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  1. the cure by lady gaga
  2. Oh my god JordanLloydFan is in a Survivor
  3. I am so proud of my profile
  4. The Cure is now #5 on TTH
  5. ......beth ur fat ugly face
  6. Fall Out Boy's new song OOF
  7. + for Oops!... I Did It Again
  8. if i get a 94 on my chem final
  9. ive been watching i love money on youtube
  10. I used to jack off to this video so much
  11. college is quite saddening sometimes
  12. wow the cure is still in the worldwide top 50
  13. caitlyn jenner looks like a goblin
  14. hello how are yo-
  15. top 10 favorite MTV challenge moments
  16. me announcing my tengay return
  17. chicken sandwiches >> burgers
  18. My Chem professor graded my test wrong
  19. POST YOUR NAME honest opinion
  20. my gym progress is riveting darlins
  21. and if the stones are missing ur big feet
  22. And on the third day, God declared...
  23. not to be gay
  24. i just checked my final exam schedule
  26. top 10 league of legends skin lines
  27. i dont understand why Joanne isnt more loved
  28. my f*g**t ass is shitting @ the amount
  29. Veronica Portillo is actually returning
  30. I had the most bizarre Tinder experience
  32. I just watched someone get murdered
  33. The Cure by Lady Gaga
  34. The Cure by Lady Gaga
  35. No title
  36. oh my god @ this comment
  37. i'm waiting for Jennifer Lopez
  38. important information on your skype
  39. i don't want to study for chemistry someone
  40. sandra is an annoying chubby mexican


May 1, 2011 by finklestein123
imageWhich is wiser? A pen or a pencil? – A pencil, because you can erase after you write.

Which is easier to forgive? A street or a sidewalk? – A sidewalk because if you were to get hit, it would be by a bike, not a car!

Which is smarter? A clock or a calendar? – A clock because it has the ability to tell you both the time and date.

Which is easier to teach? A question or an answer? – An answer, because you know what you are exactly teaching.

Which is like a contest? A cloud or a sunset? – A cloud, because when they move around they could always be racing each other!

Which is more fearful? New or old? – New! Change can sometimes be scary.

Which is like a promise? Mathematics or science? – Science because if you break a food chain, you are doomed (just like a promise).

Which is more difficult? A dream or a nightmare? – A nightmare because it haunts you while you sleep.

Which is braver? An hour or a year? – A year because it is bigger.

Which has more pride? An entrance or an exit? – An exit, because it leaves the lasting impression.

Which is easier to close? A road or a map? – A map because you can just roll it up!

Which is like a legend? A mirror or glass? – A mirror, because it shines in the light just like a legend does and you can look at your own reflection in a mirror. Sometimes your reflection may inspire you, just like a legend may inspire you.

Which is more suspenseful? Rain or snow? – Rain because the thunder and lightening that comes with it provides the suspense.

Which has less charm? A signature or an autograph? – An autograph because usually you are rushed when signing autographs.

Which is more trustworthy? History or literature? – History because it is recorded information.

Which is more useful? A friend or an enemy? – A friend because they are always there to talk to and spend time with.

Which is sadder? Seek or find? – Seeking something is more suspenseful than sad. You can find something and be sad about what you find… so find.

Which costs more? A home or a house? – A house because you have to pay for it. You can feel at home just by being somewhere that you really like or just being with family.

Which is happier? Music or art? – Music can make you feel anything, and it is live (you hear it as it plays, you don’t know what to expect) – so music is happier, I would say.

Which is like a Valentine? The truth or a lie? – The truth, because when you give a Valentine to someone you are confessing your love or attraction to them.


Sent by Scheuerman14,May 1, 2011

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