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  1. I'm such a victim
  2. Why does an orangutan like to lay out in the sun
  3. i do love that people care so much about me
  4. just got an email that says
  5. got to love the atmosphere on tengaged
  6. im being bullied :(
  7. How are the Yankees doing
  8. Today is neg Vanili day
  9. what is the devils favorite type of vehicle to use
  10. anyone want to be tagged in my joke blogs
  11. today is neg guigi day
  12. where does batman hate to go
  13. where do people like to get drunk
  14. today is neg pureessence day
  15. cute cat
  16. Well I guess no more joke blogs for me
  17. what type of candy likes jokes
  18. should i take deal
  19. I am such a victim
  20. What's a Sheeps favorite thing to eat
  21. Isn't Croatia a part of bosnia and herzegovina
  22. such a victim
  23. I am here for your soul
  24. whats a mouses least favorite type of shape
  25. today is neg jade day
  26. join survivor if ur cool
  27. whats an actors favorite type of food
  28. What has 2 balls and eats ants
  29. Predict my eviction percentage
  30. My stars song
  31. my stars song
  32. nommed for seventh
  34. What is a mans favorite type of bug
  35. Lmao that tie in stars
  36. Why do people from Greece smell
  37. what is a fathers favorite thing to drink
  38. Anyone want to make me a stars sign
  39. what is a grandmas favorite thing to eat
  40. Well bye me lol


Jan 30, 2011 by sprtsgy1989
imageheres ur blog pic


o wow!
Sent by survivor113,Jan 30, 2011
can i have one :O
Sent by ken_the_fish_74,Jan 30, 2011
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Can I has one? I loves my grammar btw.
Sent by iEpic101,Jan 30, 2011
epic i said that in his last one. LOL
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Cam I have one?:O
Sent by omfgheyy,Jan 30, 2011

please pyn on this :)
Sent by tommyg456,Jan 30, 2011
Mine is better.
Sent by Zurks,Jan 30, 2011

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