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  1. i turn to tengay
  2. a sexually active gay mam
  3. i watched the michelle vs bridgette fight
  4. yall are forgetting whose victor's best friend was
  5. yall seem to be forgetting something.
  6. since people are thick headed fucks
  7. big brother spoilers
  8. anyone else watching live feeds?
  9. any updates on bb18
  10. that was the assult hair whip?
  11. if day leaves prejury
  12. where can i see thewilshow?
  13. for those of you not watching feeds
  14. i cant believe the vote just flipped
  15. watching people beg
  16. wait, so is the live eviction tonight?
  17. whose going home in big brother?
  18. can someone just update me on bb18
  19. i dont see how day is leaving
  20. so is day going home?
  21. pokemon go question
  22. fine, ill gift someone
  23. join frooks
  24. nicole just peed her pants.....
  25. i remember years ago when vannessa rousso
  26. each and every single one of you
  27. can i watch big brother after dark?
  28. my biggest big brother pet peeve
  29. davonne, bronte, nicole and paul
  30. the most entertaining hoh win
  31. frank gave davonne a back massage
  32. join frooks
  33. all johneh did
  34. why do you people log onto tengaged
  35. victor
  36. i had the choice between bronte and zakiya
  37. tbh someone that immature
  38. sorry but if u have random sex weekly
  39. can u watch live feeds on mobile?
  40. i dont feel bad for paulie at all...

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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