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  1. Post your Spam Below!!
  2. Please Cody win last HoH;Evict Derrick
  3. on tonights episode of BB
  4. Broke 4000 karma:o
  5. Join Survivor for a Gift!!!
  6. Join Survivor for easy merge!
  7. Cody Won Part 1
  8. Victoria Out!!
  9. Do u think if Victoria and Derrick are in part 3
  10. Congrats Victoria
  11. So who is Cody evicting tonight?
  12. Derrick won HoH:/
  13. Grats Miss New York On Miss America
  14. Lets Go Miss Massachusetts!!
  15. LETS GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!
  16. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  17. I just found out
  18. OMG!!
  19. Tbh
  20. Who i want to win in order
  21. the final 3 will be floaters -_-
  22. Victoria won PoV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Can we not have anymore blogs about me
  24. I'm trending for the wrong reasons:(
  25. So who got robbed for 3rd in BB?
  26. tbh
  27. I hope Frankie wins
  28. RiSe from Ladies Code Died :o
  29. As Above So Below
  30. Best Final 5 Ever!
  31. My Friend just asked me
  32. Ariana!!!
  33. So for this Wednesday
  34. I think jeff and jordan are gonna announce
  35. What if Kalia voted out Rachel instead of Jeff
  36. If I'm ever on Big Brother
  37. the twist is something to do the a gold button
  38. What if frankie wins and saved Christine lol
  39. What Do?
  40. Tengaged when Frankie is Evicted

B Double-O T Y

Jun 4, 2013 by stuartlittle16



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