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  1. Brazil is getting hit hard
  2. I hate
  3. #donaldtrump
  4. Poor Bernie Sanders
  5. are there new mods?
  6. Nursing
  7. Let's take everybody's T$
  8. I'm sick of seeing the name
  9. How was Tiffany so low??
  10. Where can I watch the finale at
  11. stressed for New York y'all
  12. Question
  13. Friends fans
  14. Do U know what really chaps my ass
  15. Discuss
  16. How is
  17. Maybe
  18. can someone explain to me what
  19. did tengaged brasil
  20. Here's my issue with Bernie Sanders
  21. wow
  22. Does anyone know
  23. It's so fucking unreal
  24. What's the difference
  25. What the fuck.
  26. It's so weird
  27. 2016
  28. Which cologne is your favorite
  29. + for clinton
  30. Where/What is this
  31. wtf
  32. if I apply to a college
  33. is scream queens
  35. Vote
  36. Just got accepted into college in RI
  37. What the FUCK I tried to join stars and it threw..
  38. does anyone wanna join .br stars w me lmao
  39. Awesome
  40. Is a 10 on the ACT a good score

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Brazil is getting hit hard Apr 17, 2016
with their economy going in the shitter
the zika virus
and to top it off, their president getting impeached.
(Oh and TG Brasil shutting down.)
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I hate Mar 29, 2016
how this website becomes a reality for some people. Literally dating people on here and sitting on the computer ALL DAY. Just because you're off 8 hours for work/school does not count as a life. Go outside and MEET people. It's fucking stupid, the "Drama" on here. It's all a bunch of people who are rejected in real life and force a reality with skype/tg.
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#donaldtrump Mar 3, 2016
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Poor Bernie Sanders Mar 1, 2016
Even though I'm a Republican, I do agree with many people that Clinton does not deserve her seat in the Democratic Establishment as the "Nominee." I actually do agree more with her views than Bernie, (Trying to be Unbiased), but He at least has good intentions. Hillary Clinton feels that she is above the law and will break any rule to get where she needs to be, the nominee. It's quite sad to see the extremes and rule-bending that she has done to simply earn a title. Pathetic old bitch.
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are there new mods? Feb 21, 2016
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Nursing Feb 15, 2016
I think way too many people are going into this field, which is going to cause a salary decline for upcoming nurses. Sad.
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