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  1. ty for the gift!
  2. I AM READY TO TG SHOP TIL I DROP!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i am so inlove right now....
  4. you're cheating on me?
  5. tg meetup?
  6. i want a new close friend
  7. carlisle is such a phony LMAO
  8. my phone died
  9. hi
  10. should MannlyRough pop in stars tonight?
  11. Stars PYN
  12. i said yes
  13. good bye forever gays
  14. it still amazes me
  15. i wanna do a countdown of some sort
  16. Merry Christmas Everyone!
  17. hello (:
  18. she got a booty like a cadillac...
  19. oh i just realized
  20. when you see someone you used to like
  21. why don't we do a little day drinking?
  22. i am gonna make 2015 a good year!
  23. YAY my shirt came in!!!!
  24. hey everyone!!!
  25. bye forever!
  26. I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. how much are shops nowadays?
  28. give me PYN ideas please!
  29. i have spent soooooooo much money
  30. all i want for T-Christmas is...
  31. hello everyone! :)
  32. i miss you
  33. hi :)
  34. MannlyRough is closed!
  35. who wears it better?
  36. "ty for the fist"
  37. she knows she's a slut
  38. hi ^_^
  39. 2 hrs down, 14 to go!
  40. good "night"

If I was Jay-Z, you'd be my Beyonce

Aug 7, 2013 by dmann
We could rock the nation like they do


omg Jay-Z Shayybayy
Sent by qwert2,Aug 7, 2013

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