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  1. anyone have the link
  2. caught two armed robbers last night
  3. i got my police car yesterday
  4. after 12 long, hard weeks
  5. why do people feel it needed to come out
  6. whos the gay on this season
  7. do you ever
  8. are you back for a while?
  9. j'tia is gone
  10. so in love with garrett
  11. when did the auction image change?
  12. on the 18th
  13. to show you how little i use the internet
  14. im guilty
  15. became taser certified today
  16. me impersonating steel on omegle
  17. who remembers which season of
  18. men in turtle necks...
  19. i love sexual blogs
  20. basically a great idea
  21. didnt realize gyazo
  22. im 27 and loving it
  23. how long are the guesses in the stars seat?
  24. what is the best season of survivor?!
  25. today was the first time i had a house cleaner
  26. merry christmas!!
  27. just had an encounter with an uncut one!!
  28. the little queers on property virgins
  29. all this talk about
  30. joining stars!!
  31. just realized i missed my 4 year
  32. im so bad at math
  33. Got sworn in as an Officer
  34. today is my birthday!
  35. heading to disneyworld in 30 minutes.
  36. just read that aaron samuels from mean girls
  37. who has that link
  38. i wanna gift someone
  39. does anyone just want this account?
  40. ugh nothing to spend my

omg i just won a million dollars!!!

Jul 29, 2013 by heyitsmaggee
on the McDonald's monopoly game!!!

fuck yeah i got the park place piece!!

suck it fuckers!!!!


Post Pictures or it didn't happen.
Sent by ChristopherGillespie,Jul 29, 2013
Grats. :) I won free Shell fuel for a year! All thanks to frappes. :D
Sent by Jacob627,Jul 29, 2013

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