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  1. opinions please
  2. someone outbid me
  3. broke 4000 karma!
  4. Happy Birthday Danny :)
  5. hey yall!
  6. hello friends
  7. #girlbye
  8. can someone on a computer
  9. back off bitch
  10. we need more charities!
  11. poor Sheena
  12. who likes the lion king?
  13. I can't decide
  14. ugh easy shops week!
  15. don't spam on my blogs
  16. I hate fighting with close friends
  17. jk hi
  18. my favorite username
  19. are you getting brows soon?
  20. who am I?
  21. should I watch bb5 or bb11?
  22. Happy Birthday :D
  23. bid 5500 on a shop
  24. mailed each other at the same time
  25. lmao nice
  26. OMG TY!!!!!
  27. I never bitched at you LOL
  28. I have 4 hg designs
  29. can I be unfiltered now
  30. oh wow ty!
  31. I started to add people back
  32. who wants to be added to this list?
  33. I can gift a bunch of people too
  34. I need a t-sugar daddy
  35. I am so heatbroken right now
  36. I didn't delete you lmao
  37. Dear Eli
  38. congratulations Andy
  39. time to watch the bb15 finale :D
  40. is the rumor

If I was Jay-Z, you'd be my Beyonce

Aug 7, 2013 by dmann
We could rock the nation like they do


omg Jay-Z Shayybayy
Sent by qwert2,Aug 7, 2013

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