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How To Play Big Booty

Jul 9, 2011 by realitynerd
One person is Big Booty.
Everyone else is assigned a number and is referred to as Number _.
Big Booty starts the game by establishing the beat of a table/ground slap, snap, and clap.
Big Booty starts the words by saying "Big Booty Big Booty Big Booty. Aw yeah, Big Booty.  Big Booty Big Booty Big Booty.  Aw yeah Big Booty."
After this, Big Booty says their title and the title of another player.  Ex:  Big Booty, Number 5.  Number 5, Number 8.  Number 8, Number 1.  Number 1, Big Booty.
This continues until a player messes up their words, becomes off tempo, or says the number of an eliminated player.  Do any of this, and you're out of the game.
When a player is eliminated, their number is out of play and cannot be said.  If Big Booty is eliminated, the player with the lowest number takes over.

Hope this explains it :)


It's not called Big Booty, they just made a spin off to make it less child like so they wouldn't be insulted.
Sent by Loopulk,Jul 9, 2011
Actually, Big Booty is a game similar to what they were playing.  I've never heard of the one they were doing before.
I've always played the game as Big Booty.
Sent by realitynerd,Jul 9, 2011
My friend learned it on a cruise and taught it to us.
Sent by realitynerd,Jul 9, 2011
Sent by Robbster1313,Jul 9, 2011
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Sent by RJ18,Jul 9, 2011

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