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  1. frookies twist idea.
  2. Canada sucks tbh....
  3. so umm...
  4. who cares if he is gay?
  5. join roblox big brother :)
  6. cant you just play the next tribe.
  7. Jenzie
  8. Burkett is my real name
  9. tbh...
  10. join frooks
  11. Lemjam's premade does this all the time.
  12. maybe he was doing a survey?
  13. what happened to kingmac?
  14. I'd imagine that blog police
  15. welcome to our university
  16. i bet that bates motel...
  17. when i join a 13 post
  18. this is gross
  19. Lets talk about welfare.
  20. you misunderstand "theory"..
  21. Like he said religion is about faith.
  22. top blog desperate?
  23. Lets talk about the bad shit religion does....
  24. I dont care if you beleive
  25. I need to watch gotham...
  26. I missed Gotham tonight
  27. yeah survivor8
  28. im gonna take a deep breath
  29. Let thirteen do his voodoo shit
  30. funniest thing ive heard today.
  31. Have you ever met someone so dumb
  32. Found a pic of Coreyants online..
  33. anyone have spam?
  34. ever watch "beautiful thing"?
  35. Being banned is good for yoshicoolman
  36. I've accused people of being the devil
  37. if i spend 1000ts on a design?
  38. i prefer chicken patties
  39. cold cut?? who calls it cold cuts?
  40. im totally the shit.

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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