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  1. someoene
  2. wasnt danielle donato likable though?
  3. wouldnt it be amazing though if clay left?
  4. survivor auto filling :)
  5. It was just announced on big brother twitter
  6. the thing is...
  7. quick question
  8. who wants to join survivor
  9. should i join survivor
  10. join frooks :)
  11. Anyone watch the gallows?
  12. rozlyn/lance is in a game harrassing a noob
  13. Seriously, stop calling me old, lazy, ect.
  14. whose all been banned?
  15. Also while im on a role
  16. yeah, damn right
  17. im 19 actually
  18. because youre annoying
  19. TBH big brother should have a jackoff room
  20. so the gallows????
  21. honestly i would love a 2nd chances
  22. grandma and closet case are safe
  23. pussies
  24. you can't say day didnt
  25. john sucks
  26. so day is fucked?
  27. is maxi1234
  28. Maxi, i know youre a child but....
  29. maxi calling me fat
  30. just need one more peron
  31. doing my first charity
  32. im having a charity next frookies
  33. what kind of porn?
  34. idk how you could not cheer for day
  35. john
  36. Da'vonne has a shot
  37. so is vannessa playing day?
  38. randomized made a new update
  39. just leave each other alone
  40. youre all loosers tbh

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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