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  1. Thank you :D
  2. why bother with new game ideas?
  3. Why are these people evicting devin?
  4. Quotes from Caleb...
  5. If victoria wins pov....
  6. THe entire season of bb16 so far...
  7. link to todays episode?
  8. when is live eviction?
  9. the paola vs zach vote is decided.
  10. what did brittany do
  11. spoiler
  13. The person going home....
  14. zrankie?
  15. BB16 UPDATE
  16. what is the update on bb16
  17. so now we arent allowed?
  18. FRANKIE is so stupid...!!!!!!!!!
  19. shit derrick says.....
  20. Frankie is kinda scum....
  21. liive feeds?
  22. Paola will only get 4 saves.
  23. ???????????
  24. Reasons why Zach needs to stay over Paola.
  25. whi is the user that is like this?
  26. i honestly dont know about zach.
  27. Here is the real bb16 question.
  28. jocasta might be the minister...
  29. spoiler.......
  30. One thing about devin...
  31. im surprised that none of the designers
  32. i dont like amber
  33. what did christine do??
  34. if i had to choose two people
  35. So Joey is 100%
  36. does this premade?
  37. i have money to buy whatever i want.
  38. I don't think zach is gay
  39. In bb16
  40. so......

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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