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  1. help me pls
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  3. So wish me luck
  4. when is the
  5. Am I the only person
  6. How do people get good at comps?
  7. 14 or perm?
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  9. Does anyone play .BR
  10. Who's going home?
  11. How do I get
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  14. Pleaseeee save "dryy" y'all
  15. Debating my science
  16. Question for smart students
  17. Hi
  18. Tbh Zwooper is going to be so much better
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  20. does anybody want to follow me on Instagram?
  21. lol in may
  22. question
  23. So i was reading about a Sprint and T-Mobile merge
  24. i finally got my MacBook Pro
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  28. gift giveaway tbh.
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  36. I cannot fathom this message.
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  39. Just because you get evicted from stars
  40. my grades suck lol

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help me pls Oct 14, 2014
In binomial expansion what do you multiply?
like ik it's 2(x)^4(-h)^2, but in what order do you multiply?
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Uuum Oct 5, 2014
should I take pre-calculus over the summer and take AP Calc next year, or take advanced pre-calc next year?
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So wish me luck Jul 30, 2014
AP Lang
& Honors Chemistry.
Let's all say a prayer for me
Points: 56 5 comments
when is the Jul 23, 2014
24/7 game on zwooper opening?
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Am I the only person Jul 17, 2014
who doesn't feel bad for someone who's unemployed? I mean completely capable, but they almost want you to feel bad. (this is just a category btw, i'm talking about capable with no exceptions like children.) Like I mean why would I support somebody on a show who just acts like they're inept and don't have the ability to work. I'm going to use a bold example of welfare here because I know that this is a sensitive subject, but I feel that it's just used for people who don't want to work lol. It's easy to just have an address and live with your parents and go to the welfare office, even at whatever age. Idk I don't want to hurt people's feelings on this subject but my belief is strong towards it. Also, like at least DO something don't just be unemployed because you're embarrassed of being employed due to a name-brand like: "McDonalds"...at least you'll bring in $18,500 more than you have. No rude comments though, I just want to know through the others perception your feeling towards the taxing of higher income families, sympathy in reality shows, & in life..etc.
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How do people get good at comps? Jul 17, 2014
I've played since 2009 on multiple accounts but NEVER have I been good at comps...
like idk
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