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Casting changes. Iteration 1

1stMar 26, 2010 by randomize
Due to

Iteration 1:
Fast change description:

Apples are now equivalent to food :o, food is life! :) the more apples you eat the more food you have (in your stomach at least), one apple may give you 10% increase, activity also makes your food to increase.
Inactivity (measured by few params) will reduce your apples percentage. If it reaches 0 ... well ... you die.

Games may get shorter in number of days, i.e. because several inactive players, etc.

Thanks to all of YOU!  :D
(I'm very sorry not being able to answer all your mails)


Sent by Blitzsims,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Candace,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Emma,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by PT2506,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by jhaybiie,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by whiponastick,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Scheuerman14,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by xAdam93x,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by MattyBB9,Mar 26, 2010
Randomize, when will a new game be added?
Sent by tennisallstar94,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by dav_o_79,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Mynamescooler,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Sassy003,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Pepper,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by GurlBai,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by whatman33,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,Mar 26, 2010
you can die in castings? :O
Sent by jhaybiie,Mar 26, 2010
that was a quick change!!
Sent by bibbles,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Mar 26, 2010
So wait.. Lets say i'm active but someone beats me at getting an apple each time.. will I still die?
Sent by Kaffreya,Mar 26, 2010
how much shorted games be possibly?
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by bigupboy,Mar 26, 2010
Randomize! Can I get banned for not talking?
You said "penalized" so, I'm wondering... What did you mean?
Sent by Dreaming,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Mielz,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Casinos,Mar 26, 2010
how much shorted games be possibly?
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Mar 26, 2010
maybe 2 or 3 days.. or even more, depending on inactives
Sent by Dreaming,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Danny7,Mar 26, 2010
Dying? Do you just get kicked from the game?
Sent by Danny7,Mar 26, 2010
So, does this go for ES too?
Sent by SuperPatrick,Mar 26, 2010
this is a cool idea rando!
Sent by cheznahuf,Mar 26, 2010
I would shed a tear if I came on and found I had died :(
Sent by OliviaLouisa,Mar 26, 2010
This is fantastic!
Sent by Tataki13,Mar 26, 2010
*watches blog go to top*
And Patrick, this does go for ES too, as I have just been eliminated. :'(
Sent by PT2506,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Sass21,Mar 26, 2010
thank you so much randomize, this is a great update :)
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by supergoten,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Gypsy,Mar 26, 2010
helllllz yeah :)
Sent by ThrashaLj,Mar 26, 2010
for once you don't sound robotic :D
Sent by Mabel,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by hoodieboy7449,Mar 26, 2010
aw that sucks i dont wanna die in castings now
Sent by wafflecone,Mar 26, 2010
LOVE IT! Thank you!
Sent by jdsurvivor,Mar 26, 2010
mini games in rookies for pov NOW <3
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Mar 26, 2010
Great Idea Randomize ! :) <3 +10
Sent by LuvinLife123,Mar 26, 2010
Love it! It's about time the inactives go early.
Sent by soccerguy0428,Mar 26, 2010
this blog has risen fast
Sent by Richpaca,Mar 26, 2010
i love it!!
tkzzz <333333333333333
Sent by Thika,Mar 26, 2010
is ok, I don't get tired sending you e-mails for months about the 10% profit I was suppose to get @_@
Sent by WillyEx,Mar 26, 2010
don't forget to update the "help" section on castings with new changes
Sent by MandyKay,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by shatteringwindows,Mar 26, 2010
So rude so rude Willy
Sent by Jubbzy,Mar 26, 2010
will casting health be separate from survivor health?  for example, if you die in castings does your overall health rating go down like happens with survivor?

i thought the point of apples was to help people who lost badly in survivor so they could join survivor again.
Sent by MandyKay,Mar 26, 2010
awesome !
Sent by Lindz,Mar 26, 2010
Wow, just wow..... :/
Sent by Cosgrove,Mar 26, 2010
also, how quickly will it take someone to die? if you join and then are never active, how long would you be expected to stay if you never got voted off but just died?
Sent by MandyKay,Mar 26, 2010
how the hell did that happen so quickly??
Sent by PinkKitten,Mar 26, 2010
Hmmm, not sure if I like it, or it is a good idea tbh
Sent by William94,Mar 26, 2010
THANK GOD. castings are now 5x better.
Sent by lemon5029,Mar 26, 2010
So how do we get actual health for survivor and stuff now? Do we get the amount we have when we are voted out of castings?
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 26, 2010
thank YOU randomize in all capital letters.
Sent by lemon5029,Mar 26, 2010
love the idea, bringing survivor into castings :D
Sent by Iced,Mar 26, 2010
i think you should get rid of the keys, some people just go on and get the keys and stay till the end, or make the keys like 10% not 30%...
Sent by Lilpuppet,Mar 26, 2010
if you get negged your health will go down? O_O
Sent by lemon5029,Mar 26, 2010
Plussed to 1003. (:
Sent by ZEEnon,Mar 26, 2010
Ugh!!!!!!!! Im not liken the idea... I kinda have a life and cant spend all day on tengaged
Sent by JetsRock12,Mar 26, 2010
I don't care because I don't play castings.
Sent by andychuck08,Mar 26, 2010
well you should andy.
Sent by lemon5029,Mar 26, 2010
dun dun dun duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sent by rtruth,Mar 26, 2010
what if you post and you got nasty neggers?
Sent by purrSUEd,Mar 26, 2010
well in my game that happened and he got 12th place even though people were only out up 2 14th so y did he get 12th wen he shud hav got 13th?
Sent by Superstar9,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by jason_2_12,Mar 26, 2010
o wow. i don't know if I like that.
Sent by Megan,Mar 26, 2010
Holy crap!
Sent by ToughNubbs,Mar 26, 2010
thats a great idea randomize!
Sent by chhsfreshman2009,Mar 26, 2010

So thats probably why 3 people died on Day1 of my .es castings :/
Sent by Sashaa,Mar 26, 2010
oh snap
dying in casting :O
Sent by realitynerd,Mar 26, 2010
wow thats getting too much now :S
Sent by Bigshow,Mar 26, 2010
Does rando want us to die irl next?

But...loves da idea :p
Sent by capguy1,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by joeyjones,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by qwert2,Mar 26, 2010
will this mean health will be easier to optain now?
Sent by farside,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by 2cool4school,Mar 26, 2010
I am scared. I'm new!
Sent by Jerri_Manthey,Mar 26, 2010
LOVE <3333
Sent by rippyroo,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by 1naTHan1,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by andy154,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by WpwSers196,Mar 26, 2010
Rando, perdona que te escriba en español, pero en la gente espera una explicación. Y si puede ser, podrías explicar, por ejemplo, por qué en he quedado 8º cuando no hay 9º ni 10º, o por qué a veces no hay 4 nominados, sino 3, 2 o 1?

Mil gracias! Estamos un poco desubicados ahora.
Sent by diker,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by LFCSTEVENGERRARD08,Mar 26, 2010
What the hell?  2 "13 & 14th" places after day change.  How does this work?
Sent by chewbacca,Mar 26, 2010
i love it
Sent by andy154,Mar 26, 2010
When will the new game be released?
Sent by DanielAllen,Mar 26, 2010
I honestly think we should just go back to old castings (or have the option) BUT for now I will gladly take this apple idea. Any way of getting rid of inactives is fine by me!
Sent by lemonsalsa,Mar 26, 2010
Um, they lost 12 people in 5 hours...
Sent by Aquamarine,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by swimboy818,Mar 26, 2010
i want to congratulate these ppl on final 7...ON DAY 2 WTF??
Sent by blobberhead,Mar 26, 2010

Sent by Johnsmith32,Mar 26, 2010
This rule is very ridiculous ! In my game, we lost 12 people in 3 hours -_-
Sent by Etienne,Mar 26, 2010
If I hadn't gotten an apple this morning, i'm pretty sure i'd be dead now. @_@ This really messed with my game...
Sent by Enigma,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 26, 2010
Randomize, the idea of this rule is nice. But when you're playing, it's ridiculous! You can't be active 24/7, you know?
There should be an upgrade of this rule.
Sent by ArthurRedfield,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by YooYoo,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Lakisha,Mar 26, 2010
I agree with Arthur. A friend of mine on Tengaged Spain died because he went to bed! can we not sleep!?
Sent by Alegeeter,Mar 26, 2010
randomize I wanna lick ur clit
Sent by BigBeans,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Glazer,Mar 26, 2010
When are you adding me back as friend? :P
Sent by Ev32,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by Rico5,Mar 26, 2010
It's sorta....weird. I like that games are faster though.
Sent by kebin65,Mar 26, 2010
Add more apples, reduce the speed at which the health goes down, SOMETHING!!!
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 26, 2010
It would be awesome to gain Karma fast =D
Sent by sam_cutie567,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by jHe_07,Mar 26, 2010
im so scared now
Sent by KaiMing,Mar 26, 2010
Sent by sam_cutie567,Mar 26, 2010
I don't mind that the inactives are taken out, but someone shouldn't die and get a better place than someone voted out.  In my game Lauttyy died and got 12th, but there is no 13th and 14th place!
Sent by Admiral,Mar 26, 2010
don't fix anything!
this is amazing and making me laugh
Sent by cheznahuf,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by Uskyld,Mar 27, 2010
seriously this is why i am even more against casting now its so bullshit that i wouldnt even dare click on it t play
Sent by vatcheabs,Mar 27, 2010
yeah you need to relax the inactivity algo the tiniest bit so that people who havent been on in lets say 30 hrs die so you can sleep
Sent by MandyKay,Mar 27, 2010
Without playing myself can't comment much on the apple and keys :P

Sent by imxrated93,Mar 27, 2010
I like this rule abut the inactive .. HOWEVER.. this would probley be inpossible, you wouldt be on 24/7 so your helth would drop quickly and people who have school/work would get out easily cuz we wouldt be able to get on :\
Sent by MORKMINDY,Mar 27, 2010

bug in rankings algo
Sent by MandyKay,Mar 27, 2010
Sorry Randomize, but I think that this change is not good. It's too bad for the new people, In my casting of Meanwhile you have changing the castings. In my casting I'm the only nominated! This is a very bad error. Your team maybe should make another changes.
Sent by Davidm99,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by Danny7,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by marianne,Mar 27, 2010
how rediculous
Sent by Scampy,Mar 27, 2010
no it's not
Sent by sam_cutie567,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by Clayton,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by _maffew,Mar 27, 2010
I negged this! Not that it matters LOL
Sent by QueenLibra,Mar 27, 2010
Sent by girlracer265,Mar 27, 2010
Now, it's more glitchy, It's now that I have good scores and good numbers of check mark yet I kept being nommed </3 which I hate.

Last time, I'm up against inactives but I still am saved, if people could be much more SOCIAL, they won't be bitching but they stick with their spamming and rapidooooo comments without any social skills applied.
Sent by sam_cutie567,Mar 27, 2010
Thanks for the update
Sent by smals20,Mar 27, 2010
Hey there Randomize.  Long time reader, 2nd time commenter.  lol

I am fully in support of the change to castings.  I have 2 issues with this:

-The current changes were not advertised on the main page (many WTFs all around)

-I believe an open beta should have been created so that people's accounts and records are not affected while you play around.  I'm sure many people would willingly join a beta.

Onward and upward!
Sent by theguybrarian,Mar 28, 2010
good idea brarian!
and i think the bumps are gone in the castings, it's working pretty nicely now :)
Sent by Bowler23,Mar 29, 2010
i like it. ;)
Sent by JillianElisabeth,Mar 30, 2010
these casting changes weren't thought out very well
Sent by itssecretive,Mar 31, 2010
How long is too long to be considered inactive. I went to watch a movie, came back and was gone. On the first day! :-0(
Sent by FedFan1414,Mar 31, 2010
Horrible decision for the castings.....

Inactives may leave at the beginning, but then you have people logging in and not saying anything. They get a little health just doing that. It's enough to keep them in.

If this site wants to represent reality tv, then it's failing. There's always people in the house that do more than others. Take Jessie from Big Brother 10. He slept around the house all day, didn't really do anything. However, he made it half way.

And please for the love of god, I don't want to play Deal or No Deal any more. More mini-games are needed soooo bad.
Sent by torchsaysflameon23,Apr 1, 2010
Hey baby
Sent by mybloodyvalentine,Apr 3, 2010
This new casting sucks ass
Sent by travooo,Apr 3, 2010
Sent by Scheuerman14,Apr 4, 2010
Sent by briansuper13,Sep 2, 2011
Sent by Sethhhh,Jan 31, 2013
You only listen to dat jerkass
Sent by GoodPlay,Sep 7, 2013

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