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  1. For those with ROBLOX
  2. will you bake me cake and pie
  3. I love when my friend
  4. #Exposed
  5. So one of my punk siblings
  6. I don't like Ari
  7. PYN
  8. I have a bad habit
  9. Why do people never want
  10. Anyone want to chat before I go to bed? :P
  11. See dreams really do come true
  12. if I hosted a total drama type roblox game
  13. I love you like a sis-
  14. When I started watching
  15. I love Geometry
  16. At first glance
  17. PYN
  18. I want to buy a mouth
  19. Why does no one want to
  20. Interactive Gay Corn
  21. I am almost at 200 games
  22. I crushed out almost all my work
  23. When my telephone gets disconnected
  24. If Ciera is actually the first boot
  25. My ideal final 3
  26. I hope all my wonderful friends on here
  27. I am ready to send her ass
  28. My biggest fear
  30. High school is like playing Survivor
  31. I need some new snap friends
  32. I just saw Crickets VLOG
  33. I might or might not
  34. So most shop owners
  35. I have Cotton Candy ice cream?
  36. It might be V-Day
  37. I heard Pornhub was free today
  38. So I made a new friend at school
  39. My plan for school today
  40. So two girls

So I just had the worst day ever

Jan 10, 2017 by hugatree343
Can someone give me a hug? ;(


Sent by DrJean,Jan 10, 2017
aw pm me if you need someone to talk to
Sent by BluJay112,Jan 10, 2017
Why don't u just hug a tree?
Sent by garrievans97,Jan 10, 2017
DrJean BluJay112 thank you ❤ and LOL garrievans97 thank you as well that joke made me laugh
Sent by hugatree343,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by Allyxox,Jan 10, 2017
Allyxox thank you ❤
Sent by hugatree343,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jan 10, 2017
Sent by Ethan000,Jan 10, 2017

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