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  1. i negged your design
  2. It was 99 cents....
  3. who wants the female wolverine?
  4. t_mod is a sassy asshole....
  5. Who negs song lyrics? lol
  6. Guilt is burning...
  7. Who wants to sing super bass???
  8. i enjoyed this season.
  9. If jocasta had played the game.
  10. Does this remind anyone else?
  11. was mazerunner???
  12. When seperating from another country...
  13. So blame it on the night
  14. Really...........
  15. If there is nothing wrong 9/11 jokes
  16. Am i the only one?
  17. AND ALSO!
  18. just to be clear on why i ruined.
  19. Imagine if the utopia cast was....
  20. can we just take time to recognize
  21. I lost 130 pounds and i can relate
  22. yall should be ashamed.
  23. Why do you people worry about?
  24. those are royal farts.
  25. Christine didnt deserve that.
  26. Nicole is drunk
  27. It's hunting season
  28. you people act like shops
  29. oh maxi
  30. its not stealing.
  31. wholey shit....
  32. so is there still a chance?
  33. so on a different note... give me advice! lol
  34. Im sure yall are awesome in real life but........
  35. It shouldnt even bother you
  36. This is idiotic.
  37. things that have done more than victoria
  38. This is how this hoh probally feels
  39. christine winning
  40. they wont bring anyone back

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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