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  1. Anyone wanna join survivor together?
  2. #BobBQ lol
  3. My mom has Happy as her ringtone
  4. Cant believe Reigan went home:'(
  5. Cant believe Reigan went home:'(
  6. Wasnt expecting those X-Factor results
  7. Did pretty good for my first time in hunger:)
  8. I have 48 Mcdonald Monopoly tickets
  9. Live Show 1 UK X-Factor
  10. So happy Katy Perry is
  11. Just watched AHS for the first time!
  12. Who should I arrow in hunger?
  13. Uk X Factor!!
  14. Congrats on Brown!!
  15. I just found out my state was
  16. am i the only person who hasnt had a headache
  17. is it normal to stay up 24 hours ?
  18. Why is no one joining survivor?
  19. Join survivor!!
  20. Join survivor
  21. Supertribe forming.
  22. Your trending on twitter
  23. Stars Support!!
  24. Post Spam Below!
  25. Top Fashionista!!!
  26. Frankie made a vine like 40 mins ago lol
  27. outbid me please lol
  28. Why are they called buildings
  29. someone outbid me
  30. Thanks for the Von Miller Jersey
  31. Play wipeout on roblox
  32. America's Favorite Player is.....
  33. Big Brother renewed for 2 more seasons:D
  34. Going to The Big E tomorrow!!!
  35. Is this possible?
  36. My Filter List
  37. All Stars 2 Predictions
  38. 12 more for Duel!!
  39. My dad is literally looking up
  40. I hate it when people eat in survivor

B Double-O T Y

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