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HI :) :)

Join this group if you don't mind plussing my designs....Thank You!!!!

The worse thing as a designer is to mail someone asking them to plus your design and they reply with a fuck you do not spam me. It is very hard to get items to auction and designing is why I love this site (and the people) its not the games that keep me interested. I need a group that I can depend on to plus my designs. I will plus/comment/vote on anything I am sent. Thank you so much ILY!!

The way auction discounts help a shop bidder: Each design a person gets into the auction labs counts towards discounts on their shop bid.

For example this photo:
with 8 items into auction labs the added up total price of how much they sold for gives a discount of 3288. If I bid 5000T I would pay only 1712 of my own T.
Auction items are good for 1 month before they expire once you do get a shop all auction item discounts are gone.

Mail me for permission to use any of my designs for auction or shops :)
***I will be using the members of this group for future games/gift polls/giveaways...paws up!***

**IF ANY OF YOU SUSPECT ANYONE IN THIS GROUP USING IT TO SPAM DESIGNS BESIDES MYSELF PLEASE BRING IT TO MY ATTENTION ASAP** I worked hard finding you all and yes I am selfish with my plussers :) xoxo

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