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  1. if you google The Glass House
  2. idk why we're blogging this
  3. fuck this is my problem with trying to talk..
  4. the world would be a better place
  5. gudnite tongaged
  6. time for a SANSA STARK blog
  7. Ask me questions
  9. remember when that guy on survivor
  10. Marquesas.
  11. Top 3 Pointless Things People Do On Gaged
  12. oh GOD i sent an INDIVIDUAL MESSAGE to russell..
  13. going through and deleting my old facebook..
  14. Ask me anything you've ever wanted to..
  15. this guy knows what's up
  16. russ is going to bed
  17. #connectfourswag
  18. i went on pokemonshowdown
  19. is facebook not loading for anyone else
  20. On the "Blindside"
  21. I really, really like Lindsey Ogle, the more I..
  22. Ask me stuff
  23. Alexis Maxwell and Laura Alexander need to come..
  24. someone on r/survivor
  25. Pokemon Fire Red Weird-Ass Nicknames
  26. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - DONE.
  27. My sister and I are going to battle in Gen IV
  28. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 11
  29. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 10
  30. Survivor Thai Sun Land Rewatch - ep 9
  31. resuming my thailand rewatch wooo
  32. HELP!! there was this one book i read in like..
  33. holy hell aggron has an expansive movepool
  34. gudnite tongaged
  35. my brother and dad wanted me to make a march..
  36. there is absolutely no experience
  37. Trying to get event legendaries in Diamond
  38. I love this song so much
  39. i probably overreact to things
  40. I'm so tired and bored

"And to quote a very wise old man,

Aug 30, 2012 by zimdelinvasor
you will always be Judas.

.....................that was supposed to be funny :s"


Jerry isn't wise
Sent by ILoveSleep,Aug 30, 2012
Lol that was a fail as the audience was even shocked..
Sent by Survivorfan1111,Aug 31, 2012
i laughed tbh
Sent by porschefan101,Aug 31, 2012
porschefan101 i chuckled and then i laughed super hard once the audience was like "...."
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Sep 1, 2012

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