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Hi Aug 22, 2015
Been offline for about a month and a half. Hope everyone had a great summer and good luck to the other kiddies going back to school soon. Did a little bit of modeling this summer so one step closer towards reaching my goal of being on top model ;-)
Points: 129 8 comments
Achievements Jun 11, 2015
Gold Level: 7-18-11
TV Star: 6-22-12

Highest Rank: 45th
Longest Merge Streak: 10

Games Won:
Casting: 25
Fasting: 8
Rookies: 13
Frookies: 12
Survivor Merges: 105
Duel: 6
Stars Finals: 4
Stars Wins: 1
Hunger Games: 1

Stars Hall of Fame:

☆★☆ Stars 124 ~ 5th Place [2 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 143 ~ 5th Place [3 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 153 ~ 15th Place [0 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 157 ~ 10th Place [0 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 166 ~ 6th Place [3 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 170 ~ 3rd Place [2 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 178 ~ 10th Place [1 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 183 ~ 1st Place [3 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 193 ~ 3rd Place [2 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 197 ~ 16th Place [0 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 204 ~ 7th Place [0 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 211 ~ 16th Place [0 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 217 ~ 14th Place [0 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 224 ~ 7th Place [1 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 234 ~ 13th Place [0 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 241 ~ 6th Place [0 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 252 ~ 13th Place [0 noms survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 269 ~ 4th Place [1 nom survived] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Stars 294 ~ 2nd Place [2 noms survived] ☆★☆

Hunger Games Hall of Fame:

☆★☆ Hunger Games 2 ~ 10th Place [1 Kill] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games 10 ~ 1st Place [3 Kills] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games 15 ~ 3rd Place [1 Kill] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games 29~ 13th Place [0 Kills] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games 57 ~ 9th Place [1 Kill] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games 63 ~ 10th Place [0 Kills] ☆★☆
☆★☆ Hunger Games ?? ~ 2nd Place [??? Kills] ☆★☆
Points: 43 0 comments
Lip Sync Rankings Apr 18, 2015
1. Katya vs Kennedy Davenport
2. Kandy Ho vs Jaidynn Diore Fierce
3. Trixie Mattel vs Ginger Minj
4. Kandy Ho vs Mrs Kasha Davis
5. Katya vs Sasha Belle
6. Violet Chachki vs Pearl vs Ginger Minj vs Kennedy Davenport
7. Kandy Ho vs Tempest Dujour
8. Ginger Minj/Sasha Belle vs Jaidynn Diore Fierce/Tempest Dujour
9. Trixie Mattel vs Pearl
10. Jaidynn Diore Fierce vs Max
11. Kennedy Davenport vs Jasmine Masters
12. Pearl vs Miss Fame
Points: 62 5 comments
New Drag Race Prediction Feb 14, 2015
*updated after each episode*

14th: Tempest DuJour (RIGHT)
13th: Jasmine Masters (WRONG - Sasha Belle)
12th: Jasmine Masters (RIGHT)
11th: Kandy Ho (WRONG - Trixie Mattel)
10th: Pearl (WRONG - Kasha Davis)
9th: Kandy Ho (RIGHT)
8th: Violet Chachki (WRONG - Max)
8th: Miss Fame (WRONG - Jaidynn Diore Fierce)
7th: Miss Fame (RIGHT)
6th: Pearl (WRONG - Trixie Mattel)
5th: Ginger Minj (WRONG - Katya)
4th: Pearl (WRONG - Kennedy Davenport)
Runner Up: Pearl (RIGHT)
Runner Up: Ginger Minj (RIGHT)
Winner: Violet Chachki (RIGHT)
Points: 28 5 comments
No title Aug 6, 2014
Points: 28 4 comments
☆★☆ FINALS IN STARS 294 ☆★☆ Jul 5, 2014
(*** indicates must read information)

Once I enrolled into this game and perused over the cast I realized it was going to be a rough ride because I didn't have many strong bonds already formed. From the get-go I determined that the only way to not stand out as a threat immediately was to lay low and that's exactly what I did for the first few days. When it was necessary, I made deals with people on both sides and split the noms in order to get out anyone who was detrimental to strictly MY own game.

***Until I was nominated for 8th against cheritaisdelicious, 14/16 of my nominations had gone through. The only two that didn't resulted in two separate splits that didn't fully turn out to be in my favor. Total, 22/26 people I nominated went up on the block, and all but 2 of my targets were sent packing in their first nomination.

***In order for this to happen, I obviously had to make some deals. Some of which included a final 3 deal at the beginning with panda13 and jm101 who I split with for a few nominations in order to better each of us, while still convincing both sides that they could trust us and needed our votes. I also created a strong bond with BBlover96 in the hopes that even though I wasn't necessarily nominating with him all the time, I knew he trusted me to an extent that he wouldn't nominate me until I got him out, due to his numerous bonds with people who I wanted to trust me the most. As the tables turned though, panda and I decided that we had to turn on jm before he could turn on us, knowing that he was capable of doing it from past stars experiences. Successfully completing his demise after two nominations, we made a final 3 deal with cheri who was willing to make a game move and turn on her previous alliance. Assuming that Koin was not popular (which I was extremely wrong about), I made a strong connection with him that eventually led to a final 3 with panda, all of us which happen to be in finals now.

I also had a forced "showmance" with coreyants that lasted about an hour. After a full hour's worth of paranoia and doubting when no one even wanted to nominate him, that was called off so if you consider an hour long alliance to be worth anything, there ya go. No but really, corey's cool I guess ;)

***You may be wondering what separates my game from panda's since a lot of the moves we made were similar. What nobody realized for a good while was my relationship with hobnobgpro. While we weren't in the same alliance at all times, we were pretty close and we trusted each other probably the most in the game. Everyday we shared with each other what everyone was considering and how we thought everyone was nominating, and went from there to avoid the two of us going up together, which was prevented until 5th place.

In this game I progressed from laying-low to completely taking control and my success in doing that is why I deserve to win the game. I've taken everything I've learned from my wide array of previous stars played and I worked with the good and changed the bad in order to get where I am and avoid letting a popularity or gameplay-related target end my game.

Please DO hit my button and vote me to win! Gl panda13 and Koin!
Points: 751 14 comments