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  1. so on a different note... give me advice! lol
  2. Im sure yall are awesome in real life but........
  3. It shouldnt even bother you
  4. This is idiotic.
  5. things that have done more than victoria
  6. This is how this hoh probally feels
  7. christine winning
  8. they wont bring anyone back
  9. What if grodners twist is
  10. The only thing Frankie tried saving
  11. Whose leaving?
  12. If you were blind listening to this.
  13. Are they wearing sparkly spandex?
  14. this is horrible.
  15. i respect miley alot more
  16. ive honestly never heard of 5th harmony..
  17. what the hell is miss moving on?
  18. me when i see bamold is up for eviction in stars.
  19. What actually happened to Victoria?
  20. whose going home?
  21. This is a big brother site
  22. Cody did ruin this season tbh.
  23. So Donny isn't allowed?
  24. Donny literally has one option left....
  25. Cody Won hoh
  26. Cody won hoh
  27. What did Andy harren ?
  28. wait, zach threw fruit lupes?
  29. does tvnutters still exsist?
  30. does tvnutters still exsist?
  31. does anyone have a link
  32. i wish we lived in a time period
  33. And just like them old stars,
  34. Oh plz people
  35. I thought we only bitched about big brother?
  36. omfg christine. -_-
  37. Why is frankie worried what the house wants?
  38. did zach make out with frankie?
  39. Anyone feel 5 stages of grief this bb season?
  40. bb16

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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