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  3. A log is an exponent
  4. Obamacare: Paradox?
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  17. save cotbey pls lmao
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  19. I only have T$700
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  22. my school is lol
  23. lmao when ppl put you on their spam list
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  26. you're the treasure
  27. I hate my job
  28. does chemistry get easier
  29. Thx God Kate Gosselin
  30. Is the cost of a shop
  31. Who else is voting republican '16?!?!?!
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  33. 20$5 BITCHES
  34. if I dual enrolled
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  37. is it bad to lie about my age on paypal?
  38. what is this radio they are speaking of
  39. what would be considered
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I have a question Mar 26, 2015
If my high school grades are not high enough to get into my college of choice, will I be able to go to college at a lower school and transfer to the higher college eventually?
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Question Mar 22, 2015
Taking AP Lit, AP Chem, AP Statistics, AP MicroEconomics, Span II, and Bible lit.
For math should I take: Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus AB, I have the option to take either. I would just need to take Pre-Calculus during the summer, which i'm willing to do. I'm in Advanced Algebra rn and I have a 100 in the class..LMN
Points: 37 8 comments
A log is an exponent Mar 9, 2015
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Obamacare: Paradox? Jan 30, 2015
Points: 7 2 comments
Schedule for next year Jan 29, 2015
AP Statistics
AP Calculus
AP English Lit & Comp
AP Micro
Span II
AP Chemistry
Senior Privilege(no classes 7th)
should I not take any of these lol
Points: 28 2 comments
Can somebody answer this question, Jan 25, 2015
"explain the impact of the railroads on insdustries, such as steel, and on the organization of big business?"
Points: 15 2 comments