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  1. are you people fucking delusional??
  2. please though uk citizens
  3. america irrelevant?
  4. link to cbbuk?
  5. tonights celebrity big brother was epic
  6. who left
  7. i dont think a worse human being
  8. i didnt even think straight outta compton
  9. where can i watch cbbuk episodes?
  10. if you wanna be cheap
  11. name the song round 3! this ones tricky
  12. name that song round 2!!!
  13. name that song game round 1!!!
  14. gratz cunty
  15. whats going on with cbbuk?
  16. just leave him alone
  17. so like what happened on cbbuk?
  18. howd the vote go?
  19. do we know who went home yet?
  20. just watched celebrity big brother....
  21. can someone link me to latest episode ?
  22. how yall know about gemma and tiff fighting?
  23. i assumed you were photo cropping
  24. i dont think ive ever seen anyone
  25. when brandt tells you to leave
  26. this website is getting so depressing
  27. shonaynay is kinda a dick
  28. if a guy can have body hair...
  29. also with the being gay thing
  30. if youre gonna attack someone
  31. in the past year
  32. can 3 people join frookies?
  33. the thing about trump is...
  34. seriously though, im legit scared to fight with..
  35. i dont get why yall attack looks so much
  36. i dont think theres enough gay people
  37. seriously, does anyone else think
  38. i never liked country music but..
  39. miley cyrus amazes me in a good way
  40. literally evetime i log on

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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