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*Naughty And Nice List* Part 2

8thNov 30, 2010 by davidfisher
imageThis took forever to do plz +&comment :)

*The ones that r in black just copy and paste in the search bar*

pepper *nice*

abrigoat *nice*

thekid *nice*

pattie *nice*

ZMilner *nice*

Lemon *nice*

DC *nice*

endo *nice*

Subfriend *nice*

Antwane *nice*

soker *nice*

brookie_cookie *Naughty ;)*

rrossrocks *nice*

spookie *nice*

Etienne *nice*

realityfreek *eh*

violet *nice*

britt<3 *nice* &

sakwilla *nice*

Gemini *nice*

pinkkitten *nice*

chhsfreshman2009 *nice*

chelsea *nice*

Vockle9 *nice*

stokes *nice*

Michael18 *nice*

vikejk17 *nice*

rk3388 *nice*

Cray *nice*

seana86 *nice*

CurtisNixon *nice*

Sinfulh0pe *nice* ;)

Jenna *nice*

mikec51 *nice*

RJ!! *nice*

sonyae *nice*

doddy *nice*

niall *nice*

jt *nice*

Tommy: *nice*
bia *nice*

dinom *eh :/ lol*

itsmejo *nice*

omghi *nice*

danielvk *nice*

tomc20 *nice*

colbelliveau *nice*

Piddu *nice*

Hob *nice*

spikey *nice*

Jason *nice*

someguy *nice*

soccerguy *nice*

MarekK27  *nice*

jbmbb11 *nice*

duncan *nice*

je7467 *sigh... nice lol ^_^*

jami *nice*

greg22 *nice*

ZIMY *nice*

snow *nice*

Drummer *nice*

MattyBB9 *nice*

cody_ *nice*

AustinRules *nice*

Viola! *nice*

Lakeyja *nice*

P0tt34 *eh lol*

dream *nice*

Masta *naughty*

loowis *nice*

rigler *nice*

bengalboy *bad boy*

turney *nice*

Diva1 *nice*

Chibi *nice*

craphead *nice*

Allie *nice*

hayla: *nice*

Tommy: *nice*

Finkle: *nice*

Aria: *nice*


Sent by Sinfulh0pe,Nov 30, 2010
Lmao that picture is so appropriate
Sent by Sinfulh0pe,Nov 30, 2010
*sigh* my pic link doesnt work :/
Sent by ZIMY,Nov 30, 2010
love my gift!! <3
Sent by Jenna2010,Nov 30, 2010
Sent by realityfreek,Nov 30, 2010

Sent by britt0729,Nov 30, 2010
NICE! I definitely need a 3D TV, I look silly just wearing them for style lol jk and good job on brookie
Sent by DCSooner,Nov 30, 2010
I love my gift <3
Sent by Pattieilikefun,Nov 30, 2010
Sent by davidfisher,Nov 30, 2010
:) thanks
Sent by Michael18,Nov 30, 2010
wooohooo I got a canoe :)
Sent by Spookie,Nov 30, 2010
*these glasses
Sent by DCSooner,Nov 30, 2010
omg i lv it .... just needed a little naughty in there and needed some alcoholic drinks lol .... u did amazing babe, thanks for taking ur time to do that, i know it was a lot of work xoxoxo
Sent by seana86,Nov 30, 2010
yay, i get an ice cream sundae
Sent by sonyae,Nov 30, 2010
a toothbrush :/
Sent by AustinRules,Nov 30, 2010
i love mine it is cool looking
Sent by Cray,Nov 30, 2010
yay mine works now! lol cool
Sent by ZIMY,Nov 30, 2010
HAhha oh suuuure give the Asian kid the chinese fortune cookie :) Haha thanks bro :)
Sent by RJ18,Nov 30, 2010
LMAO A cookie with a bite out of it.  Great. LMAO
Sent by p0tt34,Nov 30, 2010
thanks you :)
Sent by lilrigler38,Nov 30, 2010
but wait do i get lady gaga or the microphone?
Sent by lilrigler38,Nov 30, 2010
Awww,  David!!  You know how much love that!!!
Thanks for remembering!!!  This was a LOT of work!!
Great Blog!! Good Job!!:D
Sent by Gemini,Nov 30, 2010
Sent by zmilner91827,Nov 30, 2010
omg!  =O
Sent by rrossrocks,Nov 30, 2010
Aww! I love it! Thanks David!!
Sent by Diva1,Nov 30, 2010
David, I'm a guy lol. But thanks anyways :)
Sent by turney1805,Nov 30, 2010
LOL i love min too thx :]
Sent by rk3388,Nov 30, 2010
lol i think i got submarine :)
Sent by subfriend,Nov 30, 2010
Yay! Worlds largest pizza :D
Sent by soccerguy0428,Nov 30, 2010
Unicorns! :D
Sent by dreambabe01,Nov 30, 2010
-Hugs My PikaChu plushie- :D
Sent by chibideidara,Nov 30, 2010
Sent by Pepper,Nov 30, 2010
Thanks for the gift lol
Sent by TomC20,Nov 30, 2010
Sent by Endo360,Nov 30, 2010
++++ ty :)
Sent by Timster,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by Etienne,Dec 1, 2010
Love my cute pink kitty <3 ty!
Sent by PinkKitten,Dec 1, 2010
lol at the burger
Sent by doddy25,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by Balls,Dec 1, 2010
+8 :D
Sent by MazokuAngel,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by tommyg456,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by cubzfans26,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by finklestein123,Dec 1, 2010
Sent by _Aria,Dec 1, 2010
haha i got a HUGE swimming pool thingy House
Sent by Michael18,Dec 3, 2010

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