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2ndApr 20, 2017 by jenzie

#galaxies we went from HATING the shit out of eachother to becoming best friends its so weird. ur one of the only people i talk to daily on here and i know you always got my back and i always got urs! amazing friend < 3

#thumper91 sometimes i wonder if ur a bot randomize created to just show a better example on this website because come on, how can someone be THAT nice???? loves ya girl

#Stupendous i don't think we ever interacted unless you plussed my spam back in the day, but from what i remember i think ur nice?????? *highfive*

#melindaMrskk you were mean and randomly exploded on me because i think i told you ur honey mustard hair didn't match ur purple dress but i could be wrong lol

#obscurity omg sagar my fave stars ally ever... when will ur faves EVER flop in stars and hand the win to big jenz???? jokes, honestly ur fkn hilarious and i miss our fun times back in the day. ur one of my fave people on here before tg went to shit < 3

#AllieBoBallie from turtle neck vlogs to laughing on call and actually bonding like REAL GALS should do on here! ur so cool and down 2 earth i wish we were friends irl because i know we'd have a blast. so glad i got to know you < 3

#Brayden_ hmmm sometimes i do not agree with ur opinions or bbcan faves but if we can cry to the same avril lavigne songs then i guess ur an alright dude!

#Brandt69 you've always been super kind to me and i think ur such a cool guy! we played a few skype games together back in the day and no doubt we always had eachothers backs :)

#dinosaurdan LMFAO dan when i think of you we both know im thinking back to that MESS of a duo skype game. you're fkn hilarious and such a chill guy and i'm glad we didn't go out of touch because tg needs more cool people like you!!! and stop editing my messages thanks

DJ4460 my homie, my rock, my demetres, my other half of my double stuffed oreo. we just bond together so well without any effort. i love you so much and i'm not sure what i'd do without you or our calls with you ripping mean ones i'm just so thankful we became so close and i wouldn't trade what we have for anything. you're my person :) < 3

#kindlycruel1 hi kindly! i think you went ghost on this website but you've always been nice to me from what i remember :)

#wwemrpeeps ur blogs literally make me laugh so hard i projectile vomit my starbucks frappuccino and slurp it back up with a bendy straw. gl on the tengaged collage this year, i defs will be participating :)

#maturo from spotting my father walking my pup on google maps to being civil again, i think ur an alright dude! when you put aside all the crazy stuff you've done you actually have a heart and care for the people you love. keep being real ass dude and block out the drama in ur life!

#babiicakes awww cakes you always have my back before i can even TYPE what horrific things were said to me on here! you always have ur boxing gloves on for any friend in need. like a true mother once said, "YOU ARE A QUEEN". keep being you (hug)

#Vindaloo LMFAO omg ur back hey!!! i can only remember our hunger together where you sacrificed yourself for me. i thought i had you as an extra ally but you vanished into thin air. glad to see you back on here though :D

#jadennator1 you never liked me for some reason. i don't even know much about you except you stan harry potter so hard you have a hogwarts tattoo on your leg

#Ribs hey Ribs! wish i knew you but i'm not sure if i do :( i think ur nice though from the blogs you've made :)

#useamint you've always been super nice to me and i don't see you around here as often but i know you're a chill dude :)

#LittleBrother123 from bee stings to calling me out, i guess we can both agree that ur an overall funny guy. ur antics have people on the edge of their seat and people still aren't sure of who you REALLY are :o

#greenranger8 king of being ontop of every podcast drama. i never heard of you till tvivor but when i saw you on the silver screen i always thought you were an underdog and i liked you!

#tanner_ ur a chill dude bc we both like the same music but if ur gunna sit there and tell me gambino is better than jcole we CANNOT be frandz

#Hisoka not sure who you really are but you've commented on a few of my blogs, mainly about Cesco but hey!

#Instagram Matt < 3 I know you get a heck ton of hate on here but i never had a problem with you. you were always super nice to me and we got along greatttttttt! must be a MTL thing huh ;)

#Spinner554 omg spinner we haven't talked in a hot minute. i mainly remember our memories from stars together and i think you were hardcore against me but WHAT ELSE IS NEW? ur a nice guy from what i remember though :)

#titoburitto OMG TITO when i'm having a bad day i know i can always comment on your PYN and you'll boost my ego all the way up to mars. the world needs more people like you, ur definitely so kind hearted and out going, i never see you NOT smiling ur always so happy and i love that. ur amazing ILY < 3

MarieTori MONTANA we go waaaaaaaaaay back literally. this year is mainly when i got to know you and talk more and who would of thought we'd become friends :O ur so funny and i think we'd get along well IRL because we both have the same sense of humor. we need to have another drunk call so i can see you do the splits in skin tight jeans again :D

#Kelly0412 we don't talk much but in the few skype games we've played we always worked together! i think ur blogs are super funny and we always get along :)

#Evaa1996 i think ur a doll! the last thing i remember is returning to the Millz and finding you and LB battling it out and i had to call the bouncer to split things up. keep being a sweetheart :D

#Don_Draper omg big R we go way back as well. you were there to witness all my crazy and over dramatic times and now looking back i can just FACE PALM myself. our convos were 80% food and 20% music you were always a nice friend to me :)

#TayBear17 so glad i got to know you Dev! ur loyal to those you care about and ur fkn funny and make me piss myself with ur malarkey. keep being you :)

#coreyants omg corey when you first joined tg i KNEW i had to join atleast a dozen frooks with the famous COREYANTS. ur literally soooooooo funny and you never go unnoticed. i still consider you a friend and i'm touched that ur blog photo is still us on the swings < 3 ily!

#jdog ohhhhhh marcus! you've been my bestie for quite some years now, and we became closer last year in our long ass merge streak together. you're always there for me and know i'd do anything for you too! ps please wash your blanket

#drb00m we never really spoke but i think i have you on snap and i see ur occasional stories of you getting LIT. you seem cool though :D

#Arris AREK! probably one of the nicest people i ever encountered on here! always standing up for whats right and you've been nothing but loyal to me :) ur swag is out of this planet btw

#amf7410 andy hey! back in the day you were more active and from what i remember you were always a respectful guy and always kind to others :) i always liked you!

#Joseline OMG we had a craaaaazy past. i never truly believed a GIRL was behind #TasteTheRainbowBitch account that backstabbed me in a ROOKIES. then when i finally saw your photo i still found it hard 2 believe you were real. after vlogs and iconic moments i knew i had to put the drama aside and become ur friend. ur so funny and defs someone id chill with IRL, beautiful gal xoxo

#Willie_ OMG! glad to see you come back because i know you kinda disappeared. you're super funny and always been nice to me :) keep being a real ass G!

#acyuta probably one of the NICEST and generous people on this website! thank you for all you've done for me and thank you especially for your friendship :) our survivor together was quite dramatic but defs super fun!

#brookie_cookie i think ur blogs are super funny and ur probably the same type of girl like me that loves to talk about their farts and period clumps hehe. ur such a cute girl and i want to sign your tits

#Darbe Brad we don't talk much but ur defs a nice guy and kind hearted :)

#NoGoodNamesLeft i wish there was a good name left for your user tbh but looks like you were out of luck there. we never really spoke but i'm sure ur a cool dude :D

#SexGoddx true icon dear. love your tunes, i'm willing to buy your album CD version in stores please make it happen!

#PrincessTeePee such a lovely girl! we both are obsessed with Demetres so i KNOW you have good taste ;) never afraid to speak ur mind and you defs are respectful :)

#Striky you've always been nice to me and super sweet although we don't talk much!

#Admir THE KING OF ONE ARM IKEA BITCH! omg who would have ever thought we'd become close friends??? we kinda drifted after the summer but i'm glad i've gotten to know you during our merge streak together and have so many laughs and good times! such an amazing friend and i wish nothing but the best for your career Doctor Ikea :)

#kyoot ur always rude to me tbh i don't even know you please stop the hate

#owlb0ned defs a down ass bitch and someone i'd love to party with! beautiful girl inside and out xoxo

#Masonx always been kind to me and i think ur really funny! we don't talk much though sadly, but i can tell ur an interesting person by ur blogs :)

#damo1990 we never really spoke much but i know i always support you in stars and ur a really nice person :)

s73100 OMG we first met in that one rookies where you and i literally slayed. i'm so thankful you chose to be on my side despite all the crazy drama that was happening and you ended up winning so yay!

Thirteen i think ur very amusing tbh. you never said anything bad towards me, or you probs did and i don't remember LOL but i don't think ur a bad person at all! keep being you

LasVegas i know we used to bicker back and forth way back when, but after getting to know you and having a conversation with you i know you can be a respectful person :)

brandonpinzu BRANDON < 3 one of my favorite people on tengaged hands down. i know we both flashback to that frookies with miss dorothy, and ever since then our friendship blossomed. you used to beg me to sing Rumor Has It on call and you'd piss a puddle. i miss you and wish you were more active like you used to be on here < 3

cswaggerr getting to know you really changed my opinions on you! thank you for working with me in that group game and having my back, know that i will always support ur shop! ^_^

Vlad21 Vlad ur such a caring and loving person to ur friends! ur defs a loyal guy and always there for anyone when they need you :)

FighterMan OMG STINKY ARMPITS I SPED THROUGH THESE NAMES SO I CAN FINALLY LAND ON YOU JUST TO TELL YOU THAT UR ARMPITS STINK. just kidding but all jokes aside ur such a cool person to talk to and hella funny too. you've done a lot for me and i am GRATEFUL for that :)

hints O RITE SISTA x you're a fkn laugh and a half honestly i'm glad we started speaking a bit more and a lil biv ov banta here n there. keep being the vulture that you are i support it

KBeastW hey we never really spoke but i know you were more active back in the day and you've always been super nice to everyone! i remember you as the guy with the muscles LMFAO

Violets just like hints, ur so fkn funny. us 3 on a tribe together during the summer was the funniest shit ever especially seeing you two battle it out with Eliot oh my god. ur such an entertaining person and i like you!

Nattie my original sista from the get go < 3 Nats we've been friends for a few years now and ur so special to me. all the jokes and fun times we have together will never be forgotten. omg this is getting too emotional like i'm going to war or something... but bottom line is that i'm so thankful for our friendship and ILY!

BB5lover OMG JAMES the one who taught me all about stars and how to play. we go waaaaaay back and i'm so thankful you were one of the first people on here i considered a true friend! ur so funny please never change < 3

Eva1 Eva ur so sweet! we never talk much but i know ur a splendid gal!

lexibear the local DJ of every chat, always got them tunes ready for the crowd! ur a nice person to be around and have nice chats, always been super kind to me :)

Florina i think you disliked me back in the day but 2013 tengaged was a mess anyway. ur not as active as you once were but i always thought you were such a funny person with a unique personality :)

BrendaMeekz i don't think we ever spoke but i think ur funny hehe

KrisStory well what a CRAZY STORY we have huh? we went from not really liking eachother to becoming friends! the more we spoke, the more jokes we cracked and i can honestly say ur such a SMART and fun person to talk to and i'm happy we're friends and get along in the Millz :)

WpwSers196 hey Martin! i remember you from our dramatic ass survivor tribe and i'm glad i got to know you better! such a kind guy :)

Harry1210 i don't think we've ever spoke but i just checked ur profile and ur tv star WTF. i can assure ur a nice guy though judging by your first page friends hehe :P

BrendonByrne OMG my football homie! you aren't as active but i miss the times we'd speak about football and how AWESOME my Giants are right??? ur such a cool and fun dude and i wish you the best :)

Steel probably one of the only alpha males on here who DIDN'T try to hit on me and get a piece probs bc we were just cool like that! we always got along well and we played a stars together when you and #nikki101 shared a showmance. i miss ur story time blogs please be more active on here

bayonetta we never really spoke 1 on 1 but i love ur opinions on blogs and you've always been super nice to me :)

Ashleybabyx3 we went from besties to you making up tengaged's hottest rumor that is still running to this date, "JENZIE HAS A WOODEN LEG" smh bitch. we were so close at one point we would be eachothers "omg is this snap hot? sending to you before i show him" besties. i think ur a really down to earth person and despite ur meltdowns and crazy episodes, i still consider you one of the funnest and realest friends i've had on here :)

EliOrtiz1234 it's sad that our friendship couldn't end on a better note due to people who weren't involved (from both sides) acting up on it. besides that i think you have a really big heart and care for the people who mean most to you. you really are a genuine person and i wish nothing but the best for you

Lemjam6 Team loyal? team Alex Standall? I think so! Jake you're such a good friend and you are ready to have anyones backs that mean most to you and i respect that. ur super funny and kind and you know ily < 3

eliserose miss controversy and queen of having nails on fleek! despite what anyone says or thinks about you, i think deep down you are a sweet girl who has a bright future ahead of her :)


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Awww same ily ur one of funnest  friend I've had, Skype me more often hitch so we can gossip smh
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Steven999 don't really know ya much but i'm sure ur a chill dude :)

Girllover101 you were my #1 stars supporter back in the day with those iconic vlogs, that will never be forgotten, such a kind fellow!

Mexus we never really interacted but from what i remember you're cool :D

vansreborn one of the funniest people on this website. you DESERVE more stars wins and you also deserve ur original account back! ur rlly easy to get along with and a super chill guy :)

EliotWhi OMG Eliot you've been nothing but kind and especially giving to me and i appreciate that so much < 3 you make me laugh soooo much ur one of a kind :)

Jenii_Valenta if you can put up with Cesco i know you are a brave and courageous person! i think ur super chill even though we never really interacted 1 on 1 but other than that i know you are one chic bitch! xo

GiGi10 we may not agree on the same team choices but other than that ur a super chill guy to talk to and very nice to the people you care for :) you being best bros with my mains jdog and tofu just makes you an A++!

LeXXXy omg i've always loved you! you've been always extremely kind to me and one of the few people on this website that actually has respect < 3

RightToCensor lately you have been FULL of drama. i miss the old eric who would sing Rockin' Robin and upload them to tengaged despite all the hate he got. deep down ur a kind soul just don't let the hate get to you!

HaliFord omg ur one of the nicest people on this website. we ALWAYS got along great and share the same love for Tana Mongeau (before she went crazy). ur just an all around great person and very trustworthy :) i'm glad i got to know you!
Sent by jenzie,Apr 21, 2017
tyleror OH TYLER i remember back in the tg fun days i recorded a vlog singing happy birthday to you just mainly to get the attention on me LMFAO i think we disliked eachother but it was probably over something so petty. i don't see you around much but i hope the best for you!

Zeptis LOL i remember you tried getting me banned for calling you "Zepenis" gawd the fun tengaged times. you despised me but i hope thats swept under the carpet because besides all that i know ur a very friendly guy :)

JesseM Jesse < 3 you're one of the only people who has always been beyond nice to me and never forgets me! i like how generous you are to all the people you care for and you are such a dear friend to me even though we don't speak often :)

xxLoveWakizaxx WAKIZA i love waking up to your crazy ass story blogs they make me piss. keep being an original wild ass bitch and never be afraid to express yourself! i think ur very funny and unique! < 3

bryjow123 OMG DONKEYSTALKER HEYYYYYYYY we go waaaaaaaay back like extremely! you're one of the FUNNIEST people ever, honestly. we went out of touch but hopefully you can be loud on tengaged again :)

TotalDramaLover1234 another user whos literally the top 10 nicest people of tengaged! keep being positive we need more people like you around. you've always been nothing but sweet to me and i respect that so much, i'm sure you make a lot of peoples days :D

rawr25 my babe from the get go, i know you'd do anything for me as i'd do anything for you. our bond tighter than a bitch in spandex leggings. nic we've been thru it all, the highs and lows and we were both always there for eachother. despite what anyone says about you i know deep down ur the most caring person with a heart of gold. to some people you may look like a vicious pitbull but to me ur an innocent golden retriever. okay that got weird real fast LMFAO but i love you SO much and i always will! even if we don't speak as much you have a special place in my heart
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Monomial omg i remember the time you were in a skype game during prom, or was that something karim made up can't remember LOL. i think ur a super caring guy and i know you've been a bit distant from the website as you once weren't, but other than that ur a really cool person :)

Kob3Sm1th omg Zach! one of my fave old school tengagers :) i love reading ur long story time blogs when you make them, and i think ur super funny and just an overall cool person! defs someone i'd hang out with irl :)

@BluJa112 omg hru tho??? nick, we became such good friends and kind of drifted once i wasn't in that chat anymore but never forget how much of a great person i think you are! ur always willing to help someone, cheer them up, or brighten their day. i'll always be thankful for the times you'd offer me a fudgicle when i was at my lowest. you da best son!

Phenomanimal GASTON! bombay king & queen, to that hot mess of a survivor tribe. you were always someone i looked upto even back in the day i thought you were THE coolest ever. a comp God with blonde side swept hair like come ONNNNNNN. ur a super cool dude and extremely easy to get along with! just a good person :)

BengalBoy from our tinychat nights with the gang and wearing ties, we still talk and i'm thankful for that. ur always there to make us laugh and just put everyone in a good mood. after all these years were still friends omg a tear is rolling down my porcelain cheek. we need more DRU's in the world!!

koolness234 when i think of you Josh i instantly picture you in my mind crossing ur legs in a very flexible position do not ask me why. ur such a real down to earth person and i love that so much. ur so classy and straight to the point without coming off as a rude bitch. a unique personality and i like that :)
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Wow this went all the way
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k even tho i hate u
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maxi1234 aw max ur such a sweetie. you have great taste in fashion and even tho we wud bicker here and there back in the day we got along most of the time! ur a good person :)

funnehliner omg Alex you make me fkn laugh ur the best. we've always gotten along great and you defs leave a mark on here thats for sure! keep being YOU xoxo

TheLogic you hate me over a google images skype game not sure why because i'm way over that lol

levonini i miss sitting on calls with you looking up disturbing photos of barbies being pregnant or bleeding and playing CAH with WesternGirlfriend robbing us. ur a fun person to be around and you always make me laugh. despite all the drama and how our friend groups kinda went separate ways, that doesn't change the fact that i still consider you a friend and ur extremely loyal to the ones you're with :)
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