  23. ginger fox is my idol
  24. thank god
  25. im finally glad
  26. List of people to evict the fuck out of
  27. why is john so damn stupid
  28. Jeff says he hates quitters and alot of med evacs
  29. do people really think
  30. rpdr rivalries rankings
  31. so i put my hands up
  32. ginger fox revolutionized
  33. BGC big brother results
  34. meg needs to win bb17
  35. ew
  36. Bgc Big Brother
  37. bgc big brother 1 spot
  38. bgc brantsteele
  39. The twins and their dogs
  40. liz and julia


Aug 7, 2013 by bigdizzleyomama
and gina marie is someone to talk about annoying voices

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