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  1. to the stars cast
  2. so whose getting fifa 15 tommorow
  3. loves my fellow sheeps
  4. today is neg lauren day
  5. the cubs season rapped up in one night
  6. name the best player in the nhl
  7. frozen sucks
  8. got a problem
  9. scandelous news
  10. lmao bye jennifer
  11. hey tmod
  12. i found dave irl
  13. you are so sad
  14. ariana grande has no talent
  15. sports is overated
  16. wow the giants beat a qb more turn over prone then..
  17. why does blogging
  18. wait wen is bb on
  19. when is big brother tonight
  20. lauren is fake
  21. wait i thought kizzie was
  22. lets all call jaquie by her nickname
  23. jaquie is so rude :(
  24. back from my 7 day black list
  25. testing
  26. scandalous news
  27. cute cat
  28. gina is so smart
  30. scandalous news
  31. cute dog
  32. how to get a happy meal
  33. cute cat
  34. eli manning in the dog house
  35. i joined ur frat
  36. any other options for frats
  37. need a new frat
  38. do you know who sucks at jenga
  39. kyle is rusty
  40. do you like my blog pic

Most Popular Sports in Different Countries

Sep 10, 2009 by sprtsgy1989
1.Canada is Ice Hockey
2.Germany is Soccer
3.Japan is Baseball
4.The Netherlands is Ice Skating
5.Norway is Skiing
6.Philippines is Basketball
7.Scotland is Golf
8.Thailand is Kite Flying
9.U.S. is Baseball


Kite Flying is a sport? o_0
Sent by moup94,Sep 10, 2009
Sent by Alexxandra,Sep 10, 2009
Sent by Quantum1,Sep 10, 2009
what else can you do in Thailand
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Sep 10, 2009
Canada's national sport is Lacrosse though...
Sent by Skiitles,Sep 10, 2009
but its known for hockey
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Sep 10, 2009
moup94 in my blog of most popular sports throughout the world there in an excerpt on the sport kite flying
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Sep 10, 2009
Baseball is America's Pastime
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Sep 10, 2009
goooooo hockey
Sent by pablito,Sep 11, 2009
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Jun 5, 2014
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Jun 5, 2014

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