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  1. today is plus go49ers day
  2. today is plus dayum day
  3. today is neg gina day
  4. today is neg luke day
  5. today is neg gina day
  6. who removed me as a friend
  7. for any fifa fans
  8. am i the only one that thinks american horror..
  9. today is neg kimmal8 day
  10. someone needs to put their cow in the cage
  11. i think i got blood on my new sweater
  12. i have the flu :(
  13. antartica is the best country in the world
  14. am i the only person
  15. chelsea is so fake
  16. sometimes i wished
  17. loves frookies
  18. i am 1989
  19. LOSERS
  20. name a fake pats fan
  21. hey don do you like me
  22. a little birdy told me
  23. you cant take my bed away
  24. id wish you a happy birthday
  25. today is neg lucas1993 day
  26. gift me or ill make a neg day after you
  27. today is neg minie day
  28. today is plus sprts day
  29. hi
  30. today is plus RandyATEher day
  31. would you eat this cake
  32. would you eat this cake
  33. cute cat
  34. pyn and ill rate your avi
  35. this person was
  36. cute dog
  37. today is neg a cow day
  38. cute cat
  39. just bought 5000ts
  40. neg lauren


Jan 30, 2011 by sprtsgy1989
imageheres ur blog pic


o wow!
Sent by survivor113,Jan 30, 2011
can i have one :O
Sent by ken_the_fish_74,Jan 30, 2011
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Can I has one? I loves my grammar btw.
Sent by iEpic101,Jan 30, 2011
epic i said that in his last one. LOL
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Cam I have one?:O
Sent by omfgheyy,Jan 30, 2011

please pyn on this :)
Sent by tommyg456,Jan 30, 2011
Mine is better.
Sent by Zurks,Jan 30, 2011

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