RSF Season 34 (G3, S4): American Grit

Throughout 33 seasons, we have seen amazing come from behind victories and dominant performances.

But there is one thing that every season has had in common.

The drive to win.

No matter what the season was or who was playing, there have been players who have given everything they had and fought with every bit of themselves to earn victory and the title of RSF Champion.

It is a trait that I have commended and deserves an immense amount of respect.

This upcoming season will highlight that drive to win and determination to succeed.

Players will work together to earn victory but at the same time fight individually to prove themselves worthy of that title of RSF Champion.

Tune in this next season as we see who truly has what it takes to win in
RSF Season 34: American Grit!!!


GRAY (U.S. Marine Corps)


BLUE (U.S. Navy)


GREEN (U.S. Army)


RED (U.S. Air Force)



13th - coolexchangestudent (Red) (Lost to teamjacz and JTthePrince)
14th - Theocrules (Red) (Lost to JTthePrince) (DID NOT COMPETE)
15th - dominosummers820 (Green) (Lost to JTthePrince) (DID NOT COMPETE)
16th - DonaldTrump (Red) (Lost to carlyjordan14 and Brandonh1) (DID NOT COMPETE)

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RSF Season 34 (G3, S4): American Grit

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