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  1. i hate poetry
  2. it's been six months since I've played a frookies
  3. day 2 of my internship
  4. why is nickgqc banned :O
  5. stars support
  6. I have no motivation to start this essay
  7. I called the GAP, so they can mail me my final..
  8. wow such a victim
  9. anyone wanna go on call?
  10. ew this baptism tho
  11. is utopia a good show?
  12. wow even I have never gotten
  13. having a class for almost 3 hours
  14. GUESS what the background is
  15. does pale shaming exist?
  16. lol @ all these people complaining about high..
  18. I got out of my French requirement
  19. lol i once spammed in my first stars poll
  20. oh the ravens won??
  21. my survivor merging streak:
  22. my professor goes today
  23. lol i go to get a refill
  24. hey etienne
  25. omg tranny is back!???
  27. would you fly on 9/11?
  28. rip my dog rascal :(
  29. ew i have yoga tomorrow AM
  30. Gay marriage has been legal in Canada since 2005
  31. damn everyone is bullying
  32. quebec > texas
  33. r u team
  34. who had the swine flu?
  35. i love birdy so much
  36. Finish the sentence
  37. how many brothers & sisters do you have?
  38. how old was your mom when she had you?
  39. anyone ever think about joining the peace corps?
  40. 9/11 isn't a joke

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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