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  1. inb4
  2. pretty little liars
  3. marlene king left the door open
  4. Alex drake
  5. Spencer twin gonna get pregnant
  6. Maya where you at gurl
  7. okay if its melissa
  8. link for pll?
  9. the stream I have for PLL
  10. okay I just turned on the stream for PLL
  11. imagine if tanner was A.D
  12. If Maya isn't alive
  13. how long till pll?
  14. gift giveaway
  15. 3 people who I think A could be
  16. Tbh
  17. pyn gift giveaway
  18. who is A gift giveaway
  19. feeling emotional today
  20. she came back and I missed it :((((((
  21. *vegan night out*
  22. I felt so bad
  23. Lotan got removed from bb
  24. pretty little liars
  25. Starley - Touch me
  26. Get lotan out!
  28. PLL final prediction
  29. who wants a gift?
  30. Got the club going up
  31. what's the name of that app
  32. im so pissed sukhvinder left
  33. the floor is lava
  34. comment your favorite artist
  35. Imagine if
  36. plug DJ anyone?
  37. anyone else feel like this when hungover?
  38. i can't believe PLL is ending soon :/
  39. I log on to tengaged
  40. I actually really like kieran

what is a bigger flop?

11thMar 20, 2017 by lexibear
levonini or t-vivor?


Sent by Marktint_1,Mar 20, 2017
I think both aren't a flop
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Mar 20, 2017
tvivor is iconic
Sent by TayBear17,Mar 20, 2017
Sent by Babeeeidah,Mar 20, 2017
tvivor is actually good tbh
Sent by MickyBoomy9,Mar 20, 2017

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