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  1. Got a tv star negger
  2. Nommed for 8
  3. You mean fix Eli bad throws
  4. Ty 50% and algo
  5. Fuck a tie really lmao
  6. I'm the real
  7. Is it
  8. Is it because
  9. I don't admire u
  10. My stars guitar song
  11. Well can anyone make me a Stars sign
  12. Should I have
  13. I need a new theme for stars
  14. Chelsea is so good
  15. Should I join stars
  16. Just got voted out of survivor
  17. Wanna here a funny joke
  18. Post your least favorite song
  19. Never have I ever phoned
  20. I have a question
  21. Ashley is such a vile person lol
  22. Got to love hypocritical bitches
  23. My cat on my back
  24. Looks like man u
  25. Chelsea is gonna lose
  26. My wish for end of big brother
  27. Glad I didn't get in stars
  28. I got paint
  29. When is stars enrollment
  30. My cat in a drawer
  31. My stupid cat
  32. My cat sleeping
  33. Please join my charity
  34. im shocked brady
  35. are you crazy
  36. should i join stars
  37. dont you love survivor
  38. Jackie had it coming lol
  39. When Eli can't shake off a bad pass
  40. Hahahaha you got relegated


Jan 30, 2011 by sprtsgy1989
imageheres ur blog pic


o wow!
Sent by survivor113,Jan 30, 2011
can i have one :O
Sent by ken_the_fish_74,Jan 30, 2011
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Can I has one? I loves my grammar btw.
Sent by iEpic101,Jan 30, 2011
epic i said that in his last one. LOL
Sent by sokerstar,Jan 30, 2011
Cam I have one?:O
Sent by omfgheyy,Jan 30, 2011

please pyn on this :)
Sent by tommyg456,Jan 30, 2011
Mine is better.
Sent by Zurks,Jan 30, 2011

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