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  1. Lauren is a smart cookie
  2. Stars Support
  3. me when a certain someone begs me to join stars
  4. Doesn't this guy look like Reed from Survivor?
  5. I hope the blind date amazing race
  6. I miss
  7. LMAO
  8. What a dumb season
  9. He is literally not even talking to 3/4 the cast
  10. Queen Natalie <333
  11. It's about time
  12. I love telling my little sister
  13. LOL I hear my mother on the phone
  14. I know a dude from high school
  15. Ugh my older brother has a new gf
  16. anyone want to do a cast assessment??
  17. Stars Support
  18. Gas in South Carolina
  19. After an hour standing still on the highway
  20. Ugh so I am in North Carolina
  21. The reason Jon lost immunity
  22. Lmfao
  23. Thank God
  24. did he give jaclyn the idol before he left?
  25. me if natalie gets 6th
  26. And it's TWO year anniversary
  28. So I found out today
  29. I have two finals tomorrow
  30. this is literally the worst paper I've ever..
  31. Stars Support
  32. LOL my professor finally gives back our midterm
  33. I have no motivation to do any of my papers
  34. Sometimes I wonder
  35. Wtf at the preview showing them drawing rocks
  36. Pity vote
  37. What did I miss?
  38. A fire drill during survivor
  39. Natalie is queen

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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