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3rdDec 23, 2010 by davidfisher
imageFinally!!! 1000karma and Gold I never thought when I started I would ever get this far but some how I did and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me get this far.

Post your name and i will tell you how you have helped me, and even if I dont like you I will name something nice about you and a way that you helped me!!!

【Molly aka MoooCoww】You are by far my favorite person I have met on this site and im so glad I got to meet you, your truely amazing and fun to talk to!!! You have helped me in so many rookies and in just about all of them we have done great in if not all of them :) thank you for always being there for me and having my back at all time never letting anyone talk bad about me thank you my BFFL <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

【Zedd】 Zedd we light this place up when we play rookies dude your one of the best spammers on the site and your for sure one of the reasons I have made it to gold you even helped me merge when you knew you were not going to you could have given up but thats not you, you have always had my back bro I'm so glad i have met you :)

【Travooo】 dude idk where you went but you helped me out aton when I first started and u emailed me u were back like last month iv'e been waiting to play a game with ya man those old castings were so fun joining with you everyone would talk bout me to you, and you would always tell me asap we rocked them castings man :)

【Codi aka TheKid28】 You have been one of my best friends since our first ever Survivor when we teamed up we made the perfect survivior team I'm not sure how we did it but we merged about 5times in a row and 2 or 3 of them we merged down 4-6 that was some amazing fun in those merges girl you have always had my back and been a great friend to me thank you :)

【Cubzfans26】 dude we rock all rookies we play together, and for awhile now we have been plussing each others blogs and designs and finally we got to play a rookies and we ROCKED THAT THING DUDE!!! it was amazing fun im glad i met you, your one of the coolest guys on here and one of few I actually fully trust and know would never backstab me :)

【Brittanny】 I talk tou you alot on skype and played a few games with you before your one of the sweetest nicest people on here and have really helped me through some times i thought about quiting on here thank you for always being a friend to me :)

【Etienne】 first game we played together was I believe survivor man that was fun merging with ya and playing survivior acouple times then rookies your also one of the few people that have never turned on me sometimes we didnt get along but that was before we knew each other after that we became really good friends and have had each others backs even when no one else has. You I can always count on to keep your word man thank you :)

【Sinfulh0pe】 We....... Freaking rock castings girl!!!  like no other and it has always been fun talking to you in all of our games girl I love those talks we had in that old castings, that was probably me fav old castings because of all the talks thank you for talking to me and being on of my best friends :)

【Spookie】 DUDE YOU MADE ME THIS AWESOME HOODIE!!!I loveeeee it dude your awesome at games fun to talk to and a great designer your amazing spooks!!! :)

【Masta】 Masta Masta Masta... well we have played few games together but is was super fun and intense dude we rocked that stuff like nothing else you got hoh's like crazyyy dude When I first saw you on tengaged I liked the name then next thing I know you powered through those colors man!!! your black level already congrats thats amazing!!! It was for sure Fun playing with you we need to do more rookies together cuz I know I can trust you and we rock it like no other :)

Those are just a few of my fav people on here, Everyone who has posted their name I will do soon Thanks for commenting and plussing :)


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BAHAHAH I GOT HERE FIRST!!! *points and laughs at everyone else*
Sent by finklestein123,Dec 23, 2010
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sakwilla! :D congrats on the win in rookies voted 4 ya! D
Sent by sakwilla,Dec 23, 2010
YAY david!

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grats :)
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Congrats!!!! :)
dream <3
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Omg yay!! Congrats David ily!!
Sinfulhope ")
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OMG Grats! Soccerguy
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Grays :D
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Congrat's +11
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I dont even make it in here .. WOW
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Congrats :)
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Megan. and congrats
Sent by Megan,Dec 24, 2010
sjsoccer88. Congrats and thanks for doubling my money all the time :)
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 24, 2010
Sorry about that surivor :/
Just knew the other ppl better
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click my button XD
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DiNoM :)
Sent by DiNoM,Dec 24, 2010
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yay grats<3 ily!
and you know my name :P
Sent by lonlee,Dec 24, 2010
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Congrats hun!!! Jenna....
Sent by Jenna2010,Dec 24, 2010
OMG GRTAZ MAN!!!!! Im sooooo happy for ya :D and I dont need to post myname :D u have already said about me :D Ur Da Man :)
Sent by Spookie,Dec 24, 2010
computer :) Join the club XD
Sent by computer3000,Dec 24, 2010
grats dear <3
Sent by ashy,Dec 24, 2010
Shadow~ x
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graaats :)
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Congrats, +8
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grats mate :)
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Thankyou, For my lovely comment! IFLY <3333
Sent by MoooCoww,Dec 24, 2010
Kelly x
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tommyg, well done mate
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GRATS ! Etienne +12 :)
Sent by Etienne,Dec 24, 2010
Oops sorry I just saw that you already posted my name. Aww thanks, what you said was sweet ! I'm glad we're friends <333
Sent by Etienne,Dec 24, 2010
+10 grats
Sent by chewbacca,Dec 24, 2010
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Grats David, Messiah :D
Sent by TheRealMessiah,Dec 24, 2010
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I really don't think you know me, but congrats!!
Sarahnva :)
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congrats! kool
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grats doddddddddyy
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Congrats :D
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congrats :) bia
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shmarmy79 :D
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