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Survivor game

Aug 13, 2009 by randomize
imageIn 2-3 weeks the new Survivor game will be available on Tengaged.

Each survivor game will have 2 separate tribes of 10 players each. There will be 2 kind of competitions, the group challenge where each tribe will compete against the other tribe and inmunity challenge where the participants of the loser tribe will compete for the inmunity to avoid being eliminated from the game.

The challenges will consist on small games. Initially only 2 challenge-games will be available, "The wheel of fortune" and "numbers". To do these challenges you will have a limited amount of time (few minutes). The amount of time is setup individually and is based on the player "strength". In incomming months new challenge-games will be added to the list.

The "strenght" value is based on each participant's water and food levels, the more food you eat and water you drink, the more stregth you have and therefore you will have more time to do the challenges. To drink water and eat food (to increase your personal levels) you use the group's food and water which is shared between the participants. Be carefull because those are a sparse and precious resource, dont be selfish and take all group resouces as the team will know, but at the same time dont let your levels go too low as you will do worst in your challenges or even you may die and obviously leave the game. You may increase the water and food group levels by just doing some small actions like ...

How you balance between your own individual strategy to not being eliminated from the group or your team spirit to combat to opponent tribe is something only you know...

At the end and once 10 of the overall 20 participant are eliminated a new group game will be automatically formed with all those survivors. This new group will play with another recently formed group,... and this may go forever and ever.... as long as you keep to not being evicted from your group or die because of low strenght levels.

Strength levels will get not only valid for the Survivor game but also for other Big Brother games in short future...
Survivor game will be available in 2-3 weeks, around first week of September. Please be very carefull... if you don't like drama you should not play it... it's 100% designed to create tension,... lots of it ;)

update 1: Red noses won't be allowed to enroll in Survivor games.

update 2: Each participant is evicted every 12 hours, if no other participants are evicted because of low strength level, each competition will last 5 days, then groups are merged and survivors will compete another 5 days against a different new tribe.

update 3: Yellow color required. T$ and Karma is given on each tribes merge.


+4 whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Sent by Anth_,Aug 13, 2009
+++ :O randomize WE LOVE U!!!!
Sent by Joee323,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by tabbygirl,Aug 13, 2009
+6 :O i cant waittttttttt it sounds so good
Sent by lonlee,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Drench,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by William94,Aug 13, 2009
Oh wow... no wonder this has taken so long!
You must have worked so hard on this, it sounds amazing
Thank you!
Sent by Richpaca,Aug 13, 2009
omfg wow!!!!!!! EXCITING.
Sent by IamBen22,Aug 13, 2009
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANNA BE IN GAME 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by jm101,Aug 13, 2009
Omg that sounds amazin
Sent by WillowCookie,Aug 13, 2009
I am so joining game one. Let's get a player list going! :P
Sent by Drench,Aug 13, 2009
Good Job Randomize :)
Sent by JJJJ,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by bibbles,Aug 13, 2009
I <3 RANDOMIZE!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Mielz,Aug 13, 2009
Whoa :o
Can't wait! <3333
Sent by Lexxu,Aug 13, 2009
Randomize, i love you, the work you have out into this game sounds amazing, and i can't wait to play ^.^
Sent by Alex1991,Aug 13, 2009
Sounds great! Exciting :)
Sent by Tottzi,Aug 13, 2009
+7 sounds awesomeness! :D
Sent by SallyLucy,Aug 13, 2009
Randomize, could we also get a larger picture of the game screen? ;)
Sent by Alex1991,Aug 13, 2009
so awesome!
Sent by moup94,Aug 13, 2009
a never ending game ???
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
oooh I'm excited!!
Sent by NoelSarah,Aug 13, 2009
oh its not never ending it lasts for 2-3 weeks... so is their only one enrolment every 2-3 weeks?

i am super glad red noses can't play
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
cant wait to try it out!
Sent by skash,Aug 13, 2009
!!!!!! =D
Sent by rippyroo,Aug 13, 2009
Oh man
Looks tough
Sent by realitynerd,Aug 13, 2009
how much will it cost?!
Sent by rippyroo,Aug 13, 2009
wow sounds great
Sent by girlracer265,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Victoria1,Aug 13, 2009
Does it matter what colour level you are?
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
^Good question!
Sent by Victoria1,Aug 13, 2009
Love it!!!
Hope I can play it someday :(
Sent by luluwall,Aug 13, 2009
@ update2:
What happens after the 5 days after the merge? Will the group be merged with a new group again or what? ;o
Is it a never ending game?
Sent by Tottzi,Aug 13, 2009
Nice one Rando
Sent by nickynickynicky,Aug 13, 2009
loveee it <333
I want to win the 1st one
Sent by MelloJello,Aug 13, 2009
Oooops, That comment from "Nickynickynicky" was an accident, She's my sister -_- [I thought I was logged in but she was, She's going to be upset after her 20+ day departure D:]
Sent by joeyjones,Aug 13, 2009
Sounds awesome! But how do u gain karma if it's endless?
Sent by blazeofglory,Aug 13, 2009
Hmmmmmmmmmm! +9
Sent by Tom8478,Aug 13, 2009
:O i can't even join :(
Sent by lonlee,Aug 13, 2009
No, he said it will be available in 2-3 weeks
Not that it lasts 2-3 weeks
Sent by MakeOrBreak,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by danny,Aug 13, 2009
sounds pretty complicated lol
if theres team resources and that you do realise people that dont really care will just go in and use them all up to piss everyone off?
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 13, 2009
Bengal - I think thats part the risk isnt it... you need to get rid of the people who might do that early....
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
This sounds very interesting and challenging :D
Sent by Daisy,Aug 13, 2009
i dont see anything about voting out or the use of negging there, so if someone just took all the resources to build up a high strength level they wouldnt really have any obstacle other than the challenge and people bashing their keyboards

also if these challenges only last a few minutes, what about the people who cant get on?
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 13, 2009
That's why you have to be active dru. I think this is one of those games where if you can't give it your all don't think about joining.  I think the resources are mainly to combat the damn inactives.
Sent by Kaffreya,Aug 13, 2009
i guess the resources are like the algo eviction in castings... except you die LOL
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
Sounds amazing. :)
Sent by TheGreatXL,Aug 13, 2009
a bit annoying that it goes live in september just as everyone goes back to school :(
Sent by knixuk,Aug 13, 2009
I cant wait it sound really fun
Sent by CNFan12,Aug 13, 2009
Exciting :D
Sent by phanne,Aug 13, 2009
Top blog again, +10
Sent by petergrunow,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Todd,Aug 13, 2009
Great News! This is a little bit confusing, but I'm sure once it comes out,  this blog will make more sense.

Can a direct link to that Image? I can't really see it.
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 13, 2009
yay :D
Sent by oleary91,Aug 13, 2009
2cool, you can see it here
Sent by Victoria1,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 13, 2009
What about enrollment?Price for it?
any award for staying in game?
No winner? ahh :/
Sent by plor,Aug 13, 2009
It's a little bigger image in this blog:
Sent by Tottzi,Aug 13, 2009
count me in

Sent by Evan_Weinstein,Aug 13, 2009
me also suounds great
Sent by skyy,Aug 13, 2009
OMG i did not think that was what the game would be like. but it sounds amazing.
Sent by Hannahhh,Aug 13, 2009
HOLY CRAP!!!! thats complicated!!! and it when school starts *sobs* but that ok i will efing skip school to join!!
Sent by hexylia,Aug 13, 2009
YAYYYY !!!!!!
Sent by tymu888,Aug 13, 2009
seems veryyyyyyyyy complicated, im guessing its not like stars enrollment?
haha luv how it also starts early september :D
Sent by Laqueefsha,Aug 13, 2009
COOOL i like how it never ends!
Sent by HeyItsDerek,Aug 13, 2009
Well, this is REALLY exciting. So, will enrolling be like Stars, or will several games go on at the same time?

Awesome addition, Rando!
Sent by totallymicheal,Aug 13, 2009
It's cool, but the rules about strength are a little confusing. I'm sure I'll get to grips with it when it comes out.
Love it <3
Sent by UnderCat,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Ellie992,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by cuco9999,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Alexxandra,Aug 13, 2009
But what color level? :/
Sent by qwert2,Aug 13, 2009
I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!! This sounds awesome.
Sent by NathanDamnit,Aug 13, 2009
WOW i can't wait :D

Is this going to be available on the Brazil Site in September too????
Sent by Vessa,Aug 13, 2009
this sounds SO amazing lol @  if you don't like drama you should not play it
Sent by Genevere,Aug 13, 2009
OMG yay!!!  Sounds great Randomize! :)
Sent by Buddyalc,Aug 13, 2009
how do u know this is happening?
Sent by nasmay1,Aug 13, 2009
He is the creator of tengaged nasmay
Sent by crazyj11,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Zack,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by tommyg,Aug 13, 2009
hope me red nose is removed by then
i dont have multis
Sent by crazy342,Aug 13, 2009
OMG sounds awesome
Sent by JeffW,Aug 13, 2009
Looks amazing!!

I doubt i'll be playing with all the drama!!:O haha.
Sent by RiDsTeR,Aug 13, 2009
I suggest only yellow an up be allowed in, to prevent people from making new profiles so they can play
Sent by JeffW,Aug 13, 2009
can u make it earlier then 2-3 weeks?
Sent by nasmay1,Aug 13, 2009
oh wow exciting
Sent by rhyss,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by mgentile,Aug 13, 2009
this sounds great !
Sent by SummerLilly,Aug 13, 2009
A fabulous and fantastic idea Mr. Randomize. 
After reading all that, there's surely gonna be tension and a lot of strategy  and hard work required. Awesome features of the game =]

Sent by imxrated93,Aug 13, 2009
so cool!!  Do you have to be a certain color level to be able to enroll?
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 13, 2009
But I love it!
Sent by Msbd23,Aug 13, 2009
Sounds great!! Just a few questions:
Will it always be open enrollment like rookies and castings?
Is it never ending?
Will there be prizes?
Thanks again
Sent by MarkiePoo,Aug 13, 2009
yay i didnt get a thing but yay!
Sent by Analeigh,Aug 13, 2009
:O Yayyy.
Sent by MadisonBleu,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by harpersisland,Aug 13, 2009
YAY yellow level which could mean not very expensive to get in!
Sent by rippyroo,Aug 13, 2009
So no voting out people??? BOO  :(
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 13, 2009
I really would like to know what level you need, how much karma, how much T$, how many T$ and karma do you win per placement etc.
Sent by WillyEx,Aug 13, 2009
that sounds.... hard
Sent by smi9127,Aug 13, 2009
+5 WOW ! This is so AMAZING
Sent by Sarena,Aug 13, 2009
WillyEx, you DO vote people out.
Sent by UnderCat,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Charming2010,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by wayneii308,Aug 13, 2009
Im going to be the first person to join <3
Sent by Analeigh,Aug 13, 2009
WOW It sounds awesome and also quite hard.
Sent by Dogface,Aug 13, 2009
omg it sounds like a harder game than Stars! but it sounds like fun as well. I hope I get to join one sometime!
Sent by supergoten,Aug 13, 2009
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Sent by Halio88,Aug 13, 2009
confusing but great lol
Sent by Mikesbraswell,Aug 13, 2009
hmmmm interesting!!!!!
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Aug 13, 2009
this is giong to be fun
Sent by punx193,Aug 13, 2009
i'm excited!
Sent by mavsof08,Aug 13, 2009
Thats awesome! Thanks I cant wait for it!
Sent by PrincessDaisy,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Mel_O_D,Aug 13, 2009
im most concerened bout the dying part
Sent by crazy342,Aug 13, 2009
Thank you!!! :)
Sent by MadGary,Aug 13, 2009
hii can u join my group plz and fill in an application form.
Applications close Tommorow 2:00pm
Sent by Joee323,Aug 13, 2009
That sounds fun.
Sent by SaxophoneHero,Aug 13, 2009
awesome, I am kinda confused but I think its just something we will have to learn once we enroll in the game. Great work randomize!
Sent by tennisallstar94,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Jermin119,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by BioDork,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Aug 13, 2009
amazimgg! :D
Sent by Mankini,Aug 13, 2009
thats amazing!!! but im just sad that i have a red nose :'(
Sent by ryanlovescookies,Aug 13, 2009
update 1: Red noses won't be allowed to enroll in Survivor games.
Sent by DavidVegemite,Aug 13, 2009
Nice, fair play.
Sent by Cosgrove,Aug 13, 2009
You're the strongest person I know.
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 13, 2009
Amazing work randomize
Sent by Smartguy95,Aug 13, 2009
sounds really cool!
cant wait!
Sent by mikedistanz,Aug 13, 2009
Suggestion but it may already be a part of the game: I don't think you should even see the other tribe really, until the merge, to prevent cross-tribe alliances because that's what it seems like everoyne will be doing.
Sent by Smartguy95,Aug 13, 2009
I'm YEllOW!!!
Sent by Realityshowfan83,Aug 13, 2009
sounds like a lot of fun! =D
Sent by LuigiTheDude,Aug 13, 2009
1000 points! XD
Sent by Rory,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by crazy342,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Carrieem313,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Carrieem313,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by crazy342,Aug 13, 2009
1013!!! WOOT
Sent by Victoria1,Aug 13, 2009
1000 points :D
Sent by haribo,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Victoria1,Aug 13, 2009
This is SOOOO exciting. If you do well, you could enroll once and continue making the merge, and continue reaping the rewards. That'll be really nice. The day it opens up, I'm going to be SO pumped!
Sent by ColbyLevi,Aug 13, 2009
Sounds good! :)
Sent by Crystall,Aug 13, 2009
Can't wait
Sent by surstromming,Aug 13, 2009
oh hi
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 13, 2009
Appaently it will cost 50T$ to get in! :0
Sent by SuitMan13,Aug 13, 2009
"T$ and Karma is given on each tribes merge."
Sent by hexylia,Aug 13, 2009
You light up my life eres mi vida.
Sent by pablito,Aug 13, 2009
Haha. xD "I totally want a red nose." ...  Yeah, now you don't. xD
Sent by maloney,Aug 13, 2009
I Can't wait...Whoo!
Sent by p0tt34,Aug 13, 2009
OMG it sounds AMAZING! I didn't even think of it being THIS great! I <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 YOU RANDOMIZE! LOL
Sent by Pogo11,Aug 13, 2009
"Yellow level" :D
Now i dont have to worry about buying orange quickly! :D
Sent by qwert2,Aug 13, 2009
Update 4 please: Is it endless?
Sent by Nakomis,Aug 13, 2009

Sent by WillyEx,Aug 13, 2009
Yeah, is this an endless game, Rando? :O
Sent by Haskova,Aug 13, 2009
My Opinion:
I am immensely grateful to Randomize for creating the game that we all like and want.
However, the format of the game is somewhat confusing to me. I understand the challenge and water/food aspects that were explained. The part that I'm confused about is the seemingly endless format. While reading, I was so excited until I reached the paragraph about the Top 10 joining another Top 10 in a new game.
When I would have a long weekend from school, I'd join a Casting game because I knew I could be active. However, it seems like if you join a Survivor game and you are good enough to stick around, you'll be there forever. It seems like there will never be a Sole Survivor, which almost defeats the purpose.
I want to be able to say that I outlasted the other players in my game, not that I outlasted half of them. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful, because I'm not. I am just confused about how you could end the Survivor game without losing.
Sent by Nakomis,Aug 13, 2009
^ I guess it's too bad you have a red nose. We'll tell you how it goes.
Sent by cheznahuf,Aug 13, 2009
I will most likely have it removed due to the fact that I never created a multiple acount. Randomize just has to get around to reading what I sent him.
Sent by Nakomis,Aug 13, 2009
This sounds so cool!!!
Sent by tbbars,Aug 13, 2009
thats a big opinion.
Sent by Jubbzy,Aug 13, 2009
I agree with Nakomis. What is the point in a survivor game.. if there is no  sole survivor?
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 13, 2009
Lets not have a new game then.
Sent by Jubbzy,Aug 13, 2009
yeah.....i agree with Nakomis aswell.
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Aug 13, 2009
I think the joining color should be orange/light green, just to make it something else to work for, cause yellow=rookies white=castings blue/purple= stars
would be kinda nice for there being a reward for making orange/green
Sent by Abrogate,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Lulzcakes,Aug 13, 2009
Holy Shit. 1127 Points O_O
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Sizzle_xD,Aug 13, 2009
Randomize can you add me as a freind. And the idea is sweet.
Sent by Mini,Aug 13, 2009
I would like it better if it ended, but i think it can be fun either way, let's just be open minded you guys until we play it :)
Sent by Bowler23,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by llb92,Aug 13, 2009
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by capguy1,Aug 13, 2009
1200 points OMG
Sent by Sarena,Aug 13, 2009
f-ing hell , 1200 points.
Sent by tymu888,Aug 13, 2009
MY LORD. 1200 O_O
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
YAYAYA a new game for me to join :)
Sent by corey1,Aug 13, 2009
OMG I'm so excited!!!!!!!
Sent by boygenius2010,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by DanielAllen,Aug 13, 2009
how much will it cost?
will it be like rookies and castings where you can join anytime or like stars
Sent by DanielAllen,Aug 13, 2009
1226 :O
Sent by joeyjones,Aug 13, 2009
1268 O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O Why cant all blogs be plussed like this?
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Zacharyy,Aug 13, 2009

Damn yo.
Sent by pickemgenius,Aug 13, 2009
1300's This will never be passed again xD
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
Holy fuck @ blog pointage
Sent by xAdam93x,Aug 13, 2009
yayyy i cant wait
Sent by Megan,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Analeigh,Aug 13, 2009
Citin' innit.
Sent by AlphaBravo,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by TripleXXX,Aug 13, 2009
not sure I agree that it should be never ending, though.  I kind of like the idea of there being a winner, eventually.  No merge?
Sent by EvilJef,Aug 13, 2009
OMG I cant wait! Thanks for the update Randomize :D
Sent by Clayton,Aug 13, 2009
1377 :O
Sent by boygenius2010,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
Someone is getting excited. We all know what happened to your keyboard last time, Mets. You should know better.. ;)
Sent by 2cool4school,Aug 13, 2009
I LOVE THE NO RED NOSE RULEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by BlairWaldorf,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by mosher24,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Sizzlin,Aug 13, 2009
The DAte i guess is Sept 2. any other guesses?
Sent by qwert2,Aug 13, 2009
OMG randomize ownage <3
Sent by Jensa101,Aug 13, 2009
Wow mega points
Sent by Danny7,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Youssarian,Aug 13, 2009
Can we hit 1500?
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Blitzsims,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by PeagaH,Aug 13, 2009
How much T$'s will it cost? D: Sounds awesome.
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 13, 2009
lets get this up to 2000 points!!!!
randomize will make 30T$ from this blog lmfao
Sent by Sportsdevil654,Aug 13, 2009
Congrats randomize, you convinced me to come back.
Sent by Elliott,Aug 13, 2009
I think with the new endless format, there should be a HOF for longest survival in Survivor. :) ..or at least something that says how many "days" you've been in the game.
Sent by JeffW,Aug 13, 2009
How many survivor games can you play at the same time?
Will the number of games interfer with the number of games allowed with BB?
Sent by farside,Aug 13, 2009
I made it 1500 :P
Sent by azn_dude89,Aug 13, 2009
1500! Yay!
Sent by ColbyLevi,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by superman11,Aug 13, 2009
How much money will it cost?
Sent by Youssarian,Aug 13, 2009
so theres no winner???
Sent by shandaleer,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Tommeh,Aug 13, 2009
1537. Lordy.
Sent by metslover7675,Aug 13, 2009
+5. is this like the most points a blog's ever had?
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by Urienation,Aug 13, 2009
haven't commented yet, so i'll say COOL =D
Sent by lemon5029,Aug 13, 2009
Sent by doodyful,Aug 13, 2009
How many T$ will it cost to get in?
Sent by doodyful,Aug 13, 2009
sounds cool, idk if i like that its forever though. lol
Sent by J_Byrd,Aug 14, 2009
Wait, nevermind. Endless game ftl.
Sent by Elliott,Aug 14, 2009
HOLY CRAP heaps of points.
Sent by IamBen22,Aug 14, 2009
just pushed it over 1600! ;)
cant wait! but how much is it gonna cost?
Sent by Umaw,Aug 14, 2009
Soundss amazingg
Sent by Sapphirerose,Aug 14, 2009
yay! My interest on this is back, my God, this is kinda complicated but it's so great , randomize! oh my god! oh my god! I can't believe it, it's like a star I reached! oh my! I can't stop it!!! WOOHOO!
Sent by sam_cutie567,Aug 14, 2009
22.3T$ :(
Sent by Jubbzy,Aug 14, 2009
Sent by Sapphirerose,Aug 14, 2009
thats alot of money!!!
Sent by rippyroo,Aug 14, 2009
Sent by Analeigh,Aug 14, 2009
22.3 T$ :O
Sent by Sizzle_xD,Aug 14, 2009
wow, he's rich!
Sent by Bowler23,Aug 14, 2009
Sent by palkia1992,Aug 14, 2009
Sent by palkia1992,Aug 14, 2009
Omg...we love u =)
Sent by mateusinho,Aug 14, 2009
im super excited!!!!!!!
Sent by Spo7584,Aug 14, 2009
Now the question is do I want to be a pioneer and attempt to play the first one, or do I wait and see how this actually works so I don't get last place?? Either way, sounds cool!
Sent by Alegeeter,Aug 14, 2009
can u plz let white levels play
Sent by a6za6z,Aug 15, 2009
Sent by bradd156,Aug 16, 2009
cool .. and next game :D
Sent by Pattrick,Aug 17, 2009
YES! cant wait
Sent by DimLightNick,Aug 17, 2009
wow, i really want to play that! sounds AMAZING!
Sent by kebin65,Aug 18, 2009
Im only 11!!!!!
Sent by OneTribe,Sep 2, 2009
can't wait c'mon
Sent by danny,Sep 2, 2009
sounds amazing i can't wait to play
Sent by zachup,Sep 2, 2009
I have a red nose :( I dont knowwhy :(
Sent by missgawjus,Sep 3, 2009
Sent by metslover7675,Sep 4, 2009
Why has it been changed to orange? :(
Sent by Harkinson,Sep 5, 2009
yay! a comment for november :)
Sent by danny,Nov 13, 2009
comment for december!lol
Sent by jHe_07,Dec 3, 2009
New years comment :)
Sent by palkia1992,Dec 31, 2009
good deal
Sent by jonah123,Jun 12, 2010
Sent by Bolet36,Aug 27, 2011
Sent by briansuper13,Sep 2, 2011
whoever is ready this message me right now. i dont care how long later it is
Sent by Azrael,Feb 8, 2012

Who's ready to build a tower?
Comment here :)
Sent by saxonmath,Feb 7, 2013
Sent by andalarew_2231,Feb 10, 2013

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