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  1. pyn if you're a women's studies major
  2. Bye homewreckers
  3. i hate my college's food
  4. watching amazing race from last week..
  5. Hey Jake
  6. Wendy Davis for Texas Governor
  7. I grew up Catholic
  8. Etienne
  9. poor kelly
  10. Top 10 Stars Allies
  11. Time to go back to Baltimore
  12. stars support
  13. airport food is so overpriced
  14. me when i didnt get on standby
  15. prays i get on standby
  16. I'm so early for my flight
  17. POLL: do you like flying?
  18. This is why we need feminism
  19. Prays drew goes home
  20. I fly home Thursday night
  21. POLL: Which movie is better?
  22. joe was better than that girl
  24. omfg
  25. lol im never joining frookies again
  26. It is true :O
  27. who remembers
  28. Happy Thanksgiving
  29. happy 16th birthday koin
  30. Revenge is so bad now
  31. My friend is SO fucking annoying
  32. thanksgiving is tomorrow
  33. stars support
  34. yoga was optional today so i left
  35. my last day of yoga is tomorrow AM
  36. I love how on Survivor's Facebook Page
  37. Yas go Natalie < 33
  38. i need to write a PSA
  39. Stars Support
  40. Going to temple for the first time

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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