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  1. i just argued with sum1 on twitter
  2. Well I'm not in the business of being mean
  3. the most iconic music video of all time
  4. selena gomez and the scene
  5. i love how people's lives change
  6. when ur life starts going to shit
  7. why do i follow Russel Hantz on twitter
  8. I'm refreshing queen Dani R's twitter
  9. List of Big Brother "greats"?
  10. im trying to enjoy these backyard interviews
  11. "NICOLES A SNAKE jozea was right"
  12. please vanessa rousso
  13. i mean if paul took james
  14. "exclusively on CBS all access"
  15. im content with either winning
  16. im imagining james huling winning
  17. omg @ the horror nights AHS maze
  18. not to be gay
  19. Lux is apparently getting an ultimate skin
  20. Star Guardian Janna and Jinx
  21. im attending an online math review
  22. mariah carey is officially in the studio
  23. me: hi how are y-
  24. those moments in college
  25. im dying @ this email my lab group got
  26. 1 - asylum
  27. nobody fall for the burger king commercials
  28. im "maranda" w from oklahoma
  30. this is literally tengaged
  31. my first exam for bio is on monday
  32. this is the greatest video ive ever seen
  33. goodness im so exhausted
  34. i just wrote a five page paper
  35. i peed i cried i screamed
  36. i literally read a 50 page ATRL thread
  37. fuck me with a kitchen knife
  39. derrick from BB16 just tweeted
  40. lol @ angelina from jersey shore


Oct 20, 2012 by finklestein123
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