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  1. Happy birthday
  2. Stars support
  3. When the profile says
  4. 10 truths 3 lies GIFT :D
  5. I just got accepted into 1 of 10 spots
  6. He actually did it
  7. Good night
  8. I need opinions
  9. What's a hot gay movie to watch
  10. I have 6 full avi's
  11. Does anyone play minecraft?
  12. Mrs Expose Ep.3
  13. Happy new year :)
  14. Well rip America
  15. Tag your very first friend on the site :)
  16. Me when rose is going to win
  17. Carolyn was so robbed in survivor
  18. Remember when the ball smashers
  19. Comment I support please :)
  20. Survivor Croatia immunity
  21. I relate to this song.. oml
  22. What I got for Christmas
  23. Merry Christmas to my best friends!!
  24. Omg that hair is amazing
  25. Omg Christmas is my favvv
  26. Oml!
  27. Stars support
  28. Why is kaylabby
  29. When you try to attack someone
  30. Remember when Davonne
  31. ❥ Bryce ❥
  32. Who's ready for Mrs expose to come out
  33. Omg kids are violent at my school
  35. Can I just say that I LOVE this song!
  36. Lmao
  37. I guess I'll start stranger things
  38. Is stranger things good?
  39. Ugh I'm so sick!
  40. Final stars tribute

❤ ❤ C_Shizz96 ❤ ❤

1stDec 15, 2016 by s73100


Sent by nothingbutrouble,Dec 15, 2016
Is there a reason you posted a video not of you? Just type it sheesh.
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Dec 15, 2016
LMFAO love it
Sent by Crayadian,Dec 15, 2016
You clearly have never meet me before , zero fucks given
Sent by Crayadian,Dec 15, 2016
@craydian may be a shit person, but i'd still suck his dick
Sent by Obstreperous,Dec 15, 2016
Sent by Jarrett,Dec 15, 2016
Crayadian Crayadian what the fuck is wrong with you!!! How dare you personally attack somebody because they decided to share their story about their dead grandma!! It's your fucking fault for hating on her!!
Sent by AdamRuinsEverything,Dec 15, 2016
hahahahahaha this is hysterical delete both ur accounts fats x
Sent by Coral,Dec 15, 2016
Sent by Brandt69,Dec 15, 2016
good week
Sent by Zuelke,Dec 16, 2016
d- mathboy9 is a girl
Sent by bomberv,Dec 16, 2016
Glad I evicted him both times then, anyone who bitches out Damo is scum, nice guy and great gameplayer who ain't done nothing to nobody.
Sent by bigupboy,Dec 16, 2016

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