RSF Season 33 (G3, S3): Redneck Island

The RSF Franchise has gone to many exotic locations across its seasons.

From Mexico to Bora Bora and even navigating the world. 

Well for this next season, we are traveling south, but not too far south.

To a place where the food is always hearty and filling, where the people talk with an accent and where the beer is always flowing

Get ready to go where it is all about the south.

Coming up next season on
RSF Season 33: Redneck Island!!!


Ethan000/Logie56   (Yellow)
splozojames50/FrenchMaid   (Lime)
coltsfan876/Lavaworks   (Black)
jimboslice/nothingbutrouble   (Purple)
Timster/Jkjkjk15   (Red)
Gaiaphagee/Absol   (White)
Leonine_Divine/Nightcore   (Gray)


8th - CharlieBibi (Lime) (Lost to FrenchMaid in Brain Games)
8th - LaFierceBrittany2 (Blue) (Lost to splozojames50 in Brain Games)
9th - Jordonk (Orange) (Lost to Logie56 in All on the Line)
9th - Beast1234 (Orange) (Lost to Ethan000 in All on the Line)
10th - coolexchangestudent (Maroon) (Lost to Gaiaphagee in Dunk In the Donut)
10th - Lifer107 (White) (Lost to Absol in Dunk In the Donut)
11th - awwsum11 (Yellow) (Lost to Logie56 in Curtain Call)
11th - IceIceBaby (Green) (Lost to Ethan000 in Curtain Call)
12th - CoolblueP123 (Brown) (Lost to Jkjkjk15 in Take It To The Hole)
12th - doubledarefan01 (Red) (Lost to Timster in Take It To The Hole)

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RSF Season 33 (G3, S3): Redneck Island

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