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  1. Whats a good score for endurance
  2. Welp bye Nicole:(
  3. Im gonna laugh if
  4. I think my dad is addicted to Fantasy Football
  5. Whats the definition of sheeping?
  6. Is anyone doing Big Brother Roblox?
  7. anyone wanna start a supertribe?
  8. My Cast Favorites
  9. 20 t's short of Pokemon Hoodie:'(
  10. i think i found etaco75 on Roblox lol
  11. Plus for Beyonce
  12. Nicki and Iggy need to make a song together
  13. I didnt know
  14. Who Should I Vote For In Stars?
  15. Who you excited to see tonight?
  16. Who/s excited for the VMAs tonight?
  17. I watched Oculus last night
  18. SHOWER Just came on!!!
  19. For Stars
  20. Stars Support!!
  21. I wish i had someone on this site
  22. No Pandora's Box
  23. Name some "queens" from Big Brother
  24. Please Hide the DPOV in Nicole's Clothes
  25. Can't Fall Asleep:(
  26. Give Nicole the DPOV!
  27. How the Hell did Cody win a Mental Comp
  28. Big Brother Rankings
  29. If Derrick or Cody win BB they might as well..
  30. If Nicole or Donny dont win HOH
  31. HoH didnt happen yet lol
  32. Who Should be in All Stars 2 from BB16?
  33. Nicole is just gonna target Christine -_-
  34. Does anybody else watch The Quest?
  35. What is this?
  36. So whens the Double Eviction?
  37. so is there 2 hohs tomorrow or just 1?
  38. Who i want to win Big Brother
  39. Please Post #BlueTeam here
  40. Is it Double Eviction Thursday?

B Double-O T Y

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