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  1. if im dancing by britney spears
  2. PYN for a 100% honest opinion
  3. someone: Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  4. i am crying @ my avatar
  5. not to be homophobic
  6. someone: da'vonne is overrated
  7. scenario: a rodent and a bisexual meet
  8. you literally live a lie
  9. what a nice debate i've started
  10. Oh my god I am Ursula with two wigs
  11. people in this world actually THINK
  12. ppl that say they are bi
  13. Bella Thorne came out as bisexual on twattir
  14. Guess the Tengager
  15. all of my professors this semester
  16. after i wake up every morning
  17. "Everyone speaks their mind...
  18. paulie calafiore reaks of douchebag
  19. "Beth."
  20. my favorite basic name alterations include
  21. man on the moon by britney spears
  22. ........NO SEAS CORTES!!!!!!!!!!
  23. latin queen
  24. Road Rules marathon on MTV classic
  25. for all stars 2
  26. im so proud of Britney Spears
  27. Glory is better than Blackout
  28. im literally crying
  29. Glory has ended my life
  30. Glory is Britney's best work probably ever
  31. Britney Spears' album is leaking
  32. top 10 random favorite MTV challenge moments
  33. i know that god does exist
  34. someone: dick
  35. as always it sucks to be a woman
  37. do you wanna come over by britney spears
  38. since when did stan twitter
  39. my favorite blog tonight
  40. well i have fucking news for you faggot


Oct 20, 2012 by finklestein123
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