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  1. Clique frookies
  2. Was the HOH Comp in the preview
  3. Sarah needs to win HOH
  4. oh
  5. Are the golden buzzer rumors true?
  6. Who are you voting to win BBUK?
  7. Friday better be a fake eviction
  8. How long til the BBUK eviction?
  9. 8 people nommed
  10. Toya is the new power housemate
  11. I feel like BB16 will lack in fights
  12. what was the promo for ep.2 of The Walking Dead
  13. live feed links?
  14. Pandora's BOX needs a twist to get Amanda on the..
  15. PIC of Elissa's save?
  16. How is fat Amanda still up
  17. Helen fell
  18. Lol Helen showering with the sprinklers
  19. Candice Godess speech <3
  20. Jessie fall yet?
  21. Spencer dropped
  22. HOH Comp Duration. Predictions?
  23. Legit, they need to put something slippery on the..
  24. People are gonna be on the feeds a while
  25. BB15 Harlem Shake right now
  26. HOH room shown yet?
  27. I never got why you could neg a pm
  28. Is there a lineballs practice link?
  29. what is Line balls
  30. Upcoming BB houseguest
  31. BB15 next weeks twist
  32. BB15 spoilers
  33. I die everytime BB15 says "Viewer Discretion..
  34. When will we see the HOH room?
  35. what was Julie's hin t
  36. Judd won yes
  37. Who is going home on BB15
  38. What can have-nots drink?
  39. when is Helen's talk show on feeds?
  40. Bannable F Word

BB15 next weeks twist

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