RSF Season 36: Bachelor Pad

Throughout many of the most recent seasons there has been one common thread.  In order to stay you needed to rely on your competition ability against another player in a variety of eliminations.  For this upcoming season you need to rely on your social ability and your ability to strategize.

It will not be as simple as building a majority as those who are cast away will have a say in taking out some of the game's biggest threats.

This season you will need to navigate through difficult challenges but most importantly the social dynamic between different players in order to achieve one goal.

To find the perfect partner.

That is because at the end of the game the pair that wins will face the ultimate dilemma that could end in trust, betrayal or an RSF First in a season that could end with NO WINNER.

Tune in as this season players will battle it out on
RSF Season 36: Bachelor Pad




5th/6th - doubledarefan01 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 3)
5th/6th - tundrahenry101 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 3)
7th/8th - Mitchkid64 (Finished challenge in Last Place) (Pair 5)
7th/8th - Zed55 (Finished challenge in Last Place) (Pair 5)
9th/10th - jman96 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 6)
9th/10th - mysterygame2 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 6)
11th/12th - awwsum11 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 1)
11th/12th - Nelson (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony) (Pair 1)
13th - zachboy967 (Didn't find a partner)
14th - EM002 (Eliminated by Dito)
15th - Dito (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
16th - Leonine_Divine (Eliminated by Survivor_season1)
17th - Survivor_season1 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
18th - KingGeek (Eliminated by AlexaVonTrayne)
19th - AlexaVonTrayne (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
20th - Rockslide (Eliminated by JennaCornCob)
21st - JennaCornCob (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
22nd - Halloween (Eliminated by jwbrine)
23rd - jwbrine (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
24th - SashaBaby2010 (Eliminated by laughingoutloud)
25th - laughingoutloud (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)
26th - Kelly0412 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony due to bradyspaulding16 not voting)
27th - bradyspaulding16 (Voted Out at Rose Ceremony)

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RSF Season 36: Bachelor Pad

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