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  1. Joanne kinda slays
  2. "Children, there are good people...
  3. hope u all have a niggerific day
  4. Been wanting to murder my mom for a while
  5. I'm officially on suicide watch
  6. this semester of college has taught me
  7. watching gameplay of my fave childhood games
  8. trump is a fucking mess
  9. legally blonde will forever be a part of me
  10. You must always have faith in people...
  11. no i didn't DINGBAT
  12. the most defining moment in RTV history
  13. ive once again tweeted to ronnie talbott
  14. ronnie talbott from big brother 11
  15. i cant believe im experiencing a hurricane
  16. girl party by mack z
  17. tengaged i wish you all a lovely friday
  18. i am dying
  19. Adele now has 2 diamond albums
  20. About to listen to 1989 for the first time
  21. the greatest scene in the history of TV
  22. honeymoon avenue by ariana grande
  23. my mom is a die hard republican
  24. i am a first time voter
  25. why does the nerd on BBOTT
  26. so do it again AARYN
  27. "its not that big of a deal..."
  28. im just so pissed right now!!...
  29. britney spears album ranking (9/25/16)
  31. i just argued with sum1 on twitter
  32. Well I'm not in the business of being mean
  33. the most iconic music video of all time
  34. selena gomez and the scene
  35. i love how people's lives change
  36. when ur life starts going to shit
  37. why do i follow Russel Hantz on twitter
  38. I'm refreshing queen Dani R's twitter
  39. List of Big Brother "greats"?
  40. im trying to enjoy these backyard interviews


Oct 20, 2012 by finklestein123
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