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  1. who's close to 200th?
  2. what days and times are BBCanada on?
  3. I like the spam mails
  4. I hope people realize when they go into the BB..
  5. Gift Chance!!
  6. Does Rachelle have a chance at winning BBC?
  7. Gift Chance!!
  8. Gift Chance!!
  9. The Challenge Gift Chance.
  10. my kpg is 4.20 lol
  11. Weird how Ultimate Warrior died
  12. how old were you?
  13. what's tl;dr?
  14. anyone else?
  15. My mom is 4'10 and 150lbs
  16. First 15 people to comment!!
  17. Led Zeppelin is Amazing!!
  18. When was the first time
  19. Which foot are you?
  20. I'm Confused
  21. Does anybody watch House of Food?
  22. So just found out im
  23. this match is so predictable lol
  24. As long as
  25. AJ <333
  26. Love this song!
  27. My frookies charity!!
  28. Stars Support!!
  29. Will both UConn teams win the championship?
  30. For my Birthday coming up
  31. Thank You
  32. donate please:)
  33. can someone trend a buxom blonde on here?
  34. UCONN:D
  35. Stars Support!
  36. Tengaged Rainbow!!
  37. Who wants the Luxio Hoodie?
  38. You know your on tengaged to much...
  39. People should bet on me more!
  40. Gift me Classy please!

B Double-O T Y

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