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Big brother us all stars season 2 episode 4 (hoh)

Jan 10, 2017 by zebra1234
First evicted housgest was Andy by a vote of 7-0

Thhe big brother alliances are still staying strong and the sister alliance and the big boss alliances are still strong but are both fighting for Ashley and chicken George to join they're alliance so they have the numbers !

Sister alliance

Rachel and Elissa
Liz and Julia

Big boss


The hoh comp begins and it's a physical come which works to the advantage of Rachel and Elissa, howie and Jordan and Nakomis all working really hard to get this hoh and in the end nakomis comes out on top giving her the first hoh

In the house Amanda and dick are trying to persuade nakomis to put up the sisters and in return they will guarantee her final 5 she seems interested but she is unsure ! While she says she can't Amanda makes threats saying that if she doesn't put them up that if she ,dick,Jordan or howie win hoh she will be they're target !

Rachel and Elissa and Liz and Julia talk to nakomis on who they should nominate and nakomis tells her alliance about the threats and hell breaks loose as Rachel loses her head and starts and argument with Amanda and dick saying that one of them is leaving this week and there's nothing they can do !

The sister alliance are thinking about nominating the 2 floaters as pawns as the less people playing in the PoV from the big boss alliance the better !

"As hoh I must nominate 2 people for eviction my first nomination is ... George and my second nomination is for ..Ashley "

George I'm so sorry but u didn't give me your word that u would keep me safe this week and Ashley I'm sorry to do this to u but I feel like your a 100% safe and I wish u both good luck in the veto !

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