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  1. Omg I feel like shit
  2. literally what the fuck
  3. I just bought
  4. i'm grown now
  5. Hello!
  7. Fuck all your bullshit
  8. I just logged in
  9. Brazil is getting hit hard
  10. I hate
  11. are there new mods?
  12. Nursing
  13. Let's take everybody's T$
  14. I'm sick of seeing the name
  15. How was Tiffany so low??
  16. Where can I watch the finale at
  17. stressed for New York y'all
  18. Question
  19. Friends fans
  20. Do U know what really chaps my ass
  21. Discuss
  22. How is
  23. Maybe
  24. did tengaged brasil
  25. Here's my issue with Bernie Sanders
  26. wow
  27. Does anyone know
  28. It's so fucking unreal
  29. What's the difference
  30. What the fuck.
  31. It's so weird
  32. 2016
  33. Which cologne is your favorite
  34. + for clinton
  35. Where/What is this
  36. wtf
  37. if I apply to a college
  38. is scream queens
  40. Vote

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Omg I feel like shitvote May 27, 2017
4 hours of sleep my ass
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literally what the fuck Apr 28, 2017
@the shop prices still inflated smh like someone is gonna spend $80 IRL for the same washed up wonderland eyes that were created like fucking last decade..
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I just bought Apr 28, 2017
C4 energy drink for as a pre-workout drink. Any reviews? I tried hydroxycut hardcore but it honestly only worked the first like 2 weeks when I used it. I
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i'm grown now Feb 22, 2017
when I was a kid  on TG in 2010 it was so much different.
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Hello! Feb 22, 2017
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I am now logging off; for like the 100th billionth time. I am going to let my avatar go into a perpetual state of decaying. Tonight; Rigor Mortis will set in. GOD BLESS. I hope you will all remember me forerver. I don't give a fuck. Tequila does ocol shit. ANYWAY. Goodbye you intellectuals. I hope your life develops as my avatar decays.
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