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Hi Tengagedvote Apr 27, 2016
In my absence at my tennis match today this guy that I really don't know comes up to me and asks me to go to prom with him and tries to touch my dick.

Hope your days are going well :)

P.S. I said no.
Points: 74 6 comments
Your Opinion Matters Apr 9, 2016
Today I went to pre-orientation and met up with this guy I've been talking to for a little over a week who I want to be my roommate. He was there with this other kid he knows and when he introduced me to him, the other kid asked if I am his roommate and his response was "no we've been talking for a while and we've considered it but not yet" or something like that. He said several days ago he's still considering his options but he talks to me everyday so I'm very confused does he want to be my roommate or not?!?!??!
Points: 41 4 comments
Who Is Getting Evicted on BBCAN Apr 7, 2016
Points: 0 2 comments
I'm Very Confused Apr 7, 2016
if Julia does flip it's still 5-4 with the "girls alliance" still having majority?
Points: 0 1 comments
Should Parents Go To Apr 5, 2016
college registration/orientation, asking for a friend
Points: 28 3 comments
Apparently Apr 2, 2016
Naomi Smalls is doing Tiffany Pollard in Snatch Game? LMFAO I can't wait to see that.
Points: 20 0 comments