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  1. YES MAMA DAY!!!!!!!!
  2. WHOLEY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i wanna know if da'vonne
  4. i did a good thing today
  5. expose me. lol
  6. Also youre a pussy
  7. gentlemang does suck...
  8. you people are to damn sensitive.
  9. why does everyone hate john?
  10. last time i unblock someone on skype.
  11. do we know who did DDoS?
  12. a slamming door and a lesson learned
  13. The worst person on tengaged.
  14. is this bannable?
  15. you guys care alot about
  16. i heard pegasus
  17. There may be lovers who hold out their hands
  18. Here is the cunt i promised to post.
  19. do you inbreds wanna see D or V?
  20. who do you message to get permed?
  21. nothing pisses me off more.
  22. join frooks
  23. i feel like CBS just was like
  24. where can i see bb17?
  25. i swear to god, half of you
  26. got my first paycheck
  27. if anyone has any spam.
  28. Sorry but calling someone autistic
  29. look at me
  30. something im not proud of...
  31. JOIN BAZA'S 1104th CHARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. just had the chance to steal
  33. i dont understasnd why
  34. im about ready to perm myself.
  35. not that i want to talk to u.....
  36. Join frook!
  37. brad13535 is evil
  38. One more time
  39. frookies twist idea.
  40. Canada sucks tbh....

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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