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  1. ty for the gift ElectraViv
  2. wow you sure know how to fix
  3. hope ur mom shits on you
  4. Honest question for Badboyy2699
  5. Racist cunt.
  6. IDGI when people say
  7. your blog was so stupid
  9. TNTM: signups
  10. looking for an auction deal
  11. hitting women is funny!!!!
  12. we are not jealous of you
  13. Guess the tengager
  14. Selfie lol (pic)
  15. we all know you aint leaving
  16. shoutout to Brayden_
  17. king
  18. pyn
  19. jenzie will never love you
  20. fuck you fucking faggot
  21. congrats to my boy
  22. why are you all such
  23. PYN for an opinion
  24. somebody help
  25. any bitches on looking for a rich sugar daddy
  26. 1 of the next 4 people to join survivor
  27. I will never forget the most iconic tengaged vlog
  28. pyn
  29. whatsup hoes
  30. do people really spend their time
  31. but who is adam?
  32. whose adam?
  33. whose adam
  34. WHY the fuck do you all match
  35. PYN
  36. do you ever feel like
  37. tv shows ive watched
  38. could you please draw
  39. Selfie of me when I was on tour
  40. bruh you are as queer as

sometimes when im home alone...

Sep 15, 2012 by jdog
i slowly masturbate to tengaged avis :X


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