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  1. When tf is Hunted gonna be on
  2. The Civil War shouldn't have happened
  3. Remember when there was
  4. I've been wanting a new mouth
  5. I'm hoping this week is a Double Eviction
  6. Laura M. was trash in Samoa
  8. Kim fucking going in on everyone
  9. Please Jesus
  11. Who do we think
  12. The Duel Simulator
  13. Love my new blog pic
  14. Never forget
  15. There isn't a day on this site
  16. Rubber Doll
  17. It would've been amazing
  18. In response to
  19. Can you imagine if
  20. How you gonna call Jun the best
  21. A long time ago
  22. My emotional state 90% of the time
  23. I get that
  24. I don't like when
  25. I'm just watching
  26. I don't know how accurate
  27. I wish BBUK producers
  28. Copying Noah
  29. One of the best BBUK quotes ever
  30. The sooner you all accept
  31. gg @ me being on when hunger enrolled
  32. Dan Kay from Gabon died
  33. Honey G and Katie Price on BOTS?
  34. What do we think the chances are
  35. CBB Boot Order Prediction
  36. They really brought back
  37. Ugh really?
  39. Ugh I heard
  40. Who is she

Big Brother: Hot Guys

May 31, 2013 by muffinman
18 hot guys from my school entered the Big Brother house, only 1 can win.

Winner: Sean (5 Jury votes)
Runner-Up: Tim (2 Jury votes)

Most Dramatic Moment: Eddie noms Wiley & Kienan from majority alliance he was part of (the plan). Wiley gets veto, uses on himself (plan). Now, Eddie was supposed to renom David (last person not in majority alliance), but instead, seeing Kevin as a threat, noms Kevin, who is evicted.

More coming once i do the seasons!

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