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  1. Anybody live in the Charlotte area?
  2. Hello, y'all.
  3. Sorry, but...
  4. I have so much hate in my soul.
  5. This was me...
  6. Damnit, David.
  7. THIS IS
  8. Funnehliner hasn't left.
  10. ROFL, stop crying about it.
  11. OH, I love when this happens...
  12. Ugh, fuck my life.
  13. Good night, y'all.
  14. ROFL, incredible.
  15. If you want a gift...
  16. Bottoms up...
  17. Well I think its about that time...
  18. There are angels still in this world.
  19. If you know this song...
  20. I need a snowy background.
  21. 25,600th Blog.
  22. Who is cool with the shop owners?
  23. Someone add me to a call.
  24. This kid gives me life.
  25. I want a bottle of wine...
  26. All I need is a glass of wine...
  27. Owl City slays your faves.
  28. It's Thanksgiving <3
  29. Save a life...
  30. J/K, I'm not leaving.
  31. Hello.
  32. Life's what you make it <3
  33. *Regina George smile*
  34. Screenshot your Top 25 on iTunes.
  35. And when you call me baby...
  36. Hello, everyone!
  37. I called out a few racists on Grindr.
  38. If I were a janitor...
  39. Tag a certain Tengager..
  40. Who else is drinking tonight?

With my Walmart Discount...

Mar 1, 2012 by dav_o_79
I will pay for a good Toshiba Laptop and a 55-inch Vizio flatscreen for under 1500 dollars....hopefully (sun)

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