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  1. Hey Daniel
  2. It sucks that in Canada
  3. I'm so over Korea
  4. I want to open a Citibank Korea account
  5. Do you guys think
  6. Guess who messaged me this
  7. Has tiffany
  8. I met these Canadians expats my age
  9. Why did
  10. Back in my day..
  11. Who are the Republicans on BB?
  12. Aww I like this cast
  13. Corey is bi but homophobic? LOL
  14. I'm bitter @ Robin
  15. Did Nicole and Hayden break up?
  16. It was disturbing
  17. Etienne
  18. Wow such a beautiful tribute
  19. Livin' the life in S. Korea
  20. TBH
  21. Elizabeth Warren
  22. is a 26 year old out of my league??
  23. HAHA YES
  24. In S. Korea
  25. Job training in Korea
  26. ew in Korea
  27. I'm in Seoul
  28. Bye America
  29. Damn why is it
  30. wow rude
  31. I'm moving to S Korea tomorrow
  32. porn is censored in korea
  33. I'm worried when I move to S. Korea for one year..
  34. i was born in 1994
  35. i move to korea tuesday
  36. You're very ignorant
  37. Oh my God
  39. Time for a break
  40. Wow shyannes mom

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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