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Tengaged Moderation

1stFeb 5, 2010 by randomize
I'll close the Tengaged_Moderation, user moderation activities and Court group.
Unfortunately the "Court group" was used for threats and defamatory actions towards some users and specially towards some moderators. From now on the group will be deleted and "mod" accounts for "dispute resolution" or banning will be canceled until we may find a solution.

Tengaged moderators have been of a great help for me. It helped me to focus on developing while letting the Tengaged community and the moderators to deal with the social aspects of the site. I want to thank all moderators and specially Genevere who has been doing a great job, unfortunately she has been one of the targets from those users who think that threatening, and insulting her is just part of the game. It's not fair to let moderators to be the target for all threads and harassment done by all those users who do not agree with their decisions.

If you have any question I will try to answer them in this blog.


And ok :P
I will sure miss the court :(
Sent by Mielz,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by joeyjones,Feb 5, 2010
Is Emmaleigh's ban permanent?
Sent by Kaffreya,Feb 5, 2010
This is probably bad, but I was wondering if we could expect to see some new mini Games?!
Sent by MikeyD,Feb 5, 2010
can you please unban emily?
Sent by lonlee,Feb 5, 2010
awww byee court :(
Sent by Joee323,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Analeigh,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Sassy003,Feb 5, 2010

Can we have a third party moderation?
Sent by skeeet,Feb 5, 2010
Ooooh question time
*Bends Down*
Will you marry me? -cries-
Sent by joeyjones,Feb 5, 2010
aww no more court
Sent by kesha,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by GurlBai,Feb 5, 2010
I have been thinking that same thing all along!
Sent by dav_o_79,Feb 5, 2010
Can you stop pretending like Genevere is an angel?
Sent by Lizardwizard913,Feb 5, 2010
Randomize, in the case of Emmaleighs banning, she expressed an opinion, she did not threaten genevere or call her names.
Unfortunately the things that are being said about Geneveres actions are true.

Since you are canceling bannings is Emmaleigh going to be unbanned?
Thank you
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 5, 2010
Is this why Emmaleigh is banned?
Sent by 77sparks77,Feb 5, 2010
why is the sky blue
Sent by blogs,Feb 5, 2010
Genevere was not a good mod.
This change is good!
Sent by Alex1991,Feb 5, 2010
Could you please change it so that people can't see our score in Castings?
Sent by RaisonDetre,Feb 5, 2010
Can you please add this to the FAQ? Thanks <3
Sent by MinsiKid,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Mielz,Feb 5, 2010
Youre not very smart if you think, she was a good mod.
Sent by D0ubl31,Feb 5, 2010
The reason why Genevere was not a good mod was because she could not separate "Genevere" from "Tengaged Moderation"
Someone who is not involved needs to take over and help you out.
She is on skype too much and fights too much.
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 5, 2010
Ok, there's a few things I'd like to ask,

A while back I sent you proof of Genevere showing me the mod panel and conversations with other mods and the password to Tengaged_Moderation was even revealed in one of these logs (although I missed screenshotting it, so I can't prove it). I never got a reply to my mail and I'm wondering if you missed it or you just didn't care?

Also, Genevere has slandered me and told lies about me. I've revealed solid proof she's lied and so many others on this site have been on the receiving end of her compulsive lying, why is it when evidence is shown to back these accusations on her, the people are banned. Yet she's fine to slander other people?

Finally, so much proof has been brought forward about biased bannings. Just one example, it's said that the mods don't deal with Skype issues or issues outside of Tengaged, yet when "surstromming" was in the conversation with Walters when Megan handed over her password, surstromming was banned for it... Even though he hadn't even been ON Tengaged for 17 days. The question is, with all these complaints and proof about biased bannings (and I totally understand some of these complaints are unjustified, yet so many are), why is it you ignore the users cries for help and let the mods alienate so many people from your site?
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 5, 2010

cancel that banning then
Sent by 2cool4school,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by ChapStique,Feb 5, 2010
Oh sorry you removed their powers? My bad
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 5, 2010
why did you pick gene as a mod? because she's older, "more mature", why? i really don't get it, seems to me she is some online perv.
Sent by 2cool4school,Feb 5, 2010
But the first 2 questions still stand...

Also, surstromming asks you read the e-mail as he has appealed his ban.
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 5, 2010
The station would take over but we have so much on our plate at the moment, that bloody Les.
Sent by InspectorGoole,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by bunnycat,Feb 5, 2010
Also, randomize, Genevere banned Emily due to skype the same reason why you originally said you would not demoderate genevere
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 5, 2010
:O Such a shame that this day had to come, it all was doing all great except few instances =[
Sent by imxrated93,Feb 5, 2010
Also, so sir you will be handling all those cases?
It sucks that it will put a lot of burden again, with developing + banning or other cases.
Sent by imxrated93,Feb 5, 2010
*thanks my lucky stars that Randomize is a smart rational person*
Sent by Genevere,Feb 5, 2010
can jjjj be the third party mod?
Sent by FrankTurner,Feb 5, 2010
1) Where will people go to report harrassment and negativity on the site during this thinking process?
2) What will happen to any player that is currently banned at this time
3) Have you thought about getting a 3rd party involved in these disputes?
Sent by farside,Feb 5, 2010
will she still have her mod powers transferred from t_m to just her regular account
Sent by FrankTurner,Feb 5, 2010

i miss the court already

if we have any problems do we pm u now
Sent by andy154,Feb 5, 2010
when will rookies update now lol
Sent by JordanLloydFan,Feb 5, 2010
jw, can i be a design moderator? :(
Sent by konohavillage1,Feb 5, 2010
I'm glad something was done.. I felt bad about the mods.
Sent by Jensa101,Feb 5, 2010
Thank you soo much Rando. Ginny didn't deserve any of this treatment. Also thanks for banning Emmaleigh please make it perm. =)
Sent by InfinitySurvivor18,Feb 5, 2010
I don't think that the courts should be deleted, it is pretty much chaos on Tengaged right now and we need some form of establishment
Sent by Scheuerman14,Feb 5, 2010
I agree,or at least have TM avalible to help with disputes during this time of rethinking. No Moderation at all=a very big mess
Sent by hobbitrjw26,Feb 5, 2010
I have more of a statement, rather than a question. I think that genevere has done a amazing job, but I feel as though maybe we should keep moderation PRIVATE and let the moderators have moderating controls on their personnal account. Also, Any "problems" that need to be solved like harassment, should be posted and have the tengaged communtiy and moderaters deciede weather its a punishment worth banning. I have further ideas on the matter, so keep in touch:D
Sent by tennisallstar94,Feb 5, 2010
-10 Randomize, I've lost ALL respect for you.  If you understood even 1% of what has been going on behind closed doors on your site involving Genevere you'd be disgusted.  You have NO idea the illegal things she's been doing, and you take no effort to even look into it.
Sent by Uskyld,Feb 5, 2010
*thanks my lucky stars that Randomize is a smart rational person*Sent by Genevere, on Feb 5, 2010

No, thank your lucky stars he doesn't know ANY of the illegal things you do with minors.
Sent by Uskyld,Feb 5, 2010
I was always the best mod
Sent by krisharris,Feb 5, 2010
OMG, now i need something to do to make up for the time that i check TM's responses daily.
Sent by lemon5029,Feb 5, 2010
I know that your really thankful with Genevere, I know she have helped you a lot with the site and all, but why won't you listen to us when we pretty much cry for help? proof was shown, but nothing was done about it, instead you say that we were threatening and insulting her when in reality we were just trying to put everything to light for you to see it and do something about it, at any moment we harassed her or insulted her(at least when I was online I didn't see none of that).

About Emmaleigh, I think is extremely unfair that she was banned, she pretty much got banned for expressing her opinion, she was 100% respectful when stating her opinions. She did NOT insult Genevere at all, this is just getting out of hand the way Genevere is looking like the victim when in reality all the things she have done overall should result in a ban.
Sent by WillyEx,Feb 5, 2010
I even feel like you didn't take no effort to even look into this whole SERIOUS situation, we are talking about something that people have gone to jail for irl, people on Tengaged have been banned for doing the same so why are things going to be different with Genevere? Just because she have helped you with the site doesn't mean shes protected by all the reports against her, Why would so many people report her if she didn't do nothing? Why do you think shes so hated? Exactly there is a reason and I think you've heard it multiple times, but it doesn't look like something will be done. I strongly believe you should take some time and listen to us, and even take a look at the proof we have, is not like we're just making things up without backing it up, this is actually the truth and theres proof too!
Sent by WillyEx,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by dilze2patel,Feb 5, 2010
Remove the option for users to see our scores.
Sent by chewbacca,Feb 5, 2010
I'm sorry it didn't work out :(
I hope you can work out another system as soon as possible with a different set of moderators.
Maybe take some hints from Tengaged?
Sent by realitynerd,Feb 5, 2010
The reason the court was closed down was because of me lol

People were making false claims and they had enough and shut it down.
Sent by chewbacca,Feb 5, 2010
How would banning be handle then?
Sent by azn_dude89,Feb 5, 2010
I guess they have to message the moderator or post a blog?
Sent by chewbacca,Feb 5, 2010
what do the keys do
Sent by william3,Feb 5, 2010

can you please plus me...
if you still love me you will hehe :D
i plus your blogs everyday :D
thanks x
Sent by whateva,Feb 5, 2010
Also unrelated to the blog but when will the winner be determined of the most read blog?
Sent by azn_dude89,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by girlracer265,Feb 5, 2010
I would laugh if this is all a hoax and it got hacked.
Sent by chewbacca,Feb 5, 2010
sashaa wuz here
Sent by Sashaa,Feb 5, 2010
wow this site is going to get out of hand without moderators.
Sent by Megan,Feb 5, 2010

The court group was going to shit from all the personal attacks and people trying to get back at each other.
Sent by Imaku,Feb 5, 2010
Genevere is the best! +9
Sent by Ev32,Feb 5, 2010
So is there no law now?  Can we do and say whatever we want?
Sent by Admiral,Feb 5, 2010
There's a new law in town Admiral!
Sent by Ev32,Feb 5, 2010
I think this is a good idea.
I've only been here for a month but even I can see the favoritism
Sent by Lindz,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Lakisha,Feb 5, 2010
yay court is closed!
Sent by capguy1,Feb 5, 2010
yay court is closed!
Sent by capguy1,Feb 5, 2010
If you ever want to add mods again i would suggest something like hiring people who are not members of the site and have no relationship with anybody on tengaged so it would be completely unbiased also nobody would know who the mods are so there would be no harassment towards anybody.
Sent by shandaleer,Feb 5, 2010
Feb 5, 2010 by Genevere
I am a pedophile!
A pretty fucking hawt one too.
skype me :) jagiemja Category: Casting
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fuck me NOWSent by Beautiful, on Feb 5, 2010
Hey there! Pleaseee plus this! Sent by MikeyD, on Feb 5, 2010
oh man im overageSent by blogs, on Feb 5, 2010
+ 9Sent by anthony2011class, on Feb 5, 2010
GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!Sent by dav_o_79, on Feb 5, 2010
LOLL!!Sent by hoodieboy7449, on Feb 5, 2010
so on skype a few months ago u were just playing hard to get?Sent by moup94, on Feb 5, 2010
hawtSent by Holiday, on Feb 5, 2010
LMFAOSent by Josh742, on Feb 5, 2010
oyesSent by coreypanda, on Feb 5, 2010
;OSent by iBea, on Feb 5, 2010
OMFG LMFAO.Sent by tennisallstar94, on Feb 5, 2010
you got it gurl.Sent by infamouskydd, on Feb 5, 2010
Hawt? I beg to differ. Emmaleigh showed me those pictures.Sent by InspectorGoole, on Feb 5, 2010
LMFAO WTF.Sent by ShayyBayy, on Feb 5, 2010
you are back YAYAYAY
Please read this.  IT is very important for me Sent by Runner430, on Feb 5, 2010
I just took a screencap, and I'm calling the cops.Sent by MinsiKid, on Feb 5, 2010
NOW THAT UR NOT A MOD PPL LUV YOU LMFAOSent by BigBeans, on Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Shane,Feb 5, 2010
I can see this being a bit Measure for Measure ^^
Sent by AndyShields,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by wafflecone,Feb 5, 2010
Sent by Drench,Feb 5, 2010
Will there be a new set of mods in the future?
Sent by realitynerd,Feb 5, 2010
Can i apply to be a mod? :)
Sent by Pepper,Feb 5, 2010
I gave up being a mod when peeps decided I was randomize!!!:)  Goog job mods!  You have had a hard job!!!:P
Sent by angelofmercy,Feb 5, 2010
how can you make top blog so easily?
Sent by jHe_07,Feb 5, 2010
all he has to do is breathe and he gets a top blog lol
Sent by Ev32,Feb 6, 2010
and jesica1 will come back?
Sent by gisian45,Feb 6, 2010
but they where doing a great job, you can't just close it down because a few people complained about it?
Sent by Frozen,Feb 6, 2010
WOW Thats sucks......

What about all the users who use the court correctly????

People have to throw there dummy out there pram and spoil it for others.......
Sent by itsmeagain000,Feb 6, 2010
yer tmod was evil it's good ye banned him too
unban surs :p
Sent by joeyjones,Feb 6, 2010
Please, please we need I love money.
All of the other games r getting old and boring, we need a new game:I LOVE MONEY.
Sent by Misuse,Feb 6, 2010
Please put Ginny in charge again :) +9
Sent by Ev32,Feb 6, 2010
wow this is just i cant believe it
Sent by tylers4,Feb 6, 2010
sad about the court, but what ive never understood, is why everyone speaks to gen on skype and then complains about her? if i didnt like someone i wouldnt add them on skype!!!
Sent by bibbles,Feb 6, 2010
Sent by GlamorousMess,Feb 6, 2010
this is ridiculous. this site needs to be run as a democracy. maybe we can establish some kind of vote for people's bannings. i definitely see a lot of hypocrisy and abuse of power going on with tengaged (alot like measure for measure which andyandyshields mentioned). if emmaleigh and ginny want to fight on skype, that's their business. skype is a DIFFERENT computer program. yes, many tengaged-ers use it to communicate off of tengaged, but like the old saying goes "what happens on skype, stays on skype".

ps- if you're looking for a new, unbiased mod...i'm older and mature!
Sent by AlanaDee,Feb 6, 2010
1.  I don't envy Randomize for the new workload he will take on in the absence of mods.  However, I tend to hope that as people realize that the mods are busy- they can maybe not be offended by some of the sillier trivial stuff that gets reported and stop clogging up the court system.

2.  There should probably be a limit to the amount of time any new mods stay as mods.  Over time - even the unbiased end up with preferences.  Perhaps the issue here is that we had mods in place for way too long, and that were known too widely by the public.

3.  I am glad to see this group go.  There are people that used the court as a weapon - and the court allowed that.  I also know of a couple occasions where the mods showed distaste for players from other sites - which is not unbiased - it's actually pretty petty.

4.  Not sure that democracy or mob rule is the best way here for bannings - but maybe for high profile appeals?

Looking forward to what comes next.
Sent by Noontar,Feb 6, 2010
Noontar gave me a good idea.
Maybe have 5 other mods and just remove 2-3 and replace them every 6 months
Kind of like terms in office
Sent by realitynerd,Feb 6, 2010

Sent by ManaFEST,Feb 6, 2010
this is bullshit
Sent by Scampy,Feb 6, 2010
Sent by kpelletier09,Feb 6, 2010
I can see this site getting way out of control.... hopefully some of the content will be monitored for legal sakes...
Sent by torchsaysflameon23,Feb 6, 2010
Oh and I agree with Alana.. Skype is a totally different program... and it shouldn't be regulated through this site.

That would be like if I called someone an asshole in real life on here, and I got banned for it... However, I think it doesn't need to get that personal that skype chats are getting that bad....

Interesting to see how this all plays out.
Sent by torchsaysflameon23,Feb 6, 2010
This site is already way out of control! I'm sorry but not having Tengaged Moderation just is not working!
Sent by hobbitrjw26,Feb 6, 2010
Maybe bring back the court but allow tengaged mods to review the comments before posting it?
Sent by chewbacca,Feb 7, 2010
RAndomize, Why Is The Message Icon And Activity Gone Off Of Peoples ??

Thats Kinda of Rubbish!
Sent by CemmieBoi13,Feb 7, 2010
when will jury be on?
Sent by tannerandkaleb,Apr 2, 2010

lmao at how nobody wants to join. its cuz ur a 7 year old little ass so gtfo off this site cuz nobody likes u.

kty now im leaving this group lmao
Sent by calicofan999,Mar 27, 2011
please bann him
Sent by calicofan999,Mar 27, 2011
can you please remove my rednose i didnt know that playing with my friends would give me a rednose. i've learned my lesson and will not do it agan. thanks and i hope u take off my rednose, sincereley Rosie0606
Sent by Rosie0606,Aug 3, 2011
no rosie
Sent by joeyjones,Aug 4, 2011
I had a perm. ban and I have no idea why. Can you please check into it and tell me why I was banned and please un-ban my account. I am sorry if I did do something wrong. tengaged acount: Briansuper11
Tengaged acount address:
Thanks so much. and I can't wait to here back from you.
Sent by briansuper13,Aug 31, 2011
Sent by briansuper13,Sep 2, 2011
can yuoup leaseunbann calicofan998 shes 14 but tengaegd moderation is  fucknig moron
Sent by katrinajohnson,Sep 16, 2011
This is @austinrandall on melissarachel’s account because I was banned/removed & I’m not sure why. If you could un-ban me, that would be great. I’ve just started playing a lot & I have a lot of groups that I’m missing. The sooner the better, thank you :D
Sent by melissarachel,Dec 14, 2012
YAKAMA FLAG 9: "prince ???"
Sent by Cole91,Jun 12, 2013
Why is the picture gone on my avatar?
Sent by BradlyO,Feb 27, 2014

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