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  1. Where are the cute boys?
  2. I'll pick a person when it expires.
  3. Yaxha...
  4. Saw the Bieber nudes...
  5. You watch me bleed until I can't breathe...
  6. Who wants a gift?
  7. Oh, I will...
  8. Hello there.
  9. Add me to a call please.
  10. I wanna make a vlog.
  11. Someone add me to a call
  12. Is TheSexiestDude990 still here?
  13. What's happening now?
  14. I log back into tengaged...
  15. Back on Tengaged, I guess.
  16. I am cute.
  17. Hey y'all.
  18. hey
  19. Someone talk to me.
  21. Ugh I am now exhausted.
  22. I had a nice break...not really.
  23. im cute
  24. Hello there.
  25. It's so funny, like...
  26. I know you wanna leave
  27. This is the life.
  28. How many TV Stars are there now?
  29. I am so tired...
  30. I bless the rains down in Africa.
  31. Hoarders pisses me off.
  32. So my roommate...
  33. I've been told that...
  34. Take a guess...
  35. I'll gift you if...
  36. I said I was going to bed...
  37. Mail me for a gift opportunity ^_^
  38. I need a boyfriend so...
  39. Name your favorite 80s song.
  40. Just give me you, just give me you!

I'm broke and starving...

Jul 8, 2013 by dav_o_79
I can't wait to get paid tomorrow :(


dav_o_79 im eating my ramen noodles right now.
Sent by heyitsmaggee,Jul 8, 2013

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