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  4. So with tribe swaps
  5. Why are people getting mad at me
  6. *SUGGESTION* Profile views!
  7. Add the duel back :D
  8. Have games always greyed out evictees?
  9. So excited for PLL tomorrow :D
  10. I think it would be fun if...
  11. THANK YOU 55.4!!!!!
  12. PYN for stars shoutout! :D
  14. PYN for a stars shout out
  15. ~NOMINATED FOR 15th!~
  16. Why is everyone betting on me D:
  17. I'm in stars :D YAY!
  18. Trend #TeamGameOver
  19. Question
  20. Who is dillon nominating?
  21. I would rather see
  22. + for Ika - for Neda
  23. LMAO BBCAN was a comedy tonight
  25. when does jury start?
  26. LMAO @NEDA
  27. Neda once jury starts
  28. Cassandra was robbed.
  29. Me @ Debbie saying Hali took forever
  30. Why is another bitch coming back
  31. Predicted boot for each tribe.
  32. I only came back on to see that
  33. Live link to survivor
  34. Wanna play a long term Skype big brother?
  35. Are you fucking greedy snakes that lazy?
  36. Give me the link to season 2
  37. HALIMomFord
  38. Where can I watch BBCAN for free?
  39. Bitch
  40. Dang that was fast. maybe next week. bye


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I May 7, 2017
100% honest opinion
Brandt69 honestly I hope we can move past today. I really do like you as a person I think we both just misunderstood each other!
pizzawithcookirs I feel like we always work together but we don't like ever talk D;
deshonBANNEDISBACK you're so real, unlike most the site. I loved our convos during stars :)
Halloween most of the site hates you, but once I've gotten to know you you're actually very nice and HILARIOUS ;)
BOBROCKS333 KING, we were the last two from our side in stars and I LOVED playing with you!!! You're so loyal!
Kaseyhope101 QUEEN of everything, Love your stans. and you're cool.
beccajo16 MOTHER OF EVERYTHING ALIVE YOU FUCKING SLAYYYY!!!! Idk why people hate you :( you're so nice and one of the best on here!
melindaMrskk omg, we just started talking and you're literally the cutest human ever ❤ ❤  I feel like you're high key starting to hate me IDK WHY I hope it's not true cause I literally love you so much! please come visit me in Utah ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
thirteen you're so funny and deserve everything terrible (cause you like that kind of stuff???) Idk why people hate you D:
Roxas546 Group game queen. we make it so far whenever we work together <3
Jkjkjk15 we were in ultimate stars together and if I recall we worked together well! and you're also super chill and kind of a savage at times!
Renny10 TIME TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. Jk you're one of my best group game friends on here! keep slaying king!
Absol You voted me and tried to get me out. AND FAILED LMFAOOOO cause I had a fucking idol you dumb flop! I was fucking loyal to your ass until you decided to be ratchet
JesseM a lot of people hate you IG, but I don't care about tengaged drama and you've always been nice to me soo yay! congrats on your stars win!
meduncan Idk you
Zuelke idk you but you have jesus as your #1 friend and I love having the holy name of the lord in my mouth!
itsalexia you seem really familiar but I'm not sure if I know you?
TaraG you are the castings queen!! You're such an amazing person and slay every game you are in! Keep being you!!
ak73 we were in a survivor but we didn't talk much (:
kidcool404 we slayed that group game once and we made it to the end, that's the last time we talked:(
HelenaG idk you
conjow I get confused 5 minutes you're telling me that I don't care about anyone. Then 5 minutes later your asking if I have 900 T$?
acyuta idk you sorry!
Obstreperous King of hosting group games, your game has been one of my favs for a while!
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LOVE Apr 23, 2017
Points: 2764 102 comments
MALIBU Apr 20, 2017
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So with tribe swaps Apr 20, 2017
It can be 0-4? I've only seen 0 or 4
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Why are people getting mad at me Apr 19, 2017
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*SUGGESTION* Profile views! Apr 19, 2017
I think it would be cool to see the last 5 people who visited you and to see the amount of people who have visited your profile!!
Let me know what you think?!?
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