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  1. Lmao go Frankie
  2. Caleb literally
  3. Lmao the aggression from brit
  4. Just take Frankie
  5. Cody out first
  6. I am loving the colors in this comp
  7. A soccer competition?
  8. Zingbot was wrong
  9. Is he seriously
  10. Can we just discuss
  11. So it was
  12. Remember when
  13. Shade was an answer
  14. Wow!
  15. Wait no there's not a twist
  16. I bet that
  18. :ooooooo
  19. If Shawn wins
  20. Nooooooo :(
  21. They're setting sugar up to lose
  22. If Shawn wins
  23. watch
  24. Yay Jocasta and Victoria
  25. Damn
  26. DEVILED eggs?
  27. Please
  28. Awwww
  29. She's telling him Donny's job
  30. Awwww cbs
  31. So I guess
  33. My moms reaction to Donny's girlfriend
  34. Holy shit
  35. Cody plz
  36. Victoria
  37. Cody no stop
  38. Did he actually give her his blankets
  39. Jocasta and/or Donny
  40. Holy shit

Big Brother: Hot Guys

May 31, 2013 by muffinman
18 hot guys from my school entered the Big Brother house, only 1 can win.

Winner: Sean (5 Jury votes)
Runner-Up: Tim (2 Jury votes)

Most Dramatic Moment: Eddie noms Wiley & Kienan from majority alliance he was part of (the plan). Wiley gets veto, uses on himself (plan). Now, Eddie was supposed to renom David (last person not in majority alliance), but instead, seeing Kevin as a threat, noms Kevin, who is evicted.

More coming once i do the seasons!

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