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  1. 3 more mins!!!
  3. why is no one joining survivor?
  4. Join Survivor Please!
  5. Join Survivor!
  6. Join Survivor!!
  7. Join Survivor!!
  8. Post Spam Below !!
  9. Is this good? [Background Design]
  10. Brittany got HG Choice and picked Caleb
  11. Post Your Spam Below!!!!!!
  12. BB16 Episode 1 Ranking!
  13. Who do you think
  14. Who are these people in Big Brother?
  15. The Challenge is on Tonight!!!!!!
  16. Rachel Reilly is gonna be on the live feeds
  17. Comment your team!!
  18. Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?
  19. World Cup [Group G Predictions]
  20. Does USA have a good chance at winning
  21. Post your Spam for a +14
  22. Hayden Moss was just live
  23. So what if
  24. It's harder to rank when your in the 200s
  25. Who would win
  26. If Rachel isn't on BB16
  27. The BB16 Cast will be revealed.....
  28. Is tonight where
  29. Would anyone like a sign ?
  30. Are the live feeds worth 25$?
  31. The cast is gonna be revealed soon!!
  32. Vote me please :)
  33. Please vote me here
  34. Should I make a vlog?
  35. I need that Geodude Design!
  36. I get so confused on how to run a shop lol
  37. What reality show you belong on?
  38. What reality show do you belong on?
  39. The only bad thing about BB16
  40. Danielle Reyes gonna be on Survivor!!

B Double-O T Y

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