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  1. It pisses me off
  2. The worst part about going home in a week
  3. I go to my IRL best friend
  4. If I was on Amazing Race
  5. How do you pack alcohol in a checked bagged?
  6. So I may visit a friend at UNC
  7. ADVICE NEEDED. NOTE: 18+++ read only
  8. Studying Abroad: this is what happened
  9. My father just texted me the following LOL:
  10. What does everyone think
  11. The dentist is hawt
  12. Worst accent award goes to:
  13. I always wanted to move to Canada
  14. The best thing about traveling abroad
  15. Who would survive a stars poll?
  16. EW
  17. who wants to go on call with
  18. elvira was outed as a man?
  19. One of the first gay couples married in Georgia!
  20. Stars Support
  21. Why isn't stars enrolling?
  22. My friend is so nice
  23. How many bottles of vodka do I bring?
  24. is my college expensive?
  26. so is this amazing race team
  27. i hate clay already
  28. watching the premiere
  29. Where can I watch Big Brother from Australia?
  30. North America is the first continent where
  31. Mississippi
  32. Gay marriage has been legal in Canada
  33. So when I was in Auckland, New Zealand
  34. Marriage equality is now LEGAL in 50 states!!!
  35. am i stupid
  36. i got kicked out of my couchsurfing place
  37. I LOVE Auckland
  38. If you had to leave your country
  39. Honestly
  40. should i take a trip next year

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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