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  1. this comment on this video i cant
  2. is it bad that when im in public
  3. a new season of BGC happened
  4. just found my lab teacher's ratemyprof page
  5. i miss playing age of empires
  6. one of the worst weeks of my life is now over
  7. is it bad that ive grown to love math
  8. happy birthday britney spears
  9. i am so fucking stupid lol
  10. its Britney Spears's birthday tomorrow
  11. britney spears is already recording new music
  12. Just asked my prof like 7 questions via email
  13. top 10 favorite movie quotes ever
  14. i'm gonna die
  15. Will I survive this week?
  16. any hot girls to follow on snap?
  17. any hot guys to follow on snap?
  18. I wish the LGBT community
  19. my life and personal bible in 2 seconds
  20. niggers niggers everywhere
  21. i have a lab report to write (unfortunately)
  22. just got home from a family vacation
  23. me: hi how are y-
  24. my thxgiving food is always underwhelming
  25. of course my stupid ass mother
  26. I've emailed 3 of my professors in
  27. and the greatest singer on planet earth is
  28. gaga is next on the AMAs
  29. mike from current real world has a big dick
  30. sum straight ppl are so annoying sometimes
  31. This music video is such a masterpiece
  32. im still crying
  33. im still so slayed
  34. i am on top of the world
  35. u got dick?
  36. horny and craving fat long persian cock
  37. I think I see confetti from this potion...
  38. The Slumber Party video has demolished me
  40. this pack of brazilian gays


Oct 20, 2012 by finklestein123
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