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PYN for a small opinion

9thMay 18, 2017 by tryandbeatme16
Bored af

#maturo - Joe I love our talks you literally give me some great advice. You're one controversial son of a gun somethings you say are out of line. However I don't see you as a bad person but you defiantly could try to filter yourself a bit :p other than that I love ya bro!
#hisoka - I do not know you :/ but would live to get to know you!
#funnehliner - I think we exchanged words like awhile back in a game, I think you're good at games more than what people give you credit for. Would love to chat more!
#acyuta - We met way back and you're still probably one of the few people I'm kind of mad that I fell off with. Like I miss our talks it's hard to find genuine people on here so let's get back in touch!(:
#deshonBANNEDISBACK - First off I've admired you from afar hope that's not creepy lol but your vlogs/ blogs  and you on the orgs just make me want to be your friend.  They're always entertaining or funny . So like we should chat dude would love to get to know you! ^_^
#steven999 - I don't know you :/ I see you around a lot tho you seem cool! Hmu sometimes
#righttocensor - never spoken but let's change that!(:
#arris - it's weird we've spoken a couple times at a short length but both want to know more about the other let's change that buddy! You seem like a great person I need more great people in my life.

brandt69 - Nick I love you (: you're one of my best friends on here and I know I can count on you to tell me how it is. Thanks for accepting me flaws and all(:

kaylabby - we've had a couple chats I think you're a cool person . I don't get why people give you a lot of shit but I'm glad you don't let their negative comments effect you!(: let's chat more (:

#thumper91 - I adore you and the relationship we have. I love that I can tell you everything and you just automatically know how to comfort me. I love how genuine and seeet you are such good qualities. I love that you're one of my best friends :)

#Denisg29 - Den you're my best bud on here and man have we been through a lot between ashes and my ex you've stuck by me lol couldn't ask for a better bud. Mostly I can always depend on you to tell me how it is man, when I'm wrong you let me know and I need that a lot lmao. Sorry I always do dumb shit bro!

#music - Mitch you're a cool dude but we don't chat that much . Would love to chat more  I know you're a cool guy just would like to know more of what's beneath the surface. Shoot me a message sometime!

#alyssab - uhhh I think you already know how I feel about you.  We've been through a lot and still managed to be cool. I'm glad to call you a friend you are the most straight up person I ever met keep being yourself because you're a pretty awesome person. I would say more but tg don't need to know how nice you really are :p

#vlad - you're one of my bros but like we don't really chat about stuff maybe like once or twice but yea not so much. We're cool with each other so that's nice you're a good guy I know that for sure. Wish we talked more tho!

#krisstea - I..... love that you always know what to say lol. You're seriously the sweetest and I love our talks . You always help me look at the bigger picture and I think sometimes I miss that and do dumb shit xD but seriously I'm glad you spammed me like crazy and we got to talking because you're one of my best friends on here now so thanks for being you!(:

#rawr25 - I thought we were cool but then you played me and stole from my shop so like idk. I have nothing against you so I guess I was just confused by that whole situation

#luckylefty - Lamar... we need to chat more buddy! Like we met lol ruining someone's frooks I believe and it was funny af. We dont talk much these days would love to catch up buddy. I love that you're not afraid to speak your mind. Keep doing you bro!


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