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  1. Jeremy wins SJDS
  2. I don't understand how you losers think this
  3. Golden tate plz
  4. My Calc AB teacher
  5. hey gurl got kik?
  6. Accepted to University of Pennsylvania :D
  7. Cal Tech class of 2019!!!!!!!!!
  8. Holy Shit! Stanford class of '19!
  9. Just accepted to Princeton University!
  10. Accepted to Yale class of '19
  11. Accepted to Harvard class of '19
  12. Do people actually think those census blogs
  13. I have ebola
  14. Stars Support
  15. My Favorite League of Legends ability
  16. man I really wish I got in
  17. Isn't the OC not a thing anymore
  18. Guys its okay
  19. Whats taking so long
  20. I am without a doubt
  21. So fucking done with school
  22. LMQ <3
  23. If this blog reaches 5,000,000 points
  24. Wtf
  25. For every 100 points
  26. Still shocks me how people don't know that
  27. Anyone who filters spammers
  28. Nasus
  29. They blocked reddit at my school -.-
  30. Apparently my 4 year anniversary
  31. if you're a freshman
  32. Time to kms
  33. I laugh when people still know who I am
  34. Who's going home on BB
  35. Is there anyone on zwooper who isnt
  36. If I had internet access
  37. If I was home I totally would have won stars
  38. Oh yeah its my birthday
  39. Why you gotta be so roooood
  40. Victoria.

My team in Solo Queue

Jul 9, 2013 by pokemaster
Decided to go 5 tanks, and stack 4 people mid.

Gl me.

EDIT: They also all took teleport

Plus Please....Sorry About The Spamming
Sent by lewy,Jul 9, 2013
Sent by Sass21,Jul 9, 2013

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