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  1. American horror story?
  2. ummmm.
  3. abi marie is a cunt
  4. whats going on with chanel #2?
  5. shelli sucked
  6. would have been better if jason won
  7. i just want good tv
  8. Liz, what big move did u make by yourself
  9. only reason i want Steve to win
  10. i will not vote for liz
  11. perfect end
  12. why will?
  13. that was all production....
  14. join frooks instead of vivor
  15. join vivor
  16. gwen stefani
  17. why do stupid people
  18. 3 favorite people on tengaged
  19. i thought the coaches were supposed
  20. Just talked with nexus
  21. if i won a stars seat....
  22. whose jace????
  23. throw some fucking shade....
  24. i hate when people give weak veto speeches...
  25. if james was smart.....
  26. voting out julia would have also made liz
  27. so 3 out of 6 of the people competing
  28. can i get banned for saying this?
  29. tbh, i say this every season...
  30. what the fuck is this shit?
  31. Do you fucks realize Wes Craven just died?
  32. i bet kanye west sucks his own dick
  33. ok, now hes starting to loose me....
  34. where is john wilkes booth when you need him?
  35. is anybody else throwing up @ VMAs
  36. why is everyone scared of austwins/vanessa
  37. i dont understand why you have to always be gone.
  38. whered you go?
  39. Gift give away
  40. so my sister just left for college

jeremy and kaitlyn

Jul 5, 2013 by burkett8975
are having hardcore sex on live feeds right now.

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