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  1. I KEEP
  2. Ask me questions.
  3. It's Saturday night!
  4. Elsa dress on fleek..
  5. 3299 T$
  6. I wish that..
  7. Who loves me?
  8. Where is Sergio?
  9. Baby, I'll never leave if...
  10. I'm moving to South Carolina in two weeks...
  11. I'm fucking cute, tbh.
  12. Anyone on call?
  13. I need to do a shot.
  14. Thomas.
  15. We have an "AskMe?"
  16. This song is the shit.
  17. How I feel during this month.
  18. I'm literally offering a gift...
  19. First person to message me on Skype...
  20. Liquor before beer...
  21. Someone talk to me on Skype.
  22. Because your kiss, your kiss...
  23. Finally staying in tonight.
  24. It's not my fault that you're ugly.
  25. I drank too much, LOL.
  26. I've been here for five years.
  28. Wow, my blog got negged.
  29. Yay, I got 10 mails...
  30. I was drinking, but...
  31. This is me when....
  32. Storms are brewing in your eyes.
  33. Who is on a call?
  34. Good morning, loves.
  35. Take me into your loving arms!
  36. Hello, everybody!
  37. Me when I'm in the field.
  38. My bags are finally packed...
  39. Off to play Army for three weeks.
  40. The best thing about being gay is...

I'm broke and starving...

Jul 8, 2013 by dav_o_79
I can't wait to get paid tomorrow :(


dav_o_79 im eating my ramen noodles right now.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jul 8, 2013

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