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  1. Ugh, I need to harass someone.
  2. Do I still have the most blogs?
  3. So um...
  4. I'll be the first to admit that...
  5. Add me on Skype.
  6. I found a cute picture of Coreyants.
  7. Anyone on a call right now?
  8. I joined Tengaged at 19.
  9. I'm so bored.
  10. Who's that shadow holding me hostage?
  11. I'm so sad...
  12. Some people...
  13. I could have went out...
  14. We have to sit out here...
  15. I have 3578 T$...
  16. I drink because I'm classy.
  18. I feel the need to drag.
  19. I wanna drink, but...
  20. hi
  21. I am awake...
  22. I have 3577 T$...
  23. I am fabulous, fierce...
  24. I KEEP
  25. Ask me questions.
  26. It's Saturday night!
  27. Elsa dress on fleek..
  28. 3299 T$
  29. I wish that..
  30. Who loves me?
  31. Where is Sergio?
  32. Baby, I'll never leave if...
  33. I'm moving to South Carolina in two weeks...
  34. I'm fucking cute, tbh.
  35. Anyone on call?
  36. I need to do a shot.
  37. Thomas.
  38. We have an "AskMe?"
  39. This song is the shit.
  40. How I feel during this month.

With my Walmart Discount...

Mar 1, 2012 by dav_o_79
I will pay for a good Toshiba Laptop and a 55-inch Vizio flatscreen for under 1500 dollars....hopefully (sun)

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