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  1. My view on the conflict in the Middle East
  2. Had a blast hiking Stone Mountain
  4. o wow
  5. who wants to be part of my stars premade in 2..
  6. i am hiking tomorrow
  7. my dad told me again today
  8. who would stay in a stars poll
  9. um wow RUDE
  10. lmao i wonder if ariana paid the whole mortgage..
  11. ask the most hated person questions
  12. i gave a homeless lady a $1 in DC
  13. i put $219.24 on my credit card today
  14. im trending next to
  15. STARS 298 Cast Assessment
  16. need 1 person to do a cast assessment
  17. who wants to do a stars assessment?
  18. Betters should have listened to Etienne
  19. Plus if you're not a virgin
  20. going to montreal in october
  21. tag someone who ignores u on skype
  22. who would survive a stars poll in stars 298
  23. shall i join stars tomorrow??
  24. My dad's remarks when I told him I was majoring in..
  25. wow such a bully
  26. who are the republicans on BB?
  27. My junior year of college
  28. quitting tengaged after this crookies
  29. why r heather and i such victims
  30. His grandpa
  31. welp
  32. I hate the gators
  33. Amber is dumb
  34. This comp is so rigged
  35. why am i not on your friends list
  36. this is why we aren't BFFS
  37. u call everyone a "sweetie"
  38. who remembers the gay mormon spencer on Survivor?
  39. survivor > big brother
  40. i loathe frankie

why doesnt the new player entering the game get to play hoh

Mar 13, 2014 by coreyants

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