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  1. reed didnt vote for jacklyn.
  2. This is just another reason
  3. i thought her speech was good.
  4. bitch, i sit in the hot tub...
  5. keith is so dumb.
  6. who would you wanna face in f4 immunity.
  7. i actually cried a little...
  8. if they were smart
  9. ryan sill should have won
  10. ryan sill should have won
  11. not a good day for burkett.
  12. anyone need anythin plussed?
  13. i would like to see
  14. i would like to see
  15. i cant stop listening to bo burnham's song.
  16. Name the song and artist.
  17. Anyone need spam or anything plussed?
  18. i am the king of eggs.
  19. Anyone know who bo burnham is?
  20. i love bo burnham.
  21. PYN
  22. pyn
  23. i told you i was trouble.
  24. fighterman
  25. round 1 lyric game.
  26. im gonna play a lyric game.
  27. anyone need spam plussed?
  28. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. that was the first death on ahs
  30. if i was jon
  31. why didnt he give the idol to jaclyn?
  32. me and my friend are planning her funeral
  33. i want eyes... (boobs)
  34. joined a charity to help
  35. Unless you are gay.....
  36. stars support
  37. the current frooks
  38. im just drunk enough
  39. I purged my friends list.
  40. Personally,

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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