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  3. Tbh Zwooper is going to be so much better
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  6. lol in may
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  8. So i was reading about a Sprint and T-Mobile merge
  9. i finally got my MacBook Pro
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  25. Just because you get evicted from stars
  26. my grades suck lol
  27. why was lizzie mcguire
  28. Who is Jodi arias?
  29. LOL
  30. why do you people fucking spam me?
  31. she doesn't know what roswell is.....?
  32. Am i the only person
  33. Why do people give Lil Kim shit
  34. Let's make a Bet on Betty Whites life
  35. hi i miss you <333
  36. Does anyone know the zombie movie as to where
  37. If you became famous irl
  38. isn't it true
  39. I'm in trouble.
  40. How many Apple products have you had?

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Question for smart students Mar 27, 2014
i've taken regular math classes all through my grades and next year i'm taking
advanced algebra. I was thinking, should I take pre-calculus senior year? it's an 11th grade course but idk. i think it would be smart because our honors analytic geometry class at my school learns all of advanced algebra in a semester THEN takes pre-calc in 11th.
or should i take math IV?
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Hi Mar 1, 2014
Is AP USH hard? Is it worth the shit or should I drop it?
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Tbh Zwooper is going to be so much better Feb 3, 2014
It's got a plan unlike this standstill reoccurring webshit.
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K Jan 29, 2014
Why do black people age well? Because fine black doesn't crack
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does anybody want to follow me on Instagram? Jan 18, 2014
Message me.
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lol in may Jan 4, 2014
This will have been my 6th year on tengaged. Thank god I'm not addicted anymore, adiosss
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