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  1. night bitchez!!!!!!!!!
  2. the person who lives next to me
  3. who wants to be in a stars cast assessment?
  4. my friend has my fucking vodka
  5. stars support
  6. im messed up
  7. me when my friend says
  8. my one professor is from NY
  9. yoga sucks
  10. Had my first RA/floor meeting
  11. yay
  12. survivor should have cast me
  13. the best part of being a women studies major
  14. the best thing about my women, art, and culture..
  15. i got out of french
  16. Lol I hate my life
  17. why did i take an 8:30am class again
  18. pyn and i'll rank
  19. how much does a fake ID cost
  20. lauren use to have me on her 1st page
  21. lauren enjoys going on skype calls
  22. wow im bisexual
  23. these girls next to me are so loud
  24. a doll's house
  25. it's official!
  26. LOL
  27. someone on a certain app is 140 feet away
  28. me in my intermediate college french class today
  29. I'm guessing I live next to my RA
  30. guess what class i have at 8:30AM tomorrow
  31. my bathroom is co-ed
  32. cody calls everyone a "kid"
  33. never introducing myself to hall-mates again
  34. dear bitch who had my room last year
  35. lol i've gotten a couple dirty looks since i've..
  36. after 14 hours of driving in hell
  37. lol all the freshmen at my school are so annoying
  38. LOL ME IRL
  39. stars support
  40. for a college that costs 52k a year

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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